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Superbowl LIII

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Online.no cluster delinking

Posted by meeb on Tuesday 15 November 2005

As some of you may have noticed today, the online.no cluster was taken offline.

Online.no has sadly decided to withdraw its support from QuakeNet after over 6 years of excellent service. We thank Online.no for their sponsorship over the past years and their contribution to developing QuakeNet into what it is today, and wish them all the best in the future.

While we look at replacing the lost capacity Online.no leaving causes (the Online.no cluster hosted between 12000 and 26000 users on average), we would advise users to connect to the next closest clusters, port80.se.quakenet.org and wineasy.se.quakenet.org.

Thanks, and remember to drink your milk.

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Thanks to Starc and the crew behind him for providing us 6 years of great service.

Navi said on Tuesday 15 November 2005

Here here. Hopefully a replacement will be in the pipeline soon but we\'ll miss online.no.

brks said on Tuesday 15 November 2005


moreddd said on Tuesday 15 November 2005

aw, thats ashame :/ talking from btphonebox waiting for bus(www2.quakenet.org)seems free here. :p

Calum said on Wednesday 16 November 2005

These were the stablest servers... :(

MArceLL said on Thursday 17 November 2005

hm ;(

evolutionX said on Thursday 17 November 2005

hehe Meed, well done :)

Nakaori said on Friday 18 November 2005

I am not surprised by their decision. Nothing ever happens on Quakenet except a few minor, not very interesting interviews and a few useless tutorials. The site has been in development for so many years now, and still there is nothing on it that really works (in reference to the channel management)... maybe they should start having more stuff and a few cool events..

Scope|SwaT said on Saturday 19 November 2005

Sad to see online go, but hey, irc has never been a profiting or commercial thing. But to answer Scope|SwaT: I don\'t think you can measure irc communities from the events they have. More from the number of active users ;)

SteinR said on Sunday 20 November 2005

thx and goodbye

Nicito said on Sunday 20 November 2005

online.no thanks for support over 6 years and best in future. Im gonna miss it.. ;) .... they always find a new way too provide....:P THANK YOU.

Kung-Fu-Tse said on Monday 21 November 2005

Thats the second server in a row thats delinked.. Hopefully, it wont be any more servers delinking =/ Thanks for the great time online.no :-)

Munk3N said on Wednesday 23 November 2005

QN will survive !

|16bit| said on Wednesday 23 November 2005

Comment has been removed by QuakeNet staff

pedrao said on Thursday 24 November 2005

Too bad. Now the swedish servers port80 and wineasy will be totally full and we \"swedes\" have to use like a brittish server which will cause them to use a france server and so on :)

amicus said on Thursday 24 November 2005

Noooo noooo, I miss online.no buuuhuuu :(((

ngage said on Saturday 26 November 2005

Comment has been removed by QuakeNet staff

marQs said on Wednesday 14 December 2005

goodbye and thanks for 6 years of great service. Now im still a bit angry there is no australian server. Im getting a dedicated server soon and hopefully ill be able to host a aussie server. if not well tough titties for the aussies :P

Dave0 said on Saturday 07 January 2006

We have now sendt in server link application.... but no reply... sadly..

moreddd said on Friday 20 January 2006

What a shame owell, i hope you get a better sponsor soone :)

azzzel said on Friday 17 February 2006

I think its all the theme and nomad dont loves me :( I will be killed from S nomad and slug, glined from O and nomad too, but i think nomad thinks i take many chan but im not a tacker. I dont takes chans i have vor longer time many chans taked but now never. I would that say and sry for the wrong topic. But other cant i read with nomad ....

d-0-s3 said on Thursday 20 April 2006