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Latest News

BlizzCon 2019

BlizzCon returns to the Anaheim Convention Center once again! Welcome to the most epic family reunion on the planet. BlizzCon is a place where friendships are forged, heroes come to life, and the most passionate community in the world takes ...

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HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed full version giveaway!

QuakeNet is holding a giveaway for the full version of "HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed" for our PC users. The giveaway starts at 18:00 CEST and ends at 20:00 CEST on Thursday the 5th of September. You're a small plastic soldier with a ...

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The International 2019 (dota2)

The International 2019 is the concluding tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit and the ninth annual edition of The International. The tournament will be held on Chinese soil for the first time, as it moves to the Mercedes-Benz Arena in ...

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Developer chat with Dark Water Studios for DogFighter

Posted by meeb on Wednesday 09 June 2010

On Thursday, June the 10th at 19:00 BST (11:00 PST) QuakeNet will be hosting a developer chat with Dark Water Studios, the team behind the upcoming indie game "DogFighter", which is currently in beta. Dark Water studios are an new game studio, DogFighter being their first title. DogFighter will be available on Steam when it's launched, and as a thanks to the vibrant QuakeNet userbase they are giving away an astounding 250 beta access keys to the first lucky users who answer a competition question correctly during the chat so some of you can check it out early!

We welcome you all to come and participate, and you are welcome to chat with the Dark Water developers already making a home on QuakeNet by joining

dogfighter in advance, and you can get some background information on

DogFighter at dogfighter-game.com.

As usual, you'll be able to ask the game developers any relevant DogFighter- related questions. We look forward to having you all join in.

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Horay :)

Sorcerer said on Wednesday 09 June 2010

Very nice :D

MaXpAiNPLAYAH said on Saturday 12 June 2010

Nice. :)

leva9991 said on Friday 15 October 2010