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Latest News

European Speedrunner Assembly Winter 2019

The European Speedrunner Assembly (winter edition) will run from the 16th of February to the 24th of February. ESA is a series of charity fundraising marathons revolving around speedrunning! For one whole week 400 gamers gather together to present world-class ...

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The Division 2 Private Beta giveaway

QuakeNet is holding a giveaway for the private beta of "The Division 2" for our PC users. The giveaway starts at 18:00 CET and ends at 20:00 CET on Thursday the 7th of February. The private beta is open from ...

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Superbowl LIII

Superbowl LIII will take place in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 00:30 CET monday 4th of February. Come join us in #superbowl for this classic event!

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New website authentication process

Posted by meeb on Saturday 17 December 2005

Due to our continuing effort to make our services more accessible, safer and more secure, we are changing the way that you log into the website.

Instead of using the 'login box' to the right, you will be directed to our new auth gateway. You will notice that this is now over the industry standard HTTPS encryption (look for the little padlock in the bottom right of your browser, double click it for the certificate information) and will also authenticate you with other future QuakeNet service websites.

Please note that the upcoming auth gateway does not look like the main QuakeNet website, this is nothing to be alarmed about and your details are perfectly safe.

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sweet :-)

sk0d said on Saturday 17 December 2005

looks like the same interface slug coded for changing the S profile. :-)

navi said on Saturday 17 December 2005

It is the same.

Abdul said on Saturday 17 December 2005

very nice, can we expect a new website look from quakenet soon? there were speculations a little while back but i guess that depends on how much time you have over christmas off work ;D

SD said on Sunday 18 December 2005

great work keep it up Longe life Quakenet

[DRA]PsYchO said on Sunday 18 December 2005

nice :)

xab said on Thursday 22 December 2005

mmm, looks teh sex.

K0n1jn said on Thursday 22 December 2005


Alftberg said on Friday 23 December 2005


Nicito said on Saturday 24 December 2005

Hi. My auth account on Quakenet is copmrimised but on my channel just me have +amno. How can i have my channel for my other account?

spytime said on Wednesday 28 December 2005

spytime, go to #help -channel next time. wait for that older account automatically expires and then requestownership via Q.

fgeek said on Tuesday 03 January 2006

although the box was easier to login this is secure so i guess its ok

Dave0 said on Saturday 07 January 2006

But when will my account expire?

spytime said on Monday 09 January 2006

Comment has been removed by QuakeNet staff

Amir2 said on Sunday 22 January 2006


root said on Monday 13 March 2006

very nice!

DJ-Bourbon said on Sunday 23 April 2006

what exactly is the point of using ssl on the website when your still using plain unencrypted auth on irc?

plugwash said on Tuesday 02 May 2006