so we reached 4th place today? big deal. i know that most opers are very proud of that and they have a very good reason to do so. every member of the QuakeNet staff team does his little or large piece of work for the benefit of you. yes you! the user. thats what this network is for. and since more and more users join our network we must do something good. and thats nice to know. but on the other hand our tremendous growth means more and more responsability and thats nothing to cope with lightly. some of the latest problems wouldnt exist if we wouldnt be so damn successful.

one example is our new channelservice L which eases the Q queue. its one step on the way of a fully automated system which we not really want. we want to have control about the channels we support. sadly full channel control is no longer possible. we got too big. we are doomed?

well not really. we will always try our best to handle the current situation of our network and to provide a good service for you.