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QuakeNet Servers

Your closest server is probably azubu.il.us.quakenet.org which is roughly 318.88 kilometers away from you

QuakeNet consists of many, many servers spread out all over the world and provided by our sponsors. We automatically distribute people who connect to the network to these different servers based on the number of people connected to each server and their geographic location. If you wish you can also connect to your favourite specific server by using the server name rather than the generic host of irc.quakenet.org or your regional country hosts such as uk.quakenet.org or us.quakenet.org. For a full list of available servers, please see below.

ServerCountryDistance from youSponsorUsers
azubu.fl.us.quakenet.org azubu.fl.us.quakenet.org is in Netherlands 6210.26 km Azubu 1519 (7%)
azubu.il.us.quakenet.org azubu.il.us.quakenet.org is in United States 318.88 km Azubu 1717 (8%)
azubu.uk.quakenet.org azubu.uk.quakenet.org is in United Kingdom 5919.90 km Azubu 1157 (5%)
dreamhack.se.quakenet.org dreamhack.se.quakenet.org is in Sweden 6646.91 km Dreamhack 1108 (5%)
euroserv.fr.quakenet.org euroserv.fr.quakenet.org is in France 6185.64 km Euroserv 1193 (5%)
irc.ipv6.quakenet.org irc.ipv6.quakenet.org is in Sweden 6646.91 km IP-Only 928 (4%)
port80a.se.quakenet.org port80a.se.quakenet.org is in Sweden 6646.91 km IP-Only 2505 (11%)
port80b.se.quakenet.org port80b.se.quakenet.org is in Sweden 6646.91 km IP-Only 2224 (10%)
port80c.se.quakenet.org port80c.se.quakenet.org is in Sweden 6646.91 km IP-Only 2232 (10%)
portlane.se.quakenet.org portlane.se.quakenet.org is in Sweden 6646.91 km Portlane 2479 (11%)
servercentral.il.us.quakenet.org servercentral.il.us.quakenet.org is in United States 914.45 km ServerCentral 1531 (7%)
underworld1.no.quakenet.org underworld1.no.quakenet.org is in Norway 6244.67 km Underworld 1275 (6%)
underworld2.no.quakenet.org underworld2.no.quakenet.org is in Norway 6242.97 km Underworld 1948 (9%)
Total public servers13