As one of the webmasters/webprogrammers on this

site you could say that I have a big responsibility.

And as you all know - ircops are beyond hu-mans (lou tm)

and can't do mistakes. Right!? :)

Well. When we just have lauched this site I was

biting my fingernails off. I was somewhat nervous that

you ev0l haxX0rs out there should find b0rked code that

I've have made (if it existed) and do baad things.

Hell, I was practicly eating up my hands.

Then. In the middle of all that I decided

to work on the site to add a comment feature. On the LIVE site.

Not a developent environment - but directly on the live site.

You see where I'm going here? Yep. You've got it! I b0rked it...

I actually renamed the index file by mistake and users

could now look right into the directory structure.

The mistake was that I typed "mv index.php ..." (move)

instead of "cp index.php ..." (copy)

It took a couple of minutes before I thought of it

and when I did - guess what happened?

Yep. My internetconnetion died.

Great. I threw myself on the phone and called another oper

to just verify if I've really deleted the index file.

He did verify it. The index was gone.

(At this point it was easy to keep from laughing. To say the least :)

All this just took a couple of minutes until it was fixed.

But during that time a couple of users found a zip that I've

forgotten there. Not good. The zip contained alot of source that could

be used to find security holes.

Guess what I had to do until 05:00 in the morning?

Yep, right again - totally securing up the shiet and carefully look for bugs.

(I hate you guys who found the zip :)

Ok. Besides the fact that all my fellow opers could

get themself a great laugh, one funny thing remains.

This night and probably when I still was up and coding

some scum broke in to my car and stole my carstereo.

The next morning: (Well 3-4 hours later) * I had to spend a few hours on the police station. * I came late to work. * I argued with my insurance company.

The next day: * I accidently shortcircuted my brand new pioneer homestereo. * I argued with my insurance company.

The next 3-4 weeks: * I argued with my insurance company. * I argued with my insurance company. * I argued with my insurance company. * I argued with my insurance company.

This story does have a happy ending after all. :)

I've now gotten a new carstereo and my car is fixed up and shiny.

I have also gotten a new homestereo. It's beautiful.

Further more we now have a developement site where I can

stroll around and be creative without risking to delete the index file once again.

I did actually release the commentfeature. :)

And my source is hopefully free from security holes.

/Softis - the hu-man (lou tm)