These past few days I've been sweating and swearing at the sun, it's TOO HOT outside, wich makes its impossible to be a complete nerd ( or irc-junkie/gamer etc etc ).. This is even worse since I live in northern norway (yadda yadda I know what you think, it cant be that bad since it's so far north.. You're WRONG WRONG WRONG!) why is it worse because I live in northern norway? it's because the sun is up 24/7 all the time..

Someone should do something about the sun, lets nuke it away, build a shield around the earth to stop any incoming sun rays. I have no idea who can do something like that, but I will pay you two cents and a lollipop for making the sun go away! (whatever happened to divine intervention?)

So people, stay away from the sun, it will spoil your eggs, make you produce insane amounts of earwax and you suddenly will start to see mad cows everywhere.. atleast a cow can't get inside your doors.

Also remember.. beware of the m00, if you hear/see that sound, please leave me a message on irc. put this one up wherever you go: