I've been fiddling with rrdtool today, building various graphs of QuakeNet activity.

Here's the traffic of various countries, spot the netsplit (please don't whine if you're not here, only the ones with a large amount of users are tracked.)

Also created a delta graph, so we can spot nasty flood clones.

Ideally it'd work for IP addresses too, as well as for people with elite vhosts, however thats a little more work than just adding a counthost command to nterface.

Here's something for you to play with, an monitor to show if you're on or off QuakeNet.

Text mode returns either a 0 or 1, offline or online respectively.


This mode returns a little icon:


eg: I'm currently

It wouldn't be complete without the customary pils version (try changing the url so it displays offline!)

We might use it in some sort of 'friends online' thing on the website eventually.

Away status isn't recorded at the moment, it may be in the future.

If you've got any ideas for website interaction with IRC (please don't say CGI:IRC as we won't do it), leave a comment.