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Latest News

New partner: HostSailor

New partner and server from HostSailor The amazing people at HostSailor.com have joined QuakeNet as partners and sponsored a new server hosted in Bucharest, Romania. You can access the server using the hostname hostsailor.ro.quakenet.org and the server will be part ...

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ESA Summer Online 2020

ESA Summer Online ESA Summer Online 2020 will be running in the place of ESA Summer, with ESA Summer postponed to October. ESA is a week-long event, with the primary goal of raising money for a charity. ESA Summer Online ...

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ESA Corona Relief

ESA Corona Relief ESA Corona Relief is a weekend online marathon that will feature speedrunners and score-attackers from all around the world. ESA Together will be ran in aid of the Save the Children Coronavirus Emergency Appeal. ESACR will run ...

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New OGC Cheat

Posted by cro on Tuesday 07 May 2002

A lot of people have been complaining about the spamming of a link to the new OGC Cheat for Counterstrike. It shows how many people want a working aimbot for CounterStrike 1.4, as the virus has reached epidemic proportions. We posted a link to a number of virus-removal instructions on this page a few days ago, but it seems the lure of cheating in CounterStrike is too much.

We've even had complaints that QuakeNet is not doing anything to combat the spread of this virus.

So, if you see a msg about the OGC Cheat, please - do NOT come to #feds and spam the virus URL to everyone in the channel. If you have the virus, go to this page for instructions on removal.

After identifying the virus, how it works and how to remove it, we are now working on a way of identifying the virus client before it starts spamming.

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bune lem yarragam 10 or 10 bnc ? My channel #spy.tr server Quakenet.org kkkkkkkkk plz. Q bot register .

haci said on Saturday 26 June 2004