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Latest News

QuakeCon 2020

25th annual QuakeCon! Celebrate the 25th annual QuakeCon with a global Super Stream, featuring 60 straight hours of nonstop live content from around the world. The schedule is packed with three days of celebrity influencer streams, live concerts, charity fundraising, ...

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New partner: HostSailor

New partner and server from HostSailor The amazing people at HostSailor.com have joined QuakeNet as partners and sponsored a new server hosted in Bucharest, Romania. You can access the server using the hostname hostsailor.ro.quakenet.org and the server will be part ...

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ESA Summer Online 2020

ESA Summer Online ESA Summer Online 2020 will be running in the place of ESA Summer, with ESA Summer postponed to October. ESA is a week-long event, with the primary goal of raising money for a charity. ESA Summer Online ...

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Peliportti Delinking

Posted by cro on Sunday 23 June 2002

"The QuakeNet servers at Peliportti will be closed next week.

The QuakeNet server cluster irc.fi.quakenet.org at Peliportti will be closed next Wednesday, June 26th, 2002. Users connecting to QuakeNet via an address ending with .quakenet.org, such as irc.fi.quakenet.org, will be automatically directed to another QuakeNet server elsewhere in Europe. The address irc.peliportti.net will also function as a redirector to other QuakeNet servers for the time being, but users of this address are recommended to change to a .quakenet.org address as soon as possible, as a precaution. A decision currently planned within QuakeNet to close the other Finnish server, helsinki.fi.quakenet.org hosted by KPNQwest, will most likely cause the nearest server for Finnish users to be located in Sweden. The network connections between Finland and Sweden are generally of good quality and a user may connect to a Swedish QuakeNet server by connecting to se.quakenet.org."

You can read the full announcement from Peliportti in both Finnish and English here.

A number of the existing Finnish operators have been rehomed on other QuakeNet servers and will continue their duties with QuakeNet, however Bafi, Raziel, acrolyte and cheesy have decided to step down as operators on QuakeNet.

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refic said on Sunday 23 June 2002

First edome then KPNQwest Finland and now Isolcom... what´s the big idea?

neon_ said on Sunday 23 June 2002

Comment has been removed by QuakeNet staff

[Macro] said on Monday 24 June 2002

#2 - This is not the result of any \"big idea\". edome.* was removed due to serious problems with the edome admins. helsinki.* was removed due to administration issues. Peliportti have left QuakeNet, but not due to *any* disagreements or any anti-qnet feelings.

ozzy said on Monday 24 June 2002

I tried on behalf of all involved to write a clear announcement about it. As I said, anyone\'s welcome to poke me on IRC (nick Kyuu on qnet/b2irc, Vekotin on equnet) and ask more, but I really think I wrote it all there. QuakeNet thoughts for me involve fun memories and challenges, not bloody fights.

vekotin said on Tuesday 25 June 2002

I don\'t know what is but I am from today (Tuesday) onwards unable to connect to ANY quakenet server. I use Soon Communications ISP which I think is related to peliportti... mIRC says connection refused and Klient times out when I try connect to ANY Qnet server (got around 20 different addresses it tries and it tries each for 60 seconds, no luck). Kind of annoying when I hang-out on Qnet in tons of channels...

SFXman said on Tuesday 25 June 2002

Now they went down :(

DJZ said on Wednesday 26 June 2002

Oh no!

masa said on Wednesday 26 June 2002


tenzo said on Saturday 29 June 2002

Peliportti is probably moving GamesNET or something :/

BuBBlez said on Wednesday 03 July 2002

sad to hear that :(

nX`jekaboom said on Friday 05 July 2002

de.quakenet.org Irc server Channel = #spy.tr . kkkk

haci said on Saturday 26 June 2004