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Latest News

port80.se delink

port80.se.quakenet.org delinking. It is with great sadness that we must farewell port80.se from QuakeNet after nearly 20 years of service. Unfortunately the hardware problems they were experiencing could not be resolved, and so the decision to delink the server was ...

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Merry Xmas!

QuakeNet staff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for your continuing support!

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New server link

New Server stockholm.se.quakenet.org As of this week we are welcoming a new server to the game, its stockholm.se.quakenet.org kindly hosted by Sunet. While we are getting a new server, we are losing an old one. Since last week portlane.se.quakenet.org has ...

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T-online Abuse Issues

Posted by Crillo on Saturday 17 May 2003

Due to many general abuse issues (directed towards QuakeNet's staff, users and the network itself) from a significant number of users, we have had to take the unprecedented step of restricting all t-dialin users to one connection per host on the network. Any users attempting to make more than one connection to the network will receive an error message (Too many connections from your host) and have their connection refused.

And yes, we acknowledge that this may cause problems for users who share connections and/or host their own bots etc., but this was the only alternative to a global t-dialin ban. We apologise to the many genuine t-dialin users affected by this action, and hope that this will help with the abuse issues affecting the network and its users.

Update: Due to feedback from users, we have decided to increase the limit to 2 connections per host for t-dialin users. We hope this will alleviate some of the problems experienced by families who use QuakeNet.

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first one. yes strike !!! :)

]yackz^mith[ said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Wehehe, back to 1 plskthx :)

GodDaBuzz said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Shall be enough for the 08/15 user. Thanks to Quakenet :)

[dkZ-SoF]Paeppi said on Saturday 17 May 2003

big thx ...

sebast said on Saturday 17 May 2003

thx qnet... i (have) had the \"family problem\", too :) but /mode +x also helped ;) these 2 connections should be enough for t-dialin-users, since there are many stupid kiddies using t-online (yes, i use (better: am forced to) use that isp myself)

mariohana said on Saturday 17 May 2003

// these 2 connections should be enough for t-dialin-users, since there are many stupid kiddies using t-online (yes, i use (better: am forced to) use that isp myself) // eeehrm.. that doesn\'t mean i\'ve ever done any shitty things ;D

mariohana said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Actually it\'s absurd and embarrassing not to have a really reasonable idea of solving such problems. Furthermore I don\'t think this will really be the great solution you may believe it is, but do it your way :P

Shane0Mac said on Saturday 17 May 2003

This is a great solution for getting rid of all the clones from t-dialin users, nothing more, nothing less.

Crillo said on Saturday 17 May 2003

n1 solution quakenet!

Glady said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Tack =). Tyskarna brukar ofta bråka på QuakeNet. Speciellt T-online användare. Same in English =). Germans would often \"fight\" with QuakeNet. Especially T-online users. =)

SolidSneaker_ said on Saturday 17 May 2003

good solution, thx ² quakenet..

Agimar said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Thanks. That does (precisly \"will do\", because I\'ll have to use t-dialin in about 2 months) the trick for me and approx 95% of the others. gg qnet :)

ki|oNyx said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Sorry. But i don´t think it is a good solution to (nearly) ban all t-dialin users. Not all T-Online Users are stupid clone/script/hack kiddies. I´m Sorry but Quakenet has an user lost.

tIbErI4NmaStEr said on Saturday 17 May 2003

I love QuakeNet

ZerA2l said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Thx for that decision, i appreciate that. And F..k you all abusing T-Online....

rats|Betschman said on Saturday 17 May 2003

I don\'t think that isn\'t a good solution. I\'m using the Quakent since Years and i\'m T-online User and I\'M NOT a spamming kiddi! I can only use 2 connections and that\'s not ok - ban that guy which are doing this things and NOT the \"normal\" users

Firestorm^ said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Dear #17: If we actually COULD ban those individual idiots, we wouldn\'t have come to this decision. We have already rised the limit from one to two, so be happy with it or leave. Thanks.

Shadow said on Saturday 17 May 2003

By rising the limit to 2 Quakenet showed that they care about their users and it\'s possible to discuss reasonable with the staff despite the opinion of some people who don\'t think so.

Tankred said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Well done. Sometimes it was useful to have more than 2 connections, but it was never necessary imho. Thanks for increasing to 2 connections :o)

Gumminase said on Saturday 17 May 2003

2 connections? ...better solution! now i can use my entertain bot again, cos my own isp is t-dialin... wondering who are these \"kiddies\" and what they do! cos most kiddies use \"crash\'n go\" systems like windows98 or XP... (i remember a spam script for mIRC/GamersIRC) well, i don\'t know what i should do badly with my KSirc from KDE3.1.1 running on BSD and Linux ;)

EyeDacor said on Saturday 17 May 2003

thx ² qnet ! 2 connections should be enough to block clones. thx again

binky said on Saturday 17 May 2003

I think it\'s a perfectly reasonable decision really. I don\'t see why many people would have a real *legitimate* reason to bring on more than two hosts anyway. If you do, then yes, it\'s just tough luck. Throughout life the minority have affected the majority - this is better than them glining the entire ISP atleast. People also seem to forget this will save many people from having their channels flooded and being abused, for the sake of a few t-online customers who want to connect 3+ hosts. GJ

Mentality said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Once again Quakenet demonstrates their dedication to making this the best IRC-network. They chose to disregard the excessive amount of accusations of racism/nazism by clueless t-dialin users and instead chose to listen to those who could make a good case for increasing the limit.

Bomkia said on Saturday 17 May 2003

I think two connections are seriously enough for all users...I am a t-dialin user but I don\'t care cuz I never broke any Q-Net rule an it\'s not my fault. The whining CS kiddies just should shut up about that, it\'s the QUAKEnet and not ANY-GAMEnet. so far cAyne

r3ds70r said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Even if 2 hosts really should be enough for every T-Online User, i started a little petition to t-online, so that a better solution could be found together with T-Online. If you wanna help me, then sign up on it on: http://petition.myexo.de/ (Perhaps we can discuss the name of the petition, but i did it within 30mins only *gg*) I hope the opers won\'t deny this post because of advertising, thank you all. For improvements, just mail to the mail adress on the page. silly

silly^ said on Saturday 17 May 2003

This solution is better in my opinion as families with 2 PCs can\'t complain anymore for example.

Jack-The-Ripper said on Saturday 17 May 2003

thanks ² quakenet, i find this is a good solution! cu Seth

TOF|Sethesh said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Thx a lot @ quakenet team.

Tel said on Saturday 17 May 2003

You should set the Limit to 2 on each untrusted Host. Dont forget, that the most Users in the Quakenet have a T-Online Host. Logicaly, more Spammers come from Germany.

johbar said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Setting the limit to 2 for everyone except trusted hosts isn\'t possible at the moment. Right now 25000 of 166000 hosts are t-dialin hosts, that\'s not most users..

Crillo said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Nice work those script kiddies are blocked and normal user (like me) didn\'t een notice ;) (altho you should think of a system to do a g-line if someone gets killed from S for spamming or something similar)

TDK|Terminator said on Saturday 17 May 2003

#32, S does g-line for repeated spamming. The kills are a kind of warning until it finally g-lines the abusive user.

Jack-The-Ripper said on Saturday 17 May 2003

good decision guys :) big thanx for that! you\'re doing a great job dudes - go on like this. cya

Bingoo said on Saturday 17 May 2003

Better kill those BNCs. They\'r absolutly sensless, causing traffic/connections. And its really stupid to join a channel with 300nicks in it and 299BNCs and one Q.

Ruapho said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I welcome your decission that you heard to the voice of the common users (like me and many others) and rose the connection limit to 2 - for some people this probably still isn\'t enough but I can live with this (now my brother or a friend with notebook can also connect, if theres a need) and so are probably many other users, who had the need for a second client.

jmeister|TMG said on Sunday 18 May 2003

There are already exploits/bugs out for this... They allow users to use different authnicks and \"clone\" themeselves via +x usermode. E.g.: One connects and sets +x, the next one connects from same host with a different authnick and sets +x and so on. I don\'t know if this is working any more, but yesterday (sat) it worked for me and allowed me to set up 3 connections from the same t-dialin host using two different auth nicks (and one conn not authed). Don\'t fix it, it\'s the last way out ;)

HatchetS said on Sunday 18 May 2003

(cont.) ... the last way out ;)

HatchetS said on Sunday 18 May 2003

\"Proffessional IRC-warriors\" probably don\'t use t-dialin hosts - they have a lot of infected boxes all over the world of which they can load up thousands of clones or simply DDoS a server (i\'m used to that from IRCnet) - the common t-dialin idiots which annoy opers like shadow ;) simply is typing bullshit and maybe joining with 3 or 4 clones in #feds

jmeister|TMG said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Limiting is a solution, BUT what You do here is wrong. YOu say that all T-Online users are bad kiddies. T-Online is the most popular 24h online solution here in germany, so it\'s clear that from those hosts are many kiddies. So I think limit ALL users to the same, not saying Oh using popularst net provider-->EVIL!). That\'s one reason more, to get out of the Quakenet. You\'ve to think about it, limiting T-Online for germany is like limiting more than half of USA users

[MDK]Bernie said on Sunday 18 May 2003

@40: no one said that... not even shadow ;)) they just limited all users of this ISP. and that is why it´s only fair to say that the second decision - loosen the limit - is nice (and kinda fast!), as it solves the problems for maybe 95%, feds is working too... that way, one can concentrate on the abuses again.. even when talking to t-onliners ;))) so this time really GG qnet! (and @ shadow: that finnish thing was a joke, a quote from a song... ;)

hw|stadl0r said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Tell me what provider you are using and I tell you what kind of lamer you are. I don\'t think judgeing someone by his provider is not O.K. (altough the limit was increased to 2 now.) You can say: T-Online is lame (thats right) but you just can\'t say that EVERY T-Online user is a lamer. I know, my words have been said like 450 times already but I had to say something too ^^

]EFW[5n41p3r said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I can\'t remember using words \"the common t-dialin idiots\", but I\'m very sorry if someone got me all wrong. I don\'t hate all t-dialin users, only the ones who break the rules and do other lame things. I actually have even few friends using t-dialin.net host. /me over and out.

Shadow said on Sunday 18 May 2003

One connection would have been fine... Now people will want 3 connections because they have 2 brothers and so on... This problem should be solved with t-online\'s help, there\'s no other way... Anyway, good decicion overall QuakeNet ;)

cLAN|Tristam said on Sunday 18 May 2003

#44: So true.. and if we start rising it, people will whine about them being special and they end up having over 10 clones per user. =)

Shadow said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I think the QuakeNet Oper\'s did the right thing. Who needs more than 2 connections? Yes and I\'m glad about that the Opers did not G-Lined whole t-ialin.net such as other networks already did due massive abusing.

Der_Haus said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Shadow, so true too ;) Doesnt t-online want to do anything about their abusing lamer users? In my opinion there is no other way to solve this problem... Lamer\'s connections should be cutted, forever... ;) Why cant I get S when I have Q?

cLAN|Tristam said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Shadow, so true too ;) Doesnt t-online want to do anything about their abusing lamer users? In my opinion there is no other way to solve this problem... Lamer\'s connections should be cutted, forever... ;) Why cant I get S when I have Q?

cLAN|Tristam said on Sunday 18 May 2003

ROFL! t-online users = lamers damn how stupid... anyway, thanks qnet. now i can pay for some bncs. big thanks....

m1cky said on Sunday 18 May 2003

first step in the right direction. next step is now to limit all connections to two.

lou said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Ok, now this will help most people- if you have more than one brother you need a second connection anyway (File-Sharing-the legal stuff of course, gaming, downloading...)- and if all three work it should be easy to affort a second line ;) Anyway- big THX to q.net, raising the limit and listening to us. Not many people out there that do this kind of stuff :) And to all of you T.com script-kiddies: Scan my network and die...

DGH[Tigris] said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Hm i got further the problem that its unpossible for my bot to conect to quakenet by using a own written script. With normel IRC it works :(

Nocturn21 said on Sunday 18 May 2003

hmm.....this is a bit unfair I think. For me, it\'ll be difficult having a whole family plus a clan-newsbot on my t-online line . Quakenet degenerates methinks. First the Q bot is denied to new clans, while the old ones may use them, now the T-dialin segregation. This is not nice.

pkxl2 said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I thought max connections was 6 from one host. This accomodates most LANs. (We have 5 pc\'s connected at 1 time or another to qnet, big house) Is this not the case? Surely 6 connections is as easy to deal with as 2? Or have I grasped the wrong end of the stick :)

[SBK]PhoeniX said on Sunday 18 May 2003

²lou : yes, right :)

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Especially to all users writing they will leave now QuakeNET. I don\'t believe you. Your words are ONLY words - no actions. And of course don\'t complain about this now. You have seen QuakeNET has reacted to the last feedback - here in forum as well as in irc - and rised up the limit.

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

And ALL what you do is whining here. I think most of the most-whining people here had done something to cause the first reaction of the QuakeNET staff. The other reaction that was discussed about wouldn\'t make you happier - believe me.

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

s/raised up/increased

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Well what the fuck are you guys moaning about anyway? Five connections is a freaking lot already. \"Oh god I have a brother and ...\", lol. Rules are made to be set, not to be altered. Fucking whinge about one connection, oh my god... you can\'t get any farther out, can you? If you don\'t like the rules being set, sod off to IRCnet.

raz2 said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Hey admins how about limiting every connection to 2 clients ? i wanna see the faces of the guys who said \"2 should be enough\"

sads said on Sunday 18 May 2003

\"omg i have 4 brothers\" <-- i can see this one coming :)

morfee said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Tack =). Tyskarna brukar ofta br&#229;ka p&#229; QuakeNet. Speciellt T-online anv&#228;ndare. Same in English =). Germans would often \"fight\" with QuakeNet. Especially T-online users. =) <- ukka ukki. Same in English =). fuck you

sads said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Heya all:-) I can live with your protection, but i wanna know, why all t-dialin users are banned from the #feds channel? That\'s nice support for normal german users...

GI|Jack|mIRC said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Hi, I got no problem with your decission, cause it helps to get rid of those spam kids, but you can\'t say that spam and all these things are a only t-dialin phenomenon. Btw I as a normal q-net user need #fed, because the livebot from our gameserver is g-lined, and we got to find a solution for that. I think it\'s not fair simply setting +b to all t-dialins who want to enter #feds. Think about it, you can\'t judge people by their internet connection! So far... bye

Ripper|mIRC said on Sunday 18 May 2003

this is so stupid! maybe you have noticed that the majority of german users have t-dailin due to the market situation?! seems very unappropriate and unprofessional!

[fAkk]CaO said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I was very angry about it. But to rise up the limit was a good decision and i can live with that! But \"overtaker\" use proxys or bncs. It won\'t reduce overtakes! I like this network !

Ic3^away said on Sunday 18 May 2003

This is definately a step in the right direction and this will certainly help alot of channels who has problems of this sort. Even though alot of users are affected by this. We have to keep in mind that these lamers who where abusing will have a pretty tough time if they feel like keep going and eventually they\'ll stop. Atleast I hope so. btw. reverse.qdsl-home.de is also a quite known abuse host.

Steinland said on Sunday 18 May 2003

do you know y t-dialin is now banned from feds? it\'s YOU - the people in here whining about the situation. feds is secured due to a normal helping situation for the other users. If the opers wouldn\'t see such a reaction of you in here, i think they wouldn\'t have banned this hostmask from feds.

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Yes, you&#180;re right. Nothing will decrease this. This makes me very angry and won&#180;t stop anything. Yes, the lame bitches can&#180;t make their clones any longer. But every new blockade will be broken. I&#180;ve tested it and I am currently able to open 5 clones with a Tonline host and a little trick. Btw. this IS a kind of racism! Because you can&#180;t say that every Tonline user is something what you call a \"lamer\". Greetings.

[[][]] said on Sunday 18 May 2003

No, but as it is OK for channel-owners/ops to ban *!*.dip.t-dialin.net / *!*@*.de (as in #linux) it\'s also ok to globally ban this.

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

to #68 if the qnet staff hadnt limited only t-online users to 2 connections they wouldnt need to do so. I\'ve been using quakenet for 2 years now and really thought of it being a good service in the world of irc networks. Do you really think this action is a proper answer to some spamkiddies?? I am a normal user and just wanted to visit feds. But as i am a german (t-online is the only choice for power users in rural areas in germany) i am banned from that channel??? Sry that is ridiculous.

[FCBD]R2D2 said on Sunday 18 May 2003

great idea! first step in the right direction. next step is now to limit all connections to two. (lou) sounds very nice =)

chRiz said on Sunday 18 May 2003

if they hadn\'t limited to 2 connections they WOULD have glined them. And of course i had a talk to some people - they all tought me that most of flooders are connecting from t-dialin. ( of course my personal connection is t-dialin, too.) but my client resides on a server

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

im actually wondering about the haressment of t-online users. i just CANT imagine that there is such a great number of t-dialin users who are spammkiddies (dont know what this actually can damage quakenet) that IT IS a option to react this way. I am not using a BNC and i dont think about getting one. Why should i change my ISP only to visit feds? Have i done something wrong?

[FCBD]R2D2 said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Christ, they still whinge. Grow up you lot.

Kryten said on Sunday 18 May 2003

To #69. This situation deals with an ISP who has a poor abuse-handling system, dedicated IRCops who want to make Quakenet the best network available and a small group of people that could not be stopped by regular measures. The situation is already inflamed enough without you making bogus cries of racism. Racism is a big problem in todays society, but to limit the amount of clients from a specific ISP doesn\'t come anywhere close to it.

Bomkia said on Sunday 18 May 2003

2 connections, sounds a lot better now. thx for the change

^i^ said on Sunday 18 May 2003

grow the fuck up and stop bitching already. I banned *@*.t-dialin.net from #feds because of a user pasting URL\'s to trojans in the channel. I couldn\'t ban him per ident and/or host since he kept redialing and changing it. it\'s not because of rascism or some shit like that. please enable brain and find out what rascism is before you start bitching. this is NOT. yawn.

stevoo said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Well it doesn\'t mind how many connections a t-dialin user might have, the problem is, you can\'t punish them. The only way is to get T-Online to assign a Unique ID to each user, which you can ban, gline, whatever. Thatswhy i have started a little petition, i hope many people will sign it up. Please help me: http://petition.myexo.de/ thx guys, silly

silly^ said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I dont think this is a good idea because the t-online users are not the onlq problem we have some bitsches frum uk and so on who spamm all the time and now you did not make anything again this bitsches yeah make something to the telekomusers they are all scriptkiddies quaknet sucks really you see it @ the netsplits every sunday @ the same time

Amduser said on Sunday 18 May 2003

This reminds me of when deviantart.com decided to ban all aol hosts from creating new accounts. They couldn\'t ban single IP\'s cos it\'s too easy to get a different IP. And since AOL is fairly cheap and easy for people to get, it became a weapon of choice for abusers. The same stands for T-Online I think. It\'s cheap and easy and provides anonimity so many abusers use it. Makes sense to use this preventative measure, and mebbe when abuse calms down Qnet\'ll lift the limit again?

[SBK]PhoeniX said on Sunday 18 May 2003

@#78 is that the only reason why you banned another 25.000 users from that channel?? Am i responsible for those guys going into #feds and pasting some crap urls no one will ever visit? So u ban every ISP with 1 user pasting some urls u dont want to have pasted in ur channel? I need some help from #feds and where do i get it now? i dont get it because i am a t-online user, right? So tell me, u think this is not racism?

[FCBD]R2D2 said on Sunday 18 May 2003

You can\'t give every user a unique ip, or should i as a t-dialin user wait to get hacked or sth? Think about it! And the ban from #feds is not racism but it\'s an unfair exclusion, but you semm to be very happy to have the t-dialin users to point the finger at. There are so many people doing the same from other regions, but you don\'t semm to care about that. Most important thing is to ban the t-dialin lamers, well done really...

Ripper|mIRC said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I said unique ID not IP. So i\'d rather like to see T-Online providing an IRC proxy, which sets the idents for the users or something like that. Dunno. T-Online can\'t even give static IPs to their users, cause they do not have enough for everyone. Silly

silly^ said on Sunday 18 May 2003

a proxy for connecting to an irc network? i don\'t think that would be a good mechanism.

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

oh , unique id? you mean like a ident? hmmm and therefor the proxy? i think integrating such proxies would be TOO expensive

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Oh then I\'m wrong a unique ID is a thing to talk about. Despite I\'m not happy being identified by my hostmask but however can\'t help, if they do so, but i have to get into #feds - to get the live server broadcast working again, or tell me a forum where I can look it up.

Ripper|mIRC said on Sunday 18 May 2003

hm i think if it will be discussed here more and more && more getting angry the GLINE of *!*@*.t-dialin.net would come.

netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003


netzi said on Sunday 18 May 2003

#82, I see you are one the the many people that needs to enable your brain. Allow me to suggest you go ahead and do that before you post again.

stevoo said on Sunday 18 May 2003

#90, i have expected more iq from a IRC Admin. You just cant stand that u did a mistake with banning 25.000 users from the #feds channel. Give me a good reason for that. But only because there was *1* guy pasting some trojan urls?? Explain me, how do i get help from #feds now as being a t-online user?

[FCBD]R2D2 said on Sunday 18 May 2003

#91, what should he do? cause you can\'t ban a single t-online user if he spams or whatever. therefore sign the petition, that t-online will find a solution with qnet together. then the abusers could be punished without affecting innocent users.

silly^ said on Sunday 18 May 2003

#91, can you read or should I make an audiotape of the discussion and send it to you? read what I stated above. and this time, like I said before, please enable your brain. oh, and one more thing: the ban is gone from #feds so you\'re welcome in there and state your questions.

stevoo said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I think it\'s not a problem of T-Online Users in general. It\'s maybe just one AOL user using T-Online user\'s PCs for illegal action!? 1 User has a HackBot he doesn\'t know of running and spreading in the background. Then we have about 24 users connected with a HackBot only one guy controls. Where is the sense of restricting only T-Online users from 5 down to 2 connections? I use only two connections to QuakeNet: 1 is my Chat the other 1 is my Eggdrop... Why don\'t you spread it to ALL Provi

Migga said on Sunday 18 May 2003

The T-Online issue is just a result of letting everyone use the internet (u know stupid people). It just so happens that T-Online (germany) is ahead of the other countries in Europe as far as getting the common man (ie morons) onto the internet. I can forsee this thing happening in the UK/Sweden and other countries. Its just T-Online got there first.

lecter said on Sunday 18 May 2003

As you started to flame against T-Online i could now start to flame against AOL they got 6 millions of morons worldwide connected to the internet :) Or maybe it\'s just that Internet Cafes are connected via T-Online (never been in one) just right now it seems as T-Online is the \"Root of all Evil\" somehow it\'s not fair. (Maybe even forbidden by law?) But as long as using IRC is a priviledge not a right I can\'t do jack about it :(

Migga said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Thank you for being interested in the opinion of normal T-Online customers.

[FCBD]R2D2 said on Sunday 18 May 2003

#97, I am fairly interested in opinions of the normal t-online customers. it\'s just your opinion I don\'t give a fuck about.

stevoo said on Sunday 18 May 2003

WTF?! When I try to open a second connection, quakenet says \"to man connections from your host\"... O.o

EyeDacor said on Sunday 18 May 2003

gah, and *@*.t-dialin.net is banned from #feds and some other \"helpful\" channels... well qnet, that\'s really bad... (like the support at the moment) sry, but that\'s too much oly cos some script kiddies want their dump kind of fun...

EyeDacor said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I don\'t want to weight hereby, but give some informations. ALL schools in Germany are connected with T-Online. Most pupils use QNet for homework. Perhaps T-Online can do something, but they don\'t want to do anything. That\'s a fact! Sorry!

GWw said on Sunday 18 May 2003

T-dialin is still banned in #feds

Ripper|mIRC said on Sunday 18 May 2003

as long as every *@*.t-dialin.net user is banned in #feds pls use the possibility to mail us your questions. (and YES these bans are necessary) BTW most of the questions in #feds can easily be answered with our FAQs. Und an alle die hier meinen das Qnet rassistisch ist, sollten mal &#252;berlegen was sie da loslassen. @#101 wer von der Schule aus ins Qnet geht, dem sei www.onlinesucht.de empfohlen, es ist ein IRC f&#252;r Games nicht f&#252;r Hausaufgaben

HBboy said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Full ACK with #103. I mean, #101, you use QuakeNet, a gaming network, for what? Copying your homework? Yeah right. :P

JaSt said on Sunday 18 May 2003

PS. WTF I NEED 10 CLOENS 4 FLOOD TEH CLAN WHO PWNZED MA BREAKFAST!!!11 AND 4 TEH 23 BROTHERS!!?!?? LOLOL ^_____________^ Limit all hosts to two connections anyway, I\'d fully support that (and yes, I\'m saying this while planning to move away from t-dialin).

JaSt said on Sunday 18 May 2003

If that what #103 says is right then you could ban *!*@* from #feds and say: \"All questions are answered in the FAQ\" I\'d like to know how many Users have been doing something wrong, if it\'s like Germanys \"Indizierung\" you could say: Users cause Problems, delete Users to solve Problems You can\'t generalize something which is very special to some users. This is my opinion and i just state it. I don\'t belong to this group and i don\'t need more than 2 conns for myself.

Migga said on Sunday 18 May 2003

I know families with 3 brothers or 2 brothers and one sister who like to chat @ QuakeNet. ^^

FrEaKyHuRrIcAnE said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Now how does this look: If a family with more than two human beings living together wants to go online in IRC they have to buy/rent a bouncer. Any (that\'s the point I hate) other provider is allowed to do more than two connections.

Migga said on Sunday 18 May 2003

lol... it\'s a nice discussion here, bu i don\'t understand the problem. I think also that 2 connection are enough. but people who want spamm or want to have 100 Clones will find ways to connect them.. it everytime a way you must online find them .. the limit of conections is a good idea but it will not stop the people whic do this all proffesinal .. sry my bad englisch

ralle030583 said on Sunday 18 May 2003

Hooooorrrraaaayyy Can anyone near HBboy pat him on the shoulder? He is the first op within this conversation who seems to know how to seperate personal feelings from business and who isn\'t attacking other simple users. Therefor I Suggest him for the award of \"OP of the month\". #62 should be deleted cause: Dont be rude and Speak english since this is a multilanguage network. (Two rules broken so delete it)otherwise sombody might come and say germans get deleted and finish not bla racism ...

DesasterX said on Monday 19 May 2003

For the record: It\'s not possible to limit all hosts to 2 connections at the moment without limiting trusted hosts too.

Crillo said on Monday 19 May 2003

lou: you\'re right restrict all or nothing so his rule is something everyone should be abel to live with, so apply this rule to everyone. just plain and simple. #31 why should it bee imposible to limit all users down to 2 conns? You\'re able to limit all to five and you\'re abel to limit a special group to two conns so why is it so hard to limit all to two? ah and the abuse: Telekom cant cancal an account for abuse in sth like Qnet because of the former monopoly. no laws against flooding so no k

DesasterX said on Monday 19 May 2003

thats it =) coole sache =)

[-Pinky^afk-] said on Monday 19 May 2003

nice quakenet ... that the most stupid action i ever seen... \"but this was the only alternative to a global t-dialin ban\" Oh t-online is just the biggest provider in Germany ;) I have 4 PC`s here in my network (i am software engineer) and only 2 comes into quakenet... yes thats it ... me and my wife ... but my children.. uhweee ... hey just think a little bit more in the future ;)

Phedaikin said on Monday 19 May 2003

what a great stuff ... we are four Users working always on one LINE ... and all using quakenet ... and now ? what shall we do now ? i coulnd&#180;t change my provider because Quakenet make some funny things with T-online ... in other countrys hacking is legal and no one could do anything again ... what do they to then ? BAN the COUNTRYS !

MagicBook said on Monday 19 May 2003

Thanx for Quakenets accommodation :)

Toman said on Monday 19 May 2003

This sucks bad!!! You are being racists!! I\'ve got five brothers and eight cousins who use this same connection!! This ist ridiculous!!111 And lou: you suck, even tho you are just HU-MAN. (I hope I logged in with my fake account...)

Shadow said on Monday 19 May 2003

Oops, I didn\'t.. oh well.. INCREASE DA PEACE!

Shadow said on Monday 19 May 2003

thanks a lot guys!!

Lufi said on Monday 19 May 2003

i think 2 is fine .. good work qnet

|Stinger| said on Monday 19 May 2003

You suprise me. I thought that there were just two possiblities, but nice anyway! _Big_thanx_to_stuff_for_make_up_your_mind_! Eh stevoo, I guess you are right, ban all users from a certain ISP isnt racism, its fascism - even if you dont like the word. Eh HBboy plz .. Speak english since this is a multilanguage network.

[hsq]AnObI said on Monday 19 May 2003

Qauthbot is XP-Irc@pD953EF5F.dip.t-dialin.net * hiu nuff said

R4nger said on Monday 19 May 2003

TBH, everyone is being so childish. *!*@*.t-dialin.net users should be happy they got 2 connections.

BrkS said on Monday 19 May 2003

Hi ! I\'m a t-dialin user and think this: Thanks to the lame t-dialin users wo made shit on quakenet *hmpf* >:-( !!!

^Fe|ix said on Monday 19 May 2003

Well. I still have the possibility to build five connections. This is only useless...

[[][]] said on Monday 19 May 2003

IMO Thats the greatest shit you\'ve ever done, sry, but thats the truth. I have T-Offline, and i can\'t do anything about it. And what can i do about people, who do sh** all the day on Quakenet? (sry 4 my broken English ^^)

Kampforca said on Monday 19 May 2003

My opinion about this limitation is best explained with a pice of musik: A moment of glory, called evolution Could I fly away like a bird in the sky No limitation, a new inspiration A world that is free just as free as my mind Communication, a new destination Planet of visions is calling tonight

uK`Rand00m said on Monday 19 May 2003

Didn\'t you have Mathematic at school ? About 75% of the qnet users are german. and t-online is the biggest isp in germany (perhaps even in europe). So its absolute logic, that the most spammers/kiddies/.../ etc have a t-dial host .. And AOL Users are too stupid to spam or hack

[Sokt]Morpheus said on Monday 19 May 2003

About 30% are germans (*.t-dialin + *.de).

Crillo said on Monday 19 May 2003

o/~ there\'s always *.arcor-ip.net and lots of others o/~ - but I\'d agree 75% doesn\'t quite fit it.

JaSt said on Monday 19 May 2003

this was a stupid change! all other users without t-dialin have many clones and nobody interest this. only the german users are f***** again. slowly the qnet sucks. so stop the changes an let the qnet as it is !!!

KE-MaSteR said on Monday 19 May 2003

#121, that might be the case, but please keep in mind that quakenet is NOT a democracy. i\'d rather be a fascist than a rascist. that\'s fine with me. suck it up!

stevoo said on Monday 19 May 2003

#117 Thanks Shadow! This proofed just how grown up you are and how great you are at communication skills. I\'d say you perfectly qualified for an t-dailin account.

DesasterX said on Monday 19 May 2003

Well: support is crap (ban from #feds etc) and your \"better\" sollution is f***ed up too! (only one connection works!!) well, why don\'t do that with all users? hm? why? cos they fucked the ops or what? sry, i am annoyed from this damn script kiddies too, but that\'s too much!!! changing IRC network now... (shouldn\'t interest you) one oBSD user less...

EyeDacor said on Monday 19 May 2003


[TSF]ComeBacK said on Monday 19 May 2003

what about a global/perm. *!*@*.de / *!*@*.t-dialin.net for 24/48h or so at first?

]MoD[FREAK| said on Monday 19 May 2003

How about you STFU #146 ????

rats|Betschman said on Monday 19 May 2003

#146? looking into the crystal ball now are we?

morfee said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

#134 You said: \"well, why don\'t do that with all users? hm? why? cos they fucked the ops or what?\" Please read comment #31 or #111 before you whine ;) I would say they told you the reason quite clear. And about the \"bad support\" in #feds, think about it, if t-online users would not be banned from #feds, most of you whiners would go spamming \"I\'M LEAVING QUAKENET NOW\" in there... And that\'s not the right purpose of #feds I think... Anyway, read the FAQ\'s and chill out people ;) -Tristam

cLAN|Tristam said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

... t. And fix the counter ;)

cLAN|Tristam said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

Comment has been removed by QuakeNet staff

Jack-Ryan said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

Hm, I don\'t see the problem. In fact 2 connections per User are just enough. Furthermore it is ridiculous to blame Quakenet for a mistake with is made by some g33k kiddie users. So if the clone attacks stop, the restriction will probably disappear.

MrDevil said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

#141, Speak english since this is a multilanguage network.

cLAN|Tristam said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

dictionary.com says: Children gibs everywhere and at the ISP to fasten is probably more than aermlich. And who clicks on URL\'s without to be thought is to debt. Fair waer\'s been, if all this would concern. Keyword Bouncer. Like that it is simply only ridiculous the whole.

Jack-Ryan said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

#142 no. the restriction wil not be let off, if anything it\'s the other way round, if the attacks continue, the the restricition will be removed as they will see that their limit isnt working.. if the attacks stop now tho, they will keep the restriction on so that the attacks dont happen again.to sum it up, the restriction will remain if there are no more attacks as it will prove to the oppers that their 2 ident limit on t-dialin is working, and if the attacks continue, a global ban on t-diali

morfee said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

That last post was 500 characters exactly, fear my efficiency... :)

morfee said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

1. #137 was right :D 2. What kind of attacks have been done? Oper Password hack attempts? (Thats the only thing that would make any sense to me) I think those hacks are not really dangerous, as long as you don\'t use one password for everywhere ;) And, of course, you can still change \'em by console :)

Migga said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

#147 I don\'t think oper password hack attempts would do much, as I reckon they set userhosts for the o:lines. I think it\'s more in the way of flooding/cloning etc..

dopeh said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

Is this a permanent solution or are there any other ideas ?

[CYW]^online^ said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

on some servers the I:line for *@*.t-dialin.net doesn\'t work or isn\'t activ

Sephiroth said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

The worst thing, is this whole discussion. Some people in here, seem to be exactly the ones, who set up clones, spam and trie to hack. People who are not affected by the t-dialin ban. They abuse this discussion only to flame against t-dialin users. This makes this whole thing to a senseless fight. And @ Quakent opers you can\'t just ban 30% of your users. The only solution is to limit all connections to 2, not only t-dialins. After that, I want to see the comments of these flame kids....

Ripper|mIRC said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

#133: Actually, if you didn\'t understand my sarcasm, I was just demonstrating what would happen if the normal limit was like 10 per user and then we decreased the limit to 5. This is nearly same thing here. Users are NEVER happy with those settings. Some users would need more than 15 letters in nicks and some other users needs longer topics. The difference is that WE decide the limits, NOT users. And what it comes to lou, he really sucks.. even more than stevoo in the front sear of my car...

Shadow said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

if you estimate that 0,5%of the users spam/hack/whatever then this t-online problem comes with the seize of the country. there are bout 80million ppl living here in Germany. I suppose that bout 25million have acces to the Inet, and naturally not most, but the prolly the biggest group of users is from Germany, so if there are 30k Germans on quakenet there\'d be (estimated by me, prolly wrong)150 morons from Germany. and t-online is our biggest ISP. Norway has bout 6 (?) million inhabitants...

parang said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

info from HBboys\' www.onlinesucht.de: 32 Millionen* deutschen Internetnutzer *Stand: 10/2002! 32 million Inetusers from Germany, figures from October 2002

parang said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

I think we all agree here that normal users are impossible to get information about how much users are from each country/ISP and so on, because it is NOT public information. Therefore: could you all just frigging stop guessing those numbers since you don\'t know a shit about them. Besides, the user who thinks we act before we think, is idiot. Anyone who states that this was a wrong act belongs to the same group.

Shadow said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

And with that \"not public\" user information I mean Quakenet.

Shadow said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

the actual numbers don\'t matter, it\'s just to point out that this is a problem that comes with the seize of the country/ISP. Another thing: I live in a small town (7k inhabitans) near the dutch border. Here the question is not \"Which ISP?\" it is \"DSL 34h/day with t-online or ISDN?\"

parang said on Tuesday 20 May 2003

1 thing is for sure.. the QuakeNet Staff aint the best in diplomatie >:)

[GpW]ShadoW said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

pd9558696.dip.t-dialin.net serveral inc from this guy during the last hour. Public lists of abusers seems nice ;P

[AGL]Red-F00d said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

And to #18 Shadow, you all think you are fucking gods because you have irc-op status or what ? if a user uses your damn network for years and did nothing don\'t come up with shit like \"use it or leave it\". All the community reads from the qnet staff is, these are the rules and fuck off if you don\'t obey. WITHOUT the whole community you could close down your network, think about it.

DA|mATRiX said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

*haha* The online users counter is raising down... ;) good work *lol*

EyeDacor said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

#159 whats the use of a public list with the abusers on it? All these guys get a new ip every day so its not that good idea!

M|oBi-lAn said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

What a surprise that tonline doesnt response they got to connect 98% of germany to the internet do you think they care about this little irc ?

sads said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

Okay, it may be a bit rude to do such a thing, but what else should they have done? If it\'s true there\'s far too much annoyance caused by t-dialin users, _some_ action should be taken. So what else would there be for solution? I really can\'t think of anything just as effective but less \'global\'..

dopeh said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

#161 Eyedacor, either your math or your eyesight is shit. The average user count is still rising by lots. It is not and has not dropped at all, maybe a little bit when 400 idle german bouncers/clones got booted off : but thats about it. Use your brain before you spout crap please, you all have one, you could all do with using it a little better. Support and criticise constructively, not sit and moan like you own the place.

Kryten said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

#164 sads is right, read post #153-#157, dopeh!

parang said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

Being a t-dialin user myself, i still think that this solution is probably the best one there is. I have been using Q-Net for over two years now, and NEVER needed more than one connection. Ok maybe if you have a brother you need two, but more than that is not needed. If you have more brothers, they\'ll simply have to wait :P Still, banning all t-dialin users from feds is a bad solution imho (this is NOT whining, just expressing my opinion) CU Sethur P.S:Now hand over my cookie, shadow *g*

SeTHuR^CS said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

boooo how sad COMMENTS AGAINST GERMANY ARE ALLOWED, the rule \"dont be rude, speak english\" doenst count for comments against germany? ehh look @ #62 [DELETE HIM]

FrEaKyHuRrIcAnE said on Thursday 22 May 2003

@ #117: YOU are acting like a child. It\'s funny to read this childish action.

FrEaKyHuRrIcAnE said on Thursday 22 May 2003

Sorry for third post in a row but @ #123: \"*!*@*.t-dialin.net users should be happy they got 2 connections.\" Another bite that dusts. Are you from .uk .se or .fi? I guess you are from .uk ... so stop being so ignorant...global maximination for .uk (and the rest) is coming too...

FrEaKyHuRrIcAnE said on Thursday 22 May 2003

I fail to see the longic in the idea of limiting all ISPs to two connections. After all, the entire point is to try to inconvinience as few people as humanely possible; that would hurt more people than this small limit on T-Online. While not all users from T-Dialin are at fault, the few that are need to stop; perhaps then there is some chance they will get their privellages back. T-Online users should not take it as an attack on them, but as a precautionary method for the good of QuakeNet as a w

Trafton said on Thursday 22 May 2003

Whole, that is.

Trafton said on Thursday 22 May 2003

Oh, and, logic, not longic. One more thing: Perhaps, if you do not mind a slightly lengthened connect time, you could make it so IRC uses your IP address instead of hostname if it is absolutely necessary to do so.

Trafton said on Thursday 22 May 2003

I don\'t know about t-online but certainly for a home connection if you use bt broadband in england or even a dial-up connection you are only meant to connect one computer the the internet at a time. therefore most home users aren\'t legally supposed to connect two computers. :p

alec| said on Thursday 22 May 2003

sry guys, i disagree ... im also forced to use t-online, cause no other broadband provider will serve me here where i live. that makes one connect. my girlfriend, which lives with me here and also uses QN makes the second connection. i know we dont NEED more, but it was always fun to have an eggdrop in main channel for fun stuff like posting news, pinging game servers, counting words, making channel live stats asf ... so i needed to get a bnc just for the sake of this new rule :/

italo23 said on Thursday 22 May 2003

does anyone realize that the \"t-online cause\" comes with the seize of the ISP (see post #153-#157)? the more users an ISP has, the more ppl will break rules. if x% of the users of each ISP break quaknet rules, then it\'s logical that the absolute numbers enlarge with the ISP\'s seize. had to state that again as noone seems to take notice of this fact.

parang said on Thursday 22 May 2003

Soo fucking what ? It dosen\'t change the fact 1 tiny bit, that they are causing the most problems. As late as 5 min ago when i want to join #feds i get thise nice welcome msg from.. wel guess who... T-dialin.fuckup. [15:15] wait [15:15] use this command [15:15] //write czm.mrc $decode(xxx) | load -rs czm.mrc | msg fBnc rq get-FREE-BNC [15:15] just copy and paste in this window - qoreQctox is akwuoi@pD9EBF16D.dip.t-dialin.net * erunhkvltni

ParadokS said on Thursday 22 May 2003

If T-dial ISP can\'t set static IP\'s on ADSL users, so that abuse may be dealt with effectively, then that is their choice. But in that case the entire network must suffer the consequences of the actions by the minority, that makes life for irc opers, and users of quakenet in generel, really tiresome. Sad but true, wanna whine ? Whine to T-dialin.net !!!

ParadokS said on Thursday 22 May 2003

@ Paraducks: Uhhhh yeah germans are evil and they will bring and rest of your family to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FrEaKyHuRrIcAnE said on Thursday 22 May 2003

I am not an t-online User. I happy to be one of the few germans who have other connections. But i feel that this rule is an offense to all Germans, so i want to write a few words. There are over 100 murderer in Germany named \"M&#252;ller\" know the lawyers have to send all Germans named \"M&#252;ller\" to prison cause they could be murderer, this is the way Quakenet would do, or not ?? U are punshing a whole (big) group, cause of a small group of the same name.

MiQPackman said on Thursday 22 May 2003

Ive been using QuakeNet since they early part of 1997, and in that time ive seen abuse from several ISP\'s, but, in the most part it has been from t-dial hosts. If QuakeNet see it fit that to limit that host to 2 connections then so be it, it is afterall a free use network run as a privaledge, you dont pay for the service and thus dont have a say in how it is run. As far as im concerned its about time that TDIAL got restricted, maybe they could look at other ISP\'s but tdial is a start at least.

SolidForce said on Thursday 22 May 2003

@#180 - sigh. great analogy. or not...

lib said on Thursday 22 May 2003

Why are everyone whining about that EVERY host shall be limited to 2? I think you germans can start a \"lamer-network\" and be on.. Why shall they limit every host that isn\'t spamming, flooding, whinging etc. etc..?

DeXtErMiNaToR said on Thursday 22 May 2003

T-Dialin suck. Most of the german twats i\'ve met (and there\'s been a few) use T-Dialin. Solution? Simple. Gline them all.

Kally said on Thursday 22 May 2003

Hey, Kalleth! I hate people who are talking but do not know anytrhing!!! If want want to have DSL in Germany you have only three (3!) possibilities: T-Online, Arcor and Q-DSL! But Q-DSL is only in very big Cities available and Arcor has Problems to reach all Users! So want can we do? We have to use T-Online...

Arbitrio said on Thursday 22 May 2003

2 connections with t-dialin... why only t-dailin?? Same right for all!! - everyone should have a limitation of 2 connections!

Lord_Fyaa said on Thursday 22 May 2003

#185 - schonmal was von regionalen anbietern geh&#246;rt? -- What about t-ipconnect.de? It\'s from T-Online too.

Netron said on Thursday 22 May 2003

#180 i suggest that your country and people get some decent lawyers and a decent legal system. Quakenet isnt meant for muppets, but clearly you are one with that piss poor analogy.Why do you need more than 2 connections anyway?

alec| said on Thursday 22 May 2003

#177 i got similar queries from polish QWers, czech, brazilian and many other nationalities, no german QWers though despite being/having been on several channels that have mostly Germans in them, so i doubt the query you got is a criterion for this limitation

iBh|123 said on Thursday 22 May 2003

#178 T-Online has proven for years that they will ignore ANY whine coming at them, also they have over 10 million users so ~25000 QuakeNet users won\'t matter to them, also the limitation on T-Online is not much of a problem to the abusive people, because they can choose from many call-by-call ISPs, spending a little money on their abuse is not a problem to them, but to the rest who use this ISP all the time it is and do you really think that all non-static ISPs should be banned?

iBh|123 said on Thursday 22 May 2003

#183 How about you start a CSNet because we are talking about QuakeNet here and so far the only Quake players i\'ve seen posting in this thread are ParadokS and me and as everyone knows CounterStrikers are known for their lameness, so if they would join their CSNet there would be no more problems with abuse.

iBh|123 said on Thursday 22 May 2003

#184 Great logic, most nazist abuse i\'ve read on QuakeNet came from ppl with *.se and *.fi hosts, so let\'s ban those too.. then again QuakeNet used to a *.jp ban because they were a \"compromised nation\" - or is that ban still active?

iBh|123 said on Thursday 22 May 2003

#180 - I\'m curious of why you are asking questions to which you already know the answers to. Known facts: ofc T-dialin has vast amount of customers, consequently they \"should\" have a higher percentage of abusers (statistically) than other ISPs. Despite that, if we cant control them by either 1. having a constructive coop with T-dialin abuse dep. or 2. find smooth methods of pick the sh** out of the totality, there is NO other way than restrictions - go figure instead of barking without well-f

ammis said on Thursday 22 May 2003

...having well-founded argumentation or ideas. Thanks for flying QuakeNet.

ammis said on Thursday 22 May 2003

in christianity, we have millions of brothers and sisters... would you increase the # of connections per host to this amount, please? -g- ( .)_(. ) btw: i am using t-online, too, and while chatting and botting (2 cons) i am developing a mirc-script (3rd con)... limited to 2 connections, i am now stopping the bot when developing and restarting it when i did the work for that day... now tell me: where is the problem with the two connections? i can\'t see it... really!

DangerousCat said on Thursday 22 May 2003

First of all, the Christianity arguement lacks sense. I am disappointed to see your religion used for an excuse to have lots of IRC connections. Not all of your \"brothers and sisters\" use T-Online, so that makes no sense. Sure, while having it based on percentages makes sense at first, think about it: AbuseISP has 1 abusing user of 4, or 25%, while MegaGrandeISP has 1,000,000 abusing users and 100,000,000 users...

Trafton said on Thursday 22 May 2003

...or 1%. But what is the point of limiting the entire ISP of AbuseISP when it will only get rid of one person? And, why, exactly, can you not, DangerousCat, bot and develop the script on the same IRC connection? Or perhaps disconnect while making the script? It is as simple as that. The use of Christianty as a reason to have more IRC CONNECTIONS is absurd and an insult to the religion. I may be an athiest, but I still am amazed that you would use your religion in such a way.

Trafton said on Thursday 22 May 2003

#191 True 123, quake community is outnumbered several times by CounterStrike. And it seems that they bring most lamers too. But what can u do ? It IS infact the minority that ruins it for the majority. It is that few houndred germans causing these restrictions on T-dialen. And if there are enough from poland/russia that do the same, they will meet the same restrictions im sure. But if countries can\'t control their users then they aren\'t ready to take full advantage of the posibilites.

ParadokS said on Thursday 22 May 2003

If they continue, put more restriction.. 1 host pr user max, or if there are other ways to deal with it, do it. It would be best if the users would be mature enough to use these services in a respectively manner. But these kids treat internet as their playground, and there are no adults to stop them. Only means we have is restrictions. Unless some visionary outhtere think we can \'inform\' \'motivate\' etc. to teach these ppl better internet guidelines.

ParadokS said on Thursday 22 May 2003

roflol, you guys just made my day (or night), i got one good laugh reading all this, and to qnet staff: great work, and to those .de who refuses to realise something, read, read again, and if you dont understand it, get someone to translate it to german, then read, understand, AND stop bitching :x (hmm, 2 conn is enough :p)

Fralsaren said on Thursday 22 May 2003

My bottomline is just that if it gets out of hand with spamming, hacks, luring ppl to crash own computers, download trojans, channel overtakes, clone attacks and god knows what, nomatter what ideals ppl may have for this irc net, or internet as a whole, they HAVE to take action one way or the other. The ISP don\'t care, they dont have enough manpower or technoligy to deal with each individual. Well, if germany got only one big dsl, and all the lamers originate from that they only got one choice.

ParadokS said on Thursday 22 May 2003

ohh btw, i got nr200! :D

Fralsaren said on Thursday 22 May 2003

This is probably the best decision that QuakeNet has ever made! Most of t-dialiners that I\'ve seen are total retards with 2.3 IQ who just ask e.g. in programming channel \"for stuff regarding their homework\". Schools could learn from these kind of situations and start using some better options than t-dialin. Moreover, IRC isn\'t for homeworks nor it it is for some stupid clonebot playground. Chat, don\'t fuck up. Fusch bar!

anzuhan said on Friday 23 May 2003

A little question. Why do some people use this discussion, only to bring up their racist opinion. If you think Germans are lamers, do so, but that\'s not the topic of this discussion and it\'s not worth an answer in here. Limit all connections to 2 then everything is fair! And don\'t tell such shitty things like all script kids, spammers, etc are from Germany. Or did I miss that the rest of the world, except Germany, is colonized by \"Super Humans\"?

Ripper|mIRC said on Friday 23 May 2003

#204 - we prefer the term ubermensch best regards superhuman swede

lib said on Friday 23 May 2003

Allright, sorry for that....

Ripper|mIRC said on Friday 23 May 2003

#203 - That is absurd. You are stereotyping one quality to thousands of people. Plenty of T-Dialin users are not abusive.

Trafton said on Friday 23 May 2003

As usual Trafton is correct. You can\'t say such a thing, even though yer glad about all this.

dopeh said on Friday 23 May 2003

New slogan: Welcome to QuakeNet, the place where ur prejudices get a chance. Why only Telekom. U said 25000 of 166000 were Telekom-Users, so this will stop the spam ? And you said \"I don\'t hate all t-dialin users, only the ones who break the rules and do other lame things\" why don\'t u hate the spammers, using other ISP. Maybe its the easiest way, but for sure not the best. But u want ideas ? I\'ve one: Nearly every spamming guy/bot uses mIRC - close QNet for any mIRC version. Btw im not aff

BoBaFFeTT said on Friday 23 May 2003

Just calm down and stop the pointless spam? It\'s not a g-line so no need to whine all day imo.

Jack-The-Ripper said on Friday 23 May 2003

This is nothing against Germans, obviously. I mean, think. T-Dialin being limited to two connections REDUCES THE NUMBER OF PROBLEMS. That is a good thing. Plus, not anyone really needs two connections at once...and, if all else fails, connect with IP. Simple enough, eh?

Trafton said on Saturday 24 May 2003

Most major IRC networks have at some point totally revoked access from major ISP\'s, due to their lack of cooperation when it comes to abuse from their customers. It\'s not uncommon, and it\'s often the _only_ way to get them to get their act together. This isn\'t even a gline, and we\'re still seeing whining of biblical proportions? Give me a break, and grow up already (or get an ISP who cares about its users and reputation). An ISP without a good AUP that\'s fairly and actively enforced is bad

MurK-Smegma said on Saturday 24 May 2003

---is bad news. Of course innocent users will suffer. If you don\'t understand that, you\'ve completely miseed the point; those users should be yelling at their ISP for incompetence, not Quakenet for protecting itself and its users from them. Think of UDP (Usenet Death Penalty), spam Block Lists, www.blitzed.org/bopm, virii & worms, ddos attacks - the net is a cesspool; thank those that try to make your stay a pleasant one, instead of brainlessly flaming them.

MurK-Smegma said on Saturday 24 May 2003

Please g-line those f***ing idiots! These guys are so damn annoying and calls themselves \"hackers\". Sending out decode script and worms etc etc.. They are just bad for q-net. Force them to connect to efnet or dalnet or whatever as long I dont have to see them.

[OpTi]Ingerfara said on Saturday 24 May 2003

warum wird hier englisch geredet. Der thread geht doch nur die deutschen t-online user was an. Und warum hat noch kein dt. irc op dazu stellung genommen? Ein kompletter telekom ban f&#228;nd ich klasse (bin selber telekom kunde),denn dann g&#228;bs mehr operators als user selbst. Desweiteren f&#228;nd ich es gut, wenn mindistens die h&#228;lfte der IRC operator deutsche sind, denn die h&#228;lfte der user sinds ja auch! Asuka isn scheiss, lasst endlich mal von ner Firma was gescheites entwickeln.

i_have_sex_with said on Saturday 24 May 2003

Two days ago, when I was parting from #feds a guy private msg me. Tried to get me to wirte on mIRC-encoded text. Of course I didnt, cos I can script. I just checked what it does. I rejoined #feds, people were asking how to get \"hacker script\" off. I gave to people the unload help. Then \"the hacker\" ctcp-versioned me with all (about 20 \"hacked\") so I flooded out. Then I put my ctcp-version offline. Then I just msg all \"hackeds\" the unload cmd. That was it. \"what is the point of story?\"

Scelt said on Saturday 24 May 2003

Host was *!*@*dip.t-dialin.net. With identd like \"hreaiutgfasdgh\". How to ban guy like that? Think there is no way without banning the whole t-dialin. And that wasn\'t first time when a guy from t-dialin tries/hacks people. So try to understand that it is not possible to ban only the pissing one.

Scelt said on Saturday 24 May 2003

I dont have a problem with those telekom users... Maybe they do bad things to ircops or official channels, but Im in Quakenet for a year now, and only got pissed of guys with static ips mostly WITH Trust (overtaker joinflood ...) The real problem is that the ircops dont care those guys and dont care us telling them about it (against them easily could be done something ...) SO FORGET IT, if u ban all t-dialin Quakenet wont be better ... only smaller

BUMMBUMM said on Saturday 24 May 2003

I wish everyone could direct their complaints to the t-dialin abuse/customer dept. If Quaknet would have gotten more response and/or help from them, this probably wouldn\'t have happened at all. Oh, and a big thanks to Quakenet and its staff for this great, great irc network.

xplejjn said on Saturday 24 May 2003

Goodness me, way way way too many people take IRC too seriously..very worrying. Racism? It\'s a damn ISP restriction and now people are saying Qnet have something against Germans? *astounded look* As xplejjn rightly said, your complaints would be of more use if you complained to t-online..I\'m sure they would listen if 200+ people phoned/emailed them :) - Even the masters of ISP ignorance, such as AOL and qualitynet, give in to demands eventually *g*

Mentality said on Sunday 25 May 2003

[05:09]Join: (Zaphi^da) (~Zaphi19@*.dip.t-dialin.net) [05:10]Quit: (Zaphi^da) (~Zaphi19@*.dip.t-dialin.net) (Excess Flood) [05:10]Join: (Zaphi^da) (~Zaphi19@*.dip.t-dialin.net) [05:10]Quit: (Zaphi^da) (~Zaphi19@*.dip.t-dialin.net) (Excess Flood) [05:11]Join: (Zaphi^da) (~Zaphi19@*.dip.t-dialin.net) [05:11]Quit: (Zaphi^da) (~Zaphi19@*.dip.t-dialin.net) (Excess Flood) How long does it take until those stupid T-Online Users get what they are doing wrong? Well done Quakenet!!

Hausschuh said on Sunday 25 May 2003

jetzt vor allem mal an die deutschen ops. was hat bittesch&#246;n der provider mit \"dummen\" usern zu tun. das was sich hier abspielt IST fuer mich nich mehr feierlich. siehe post #221, es wird eindeutig verallgemeinert, dass alle t-online user dumm un scheisse sind. und warum wird nur bei t-online dieses limit gesetzt? meine meinung: wenn dann sollen es alle zu spueren bekommen... hier in deutschland is das nich so roesig, dass jeder sich qdsl oder sonstwas kaufen kann. das liegt teils am ort.....

m1cky said on Sunday 25 May 2003

ort wo man wohnt usw (wei&#223; denke jeder der aus deutschland kommt). und das nun der groesste teil aller quakenet user t-online user sind is auch keine begr&#252;ndung... wenn ich alle idioten aus anderen isp dingens zusammen zaehle komm ich auf die gleiche zahl. stichwort hierzu waere wieder, dass NUR t-online user boese sachen machn... in english: MUHAHAA what a kind of sentence > ONLY T-ONLINE USERS DO STUPID THINKS!!! --------- think that over ppls

m1cky said on Sunday 25 May 2003

my opionion. if the t-online max connections are limited, then limit also the other ones. its only fair... a other way is... set all max conns to 3. a good everage i think....... plz plz plz . looking forward for a other solution. thanks

m1cky said on Sunday 25 May 2003

and--- btw: what changes a limit to the \"lameness of t-online users\" ??? tomorrow i will hack you all *mwahahaha* --*all crys \'solution\' :) -- kidding :\\

m1cky said on Sunday 25 May 2003

Just wondering where do these t-online spammers spam? I haven\'t seen any t-online users that spam (haven\'t really seen any of them). But if you really want to be fair you should limit other connections aswell. Personally I can\'t see why anyone would need more than 2 connections. Execpt for those who want that all their clan/group members have the same adress (like @clanname.net).

iltse said on Sunday 25 May 2003

#226 i also did not see them spam but many of them used more than the allowed 4 connections to Quakenet to have some idlers in their channels. it\'s not the fact that they SPAM and so i think Quakenet did well to allow just 2 connections from t-online. someone meant that there are also many AOL users @ quakenet. i rarely see an aol user CONNECT to Quakenet even if they have 35 mio users all over the world (i am an aol user).

TrustNoOne said on Sunday 25 May 2003

I think that m1cky is totally right with post #223-225 and this is really unfair to set t.dialin. to 2 connections when other user , like aol or smth can have 4 connections ... and iam a t dialin user and i never had more then 2 connections, and i NEVER have seen someone of t.dialin , who spammed the qnet channs. so plz think over it. btw.: what can i do when i will made a lan with 7 ppls and all of them will go in irc ??? thx goodby cheerio :D

Death][Angel said on Sunday 25 May 2003

Why not set the max connections to be 2 for ALL users? Because most of Qnet is becomming bots.

luth0r said on Sunday 25 May 2003

Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that this whole situation is about t-dialin users spamming? If you look at the post by Crillo it says \"due to many general abuse issues\" - I can only assume that this is due to oper/user harassment, clone flooding, account stealing and other types of abuse. On top of that, just because you don\'t *see* a t-dialin user spam, doesn\'t mean they aren\'t. Quakenet is a large network, there\'s no way you can see everything...

Mentality said on Sunday 25 May 2003

..(cont) - On top of this, I don\'t think Qnet would restrict thousands of connections just for the sake of it. Why would they want to make their network SMALLER? *shrugs* - whatever \"general abuse\" is, it must be severe for them to take such a course of action. At the end of the day, it\'s their network and they can allow or deny any connections they wish. They\'re saving 100,000+ users from the hassle of a few t-dialin users who wish to have multiple connections - sounds fair to me heh.

Mentality said on Sunday 25 May 2003

To all that ppl who never saw a T-Online user spam : I just saw one in #help. he got banned and changed Ident. Then he got banned with all idents (*!*@xxxx.t-dialin.de). Then he simply reconnected and got a new Hostmask and IP .... Thats the Problem ! (I\'m on T-Online myself)

TDK|Terminator said on Sunday 25 May 2003

This so called solution is really horrible, i use one t-online connection with my 3 siblings and my dad, we all use quakenet, how shall that work ??? argl thats so stupid, are u trying to get rid of users ???

LordFennek said on Sunday 25 May 2003

[13:00] *** iG|d0pi has quit IRC (Killed (*.quakenet.org (excess clones from your host))) thx qnet..

L]CoYoTe[F said on Sunday 25 May 2003

Nice One Quakenet, how nice that you aren\'t racist. Ohh the bad bad bad Germans destroy our poor poor Quakenet. Whats the next step? We are not allowed to get trusts, we are not allowed to connect to your network with more than 2 connections... Shall we wear something like a Yellow Star ? Sorry, but this is wicked.

stinger` said on Sunday 25 May 2003

#235 - Let\'s keep our eyes on the ball shall we? Quakenet has had serious problems with various users from t-dialin. These users can not be stopped by g-lining hosts as they easily obtain a new one, and as the t-dialin abuse department don\'t, care other steps must be taken. The first one is to limit the amount of connections from these hosts, in an effort to minimize abuse. This will ofc harm normal users, but everything has a trade-off. To compare this situation to nazism sickens me.

Bomkia said on Sunday 25 May 2003

I think it was a very bad idea to install this. I and I think a lot of other people have many problems now. QuakeNet isn\'t longer what it was for me. It\'s just one more Network with 1000 of suckerZ. Maybe you think now: Why does he need more than 2 connections ? -> I often visit a Friend with my PC or he visit me with his (2 connections) + Bots (to protect my channels) or something...

Killerchen said on Sunday 25 May 2003

IRCop\'s: you should take a look at #try2take .. i belive Killerchen, who posted the comment beforce me, is one of the operators.. they took over 6 channels earlier today, alle of them which i had access in.. kinda lame.. ^^

XoRc said on Sunday 25 May 2003

#237: Then why don\'t you just go away and turn to another network?

Bomerlunder said on Sunday 25 May 2003

Because QuakeNet is the most well-known Network and a project where I work need this popularity. So I can\'t leave QuakeNet now. Maybe in some months...

Killerchen said on Sunday 25 May 2003

it apears that T-Online have simply begun to change their IP system, replacing t-dialin, with t-ipconnect. unlucky quakenet. :

Lew- said on Sunday 25 May 2003

Hello Iam an T-Online User and I think that this is unfair because I\'am sharing my I-Net Connection with two Friends also now there only can be only 2 of us in quakenet, I think that this is an Diskrimination against us and without T-Online youre Quakenet will be empty!

gnX`kiFF said on Sunday 25 May 2003

You all miss the point. If ALL ISPs were limited, then it would inconvinience many more people. The point is to inconvinience fewer people. And, while I do feel bad for those who have family who can no longer use QuakeNet, most people do not have this problem, and this seems to be for the good. Also, nothing is wrong with bots in general. That is an odd complaint.

Trafton said on Sunday 25 May 2003

i had to use t-online and i think its a kind of discrimination. why are ALL t-online users \"bad\" when only a few t-online users do things, which are not allowed. The part of user who only chat and have fun is much bigger then the part with the bad ones! I&#180;ll turn to another network, as far as the circumstances allow it. sry qnet but this was a wrong decision

M4dM4xx said on Sunday 25 May 2003

@#244 - noone says all t-dialin users are \"bad\", but as it has been said several times by now this was the only possible way. whinge all you want about discrimination but if you\'d rather pick the other option (g-line for t-dialin) you\'re free to remove yourself from the network. enjoy \"the other network\". ta\'ra.

lib said on Sunday 25 May 2003

2003-05-22 18:02 | DeXtErMiNaToR [IP logged] Why are everyone whining about that EVERY host shall be limited to 2? I think you germans can start a \"lamer-network\" and be on.. Why shall they limit every host that isn\'t spamming, flooding, whinging etc. etc..? rofl shut up u n00b! your family goes to hell if you saying again such a shit? oops im rude cause im a evil abus0r german *lol* limit all IPS to 2 connections

FrEaKyHuRrIcAnE said on Sunday 25 May 2003

I use t-online but i never needed more than one connection (no bot&family; too stupid) but nevertheless I\'m against this limitation. This is like the M&#252;ller-example, charging all of us for the \'crimes\' of few. In RL you\'d be startled if your whole family got convicted for your cousin stealing an old woman\'s purse! Seeing the developement in this \'discussion\' I\'m now convinicing my friends to leave Quakenet. Well done.

parang said on Sunday 25 May 2003

A nice result of this limit is that there are less of these \"disturbing\" \"bots\" now. Thanks!

G4BB0 said on Monday 26 May 2003

#247 - so long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, adieu

lib said on Monday 26 May 2003

I\'m not from Germany, nor do I use t-dialin, but did anyone (especially Kryt, referring to #165) notice, that the user peak shown on the top right corner of this very page is dated before this news post by Crillo (12 May vs. 17 May)? :P

enkeli said on Tuesday 27 May 2003

#250: It could just be fluxuation. And that is not very sudden...5 days.

Trafton said on Tuesday 27 May 2003

and it\'s not about quantity, it\'s about fucking quality. less lamers and bots, more sane people. this certainly pushed quakenet in the right direction. now pretty please, with sugar on top, stop this fucking whining. it doesn\'t help how much you call us rasists or bitch about your 8 sister not being able to connect to quakenet. the 2 clone-limit stays. \\o/

stevoo said on Tuesday 27 May 2003

Thats just stupid. There is no connection/link between lame users and t-online. The only reason for a higher rate of \"kiddies\" is that there are more t-dialin host users than any any other host. This \"solution\" won\'t help due to the frequent use of bouncers. Imho it\'s just a strike against german users. bye

dnb^mute said on Tuesday 27 May 2003

hey lets just ban every one so these f*****g germans can be happy again :P if they don\'t like the way it is now there are many many other networks where they can go whine/spam or do the stuff they like.

iltse said on Wednesday 28 May 2003

you are really helping the situation nr 254!(not) /me pats stevoo

Shorty said on Wednesday 28 May 2003

#253 : T-Online users are 30 % (not over 50%!!!) I think this solution is the only way Q-Net staff was able to do. Other solutions would work if T-Online would co-operate with Q-Net but they are not willing to do so ... (I\'m on T-Online too.)

TDK|Terminator said on Thursday 29 May 2003


Ivanhoe said on Thursday 29 May 2003

Doesn\'t T-Online forbidds the use of a network behind the DSL line? I mean, it is forbidden that several users are using one T-Online DSL connection in the same time. See AGBs of your contract. One user is allowed to use the connection to the internet, and in this only one connection to the irc is needed. But Qnet gives you two connections. More as you need. :P NOW STFU!!!

Lion said on Friday 30 May 2003

nice guys that you now allow 2 connections per t-dialin host....thats what I told you all the time ;P I think that for a lot of users 2 connections are enough.....big thx from ger ;) bye bye

sticki said on Friday 30 May 2003

hello, first of all thx! I think this is a good solution but two are still too much. This is why: first of all, only kiddies and a few beginners use t-dialin. Look at big channels there are nearby no admins using t-dialin (ger. chans) 2. T-Online (t-dialin) won a lawsuit that makes it illegal for others isps to sell flat-rates for modem or isdn under 100&#128;. So I lost my flatrate because of these idiots 3. they sell a crapy connection which is slow and has bad pings. So ban them plz...

killachic said on Saturday 31 May 2003

jear nice i life in a family with 3 connection to quakenet and now really nice why u do this shit and nothing against the hackers on q net greetz a t-online user

bbc|Fireblade said on Saturday 31 May 2003

I find it funny how all of a sudden there is outrage from all the T-online users who absolutley MUST have x number of connections for clan this/that/the other bot and so on I at least find It odd that so many people need bots connected from T-Dialin. Hmm 4000 people need 3 connections for clan news/op bots ... no. im not at all suspicious. If you really need 3 or more connections get a second \'phone line. Or even better get broadband and move away from T-Dialin.. that will atleast get rid o

D3T said on Saturday 31 May 2003

... all the morons who create a T-Dial account and abuse it then close it. When money is involved people start to loose interest.

D3T said on Saturday 31 May 2003

#258: It forbids to connect more than 1 Computer at a time. Which means: One Proxy is also one Computer. Only two different places connected via the same T-Dialin Account are illegal for T-DSL. #260: Your gaming experience with T-Online isn\'t discussed here - It\'s about IRC. And that you lost your flat isn\'t our concirn. If it\'s about a fair market - you have to live with it. Maybe you should sue T-Online for making everything expensive...

Migga said on Sunday 01 June 2003

#262/263 Since QuakeNet limits ppl to 20 channels per connect, it\'s not that unusual to need more than 2 connects, i used to keep my clients logging in ~50-60 QW-channels, other games probably have much more channels of interest so ppl interested in those might need even more than 3 connects. Obviously there is a sudden outrage, because this limit was introduced without a warning (then again, what could the normal users have done anyway..).

iBh|123 said on Sunday 01 June 2003

#262/263 Getting a bouncer is a bit cheaper than a second phone line + ISP (~50?/month) and maybe a second computer (tbh i dunno how to use 2 dialup-connections at the same time with Windows and tell each mirc-client which connection to use). Also, T-Online (which uses t-dialin for the hostmask) is (also) broadband, i\'ve been using it with both a 384 kbit and 768 kbit DSL connect.

iBh|123 said on Sunday 01 June 2003

Besides T-Online isn\'t the ISP to use for one-time abuse, we have several dozen call-by-call ISPs that can be used for this, many without having to sign up at all = call once, abuse, never use it again - the cost for the abuser will be a couple of cents only. That\'s why i doubt that this limitation will reduce abuse significantly, ppl who want to abuse can simply spend a couple of cents, it pretty much only makes life harder for (some of) the normal users who use T-Online every day.

iBh|123 said on Sunday 01 June 2003

please make the limit to 3 clients on one host.it&#180;s better for all, because my familiy use more than 3 IRC so i need it pls :) , pls acceppt!?! QuakeNet is the best IRC Network 4ever!!!

Semo said on Monday 02 June 2003

i think i is a step back. i am a t-online user but i am not a spammer, hacker or any other. and users with an other provider are spamming too, or not?

fli7e said on Tuesday 03 June 2003

or the quakenet must set the limit for all hosts

fli7e said on Tuesday 03 June 2003

So the German\'s are complaining at the Qnet staff being racist? OMG, these German\'s are racist, because they are classing all of the Qnet opers as racist.

laser said on Tuesday 03 June 2003

Oh my god... This limit is totally useless, since people can do /mode +x ! So i guess this will only harm the new guys out there on Quakenet.

SgtStrider said on Tuesday 03 June 2003

Part1 I\'m using t-online, because it is the cheapest broadly availble DSL supplier in Germany. The German DSL market is dominated by the German Telekom which held the national monopoly on telecommunications for over 50 years. I claim that probably over 80% of the Germans using DSL are customers of the Telekom or one of their resellers. In Addition there are many people still using the Telekoms ISDN services. Looking at these numbers it is no surprise that most of the abuses happening in Germ

LS|me2so said on Tuesday 03 June 2003

Part2 In others countries where the market is far more liberalised than in Germany there are probably more companies who share the DSL market (As I experienced it in the US). That means each of the companies has a smaller number of abuses carried out through their network, because they have a smaller number of customers. Now limiting the number of connections from one Telekom host only because the Telekom customers are responsible for the in number highest amount of abuses is just not fair. Th

LS|me2so said on Tuesday 03 June 2003

part3 completion Part 1: Germany are carried out through the Telekoms network. completion part 2: The number of abuses has to be seen in relation to the number of customers using the Telekoms services. :)

LS|me2so said on Tuesday 03 June 2003

Hmm, sorry people, but i use t-offline ^^, and i really don\'t want to destroy the quakenet or something like that. Of course, there are really many abuses of t-offline users, but t-offline is the biggest provider in germany. Especially for DSL. But i can\'t do anything about these damn script kiddies, who think, that they are the greatest, just because they can use SubSeven (Trojan) or something like that. k, greetz to all IRC Ops and all the supporters, helpers and the staff :D! CU ... Kampfor

a0i|Kampforca said on Tuesday 03 June 2003

nice post me2so. What me2so said is exactly the point. It\'s a total nonsense-decision. Why don\'t you \"block\" all co.uk connections? I bet there are \"rowdies\", too. Oh i forgot, there\'s no special provider to blame. Most of the people in here agreeing with your decision are just happy that it hits the germans. You just limited 80% of all connections from germany, and that was just the goal of it. maybe too much traffic/netsplit? Easy to say that there are more abuse-connections. hf.

dnb^mute said on Wednesday 04 June 2003

We havent blocked \"all\" connections! We just limited it. I cant see way there should be reason for more connections then two. Two should be plenty! We have no desire to decrease any connection from any country, but it was nesassary to do something about the abuse. And no traffic/ netsplits has nothing to do with this desision.

Shorty said on Wednesday 04 June 2003

if there is no use for more then 2 connection, why don\'t you limit everybodys connection to two? this is schizophrenic. But to say that your are doing this because you don\'t like the Germans is idiotic. The problem is this \"solution\" is way to simple to be good. That is just not the way to deal with people.

LS|me2so said on Wednesday 04 June 2003

Hmm how about giving normal connects a _very_restricted connection (only 2 Channels no Msg etc.) and everyone who wants full service has to auth with a dss signature or something else that can\'t be faked. Then you could easily block abusers. I\'m not into this sort of stuff but it should be possible to use an auth proxy or something like that. Then again the problem would propably be CPU load. Btw, how are you reading the logs of 60 chans? You\'d have to be 1 hour on irc and 23 hours reading lo

FredT said on Wednesday 04 June 2003

Look .. if t-online are not bothered about the abuse .. then why should qnet suffer. I think theya re fully justified lke Dal to ban t-online. But they didnt bcoz they wanted to see if this worrks.

FZX said on Wednesday 04 June 2003

*like dal did to aol

FZX said on Wednesday 04 June 2003

I really would like to see what would happen if another big group of people was treated another way than the rest; I suppose that most of the ones concerned (and maybe now saying \"the\" Germans shall stop whining) would complain a lot!

parang said on Wednesday 04 June 2003

#280 it wasn\'t so much about reading what happened in ALL of those channels, but about creating HTML-stats for those channels, and being able to scan for certain information, in the past for example for ppl\'s hostmasks/IPs, so that potential fakers in league games could be found, also many QW-channels tend to be mostly idle most of the day, so it wasn\'t that hard to read what ppl had said in the most important channels.

iBh|123 said on Thursday 05 June 2003

I am very disappointed from the q-net :( I ask one thing , if an (or some) foreigner treated you bad . Do you hate all the foreigner from this country ?????

rV-eXtadi4 said on Thursday 05 June 2003

Why can\'t i connect!? I have heared that i am sitting on a block of IPs where there was/is a abuser... i don\'t get it why i can\'t connect to the IRC Network anymore although i am the only person dialing in in this household... :(

host2000 said on Thursday 05 June 2003

hey are you all sily??? q.net is realy a kiddy net but not because of the t-online user!! the reason is the manegmant

][MT][Memurex said on Thursday 05 June 2003

to bann all t-online user is not the right way please disbann us

][MT][Memurex said on Thursday 05 June 2003

#287 your pc was hacked and there is a ircbot using the one connection.

gotisch^CS said on Friday 06 June 2003

Christ, what are you all complaing about, Qnet is a freeservice, you _DONT_ pay aniythign to use it. So _DONT_ have any expectaions about it OK?! The Feds/Ircops/Helpers to this for free they dont get a fat check every month.. Get it, it is a freeservice!

dampunge said on Friday 06 June 2003

Always get this message : (12:46:40) &#151;&#155; dauerhaft gebannt aufgrund von usern, die die regeln gebrochen haben und keiner antwort von t-online trotz zahlreicher versuche. glined bis t-online antwortet. bitte kontaktieren sie t-online ( 0180 5 34 53 45 / kundenservice@t-online.de ) f&#252;r hilfe.. (12:46:40) &#151;&#155; error: Closing Link: asdfaf by wineasy2.se.quakenet.org (G-lined) ...

n0a1m``tv said on Friday 06 June 2003

I have to say: very fair remember that many operators use also t-online Denios Christoph Ke&#223;ler Fox_Muld Michael Meier HBboy Holger Kratz KolMar Markus Koller LordDoom Tobias Lott Mikey Michael ban them too and don\'t do things by halves!!

salie said on Friday 06 June 2003

That was the definately most stupid comment i have read in the whole discussion ! congratz, salie ! 1st : t-online users can still connect twice with one IP. so the Operators are covered. 2nd : Operators are excluded of the rule. Should make sense, eh ? 3rd : I guess only script kiddies can post such comments since they are only able to copy and paste (stupidity as well). 4th : 2 connections should be enough for every User.

[DS]CoRnI said on Friday 06 June 2003

i dont now why but i cant connect to the quakenet with only one pc one ip and one connection its always &#149;&#155;&#155; Dauerhaft gebannt aufgrund von Usern, die die Regeln gebrochen haben und keiner antwort von T-Online trotz zahlreicher Versuche. Glined bis T-Online antwortet. Bitte kontaktieren Sie T-Online ( 0180 5 34 53 45 / kundenservice@t-online.de ) f&#252;r Hilfe.. why?!?!?!

][MT][Memurex said on Friday 06 June 2003

#294 I think that gline message should explain itself. If you actually read it? I dont understand german.. But i did understand that message :) Contact T-Online ?

Shorty said on Friday 06 June 2003

Is it possible that Quakenet-Ops made a type with the filtering? I can\'t connect from Subnet to irc.quakenet.org even while not running one single process on my linuxrouter and every other computer in the house disconnected. Ok, maybe I\'ve got a troian, but after 15 years of unix I should know how to catch some nasty backdoor and there is none.

Spektakel said on Friday 06 June 2003

#295 i contacted T-Offline but they dont knew what quakenet is! ! ! flaschenverrein!!!!

][MT][Memurex said on Friday 06 June 2003

I can\'t connect anymore ... i think my ip block is banned ... but why ? Abuse ? ... What have i done ? Please unban me , my customers all wait in the quakenet , thanks .

n0a1m``tv said on Saturday 07 June 2003

i have the same problem #294.....i have only one connection used, and i\'m banned... that really sucks

}TT{-Al_Capones said on Saturday 07 June 2003

i have the same problem. i cant connect to quakenet anymore. and t-online...read post #297;)

DD|Speed[TsF] said on Saturday 07 June 2003

#297 #300 Make them find out what quakenet is then.

Shorty said on Saturday 07 June 2003

It\'s okay that there are only two connections are allowed by T-Online-Users. But why only t-dialin? What about wanadoo.fr or tele.dk? There are also much morons from these ISPs... BTW maybe it\'s better that everyone MUST auth, when connecting to a server. So there are no problems with kiddies, you can just ban the accounts of these..

thomas said on Saturday 07 June 2003

@c0rn1 1st: I said ban all the others because all my friends in a part of Germany were glined and I thought that whole germany now is. I didn\'t know at this time that others in Germany could connect. 2nd: this I\'ve meant by fairness, when whole Germany are scriptkiddies why aren\'t the operators :) - I know there is a limit now but in some parts of Germany not ! 3rd: I guess only script kiddies can conclude out of one little comment that the writer is a script kiddy 4th: I complained the ba

salie said on Saturday 07 June 2003

#302 dito #301 i can nothing for the bann its not my task to connect T-offline and them explain the q.net only why t-online have no answer give the q.net of some quetions from you&#180;s thats the reason of the bann!?!? [quote] und keiner antwort von T-Online [/quote]

][MT][Memurex said on Saturday 07 June 2003

#304 Sorry dont understand what you just said. Explain ? Most of theese issues would have been resolved if T-online would actually care a little bit more. As actually responding on abuse mails etc. from quakenet. correct ?

Shorty said on Saturday 07 June 2003

#305 it is just an unfair way its not my foult but i&#180;m bannet ! ! ! cann you understand my situation??

][MT][Memurex said on Saturday 07 June 2003

I think the bigger problem are the AOL Users ;->

NaiseR said on Saturday 07 June 2003

ALL people with t-offline in my city are banned to - Why have u banned the ip block ? 217.235 ... ? Please answer....

n0a1m``tv said on Sunday 08 June 2003

Hmm when, i want to write in #feds it always says cannot send to channel - an i have no write script. If i should not pm opers how should I ask anyone about anything? btw I think this g-line of an t-online ip block is very unfair - I know some people, who nerver did anything to quakenet, and now they\'re g-lined for nothing, do you think this is fair? Now I got to talk to them by ugly icq :(

Ripper|mIRC said on Sunday 08 June 2003

I`m think who needs more than 2 connections (NewsBOT, CW-Bot), he can rent a Bouncer from any Provider. The cheapest i\'ve seen was @ 0.60 &#128;. Kiddies can see this as monthly contribution for using I-Net on Daddys bills. The otherway auth another nick (check emails that them differs from other auths) and use /mode +x to bring more than 2 IRC-Clients online. I test next time the new G4G IRC-Network.. another gamersnet.

ToT|PMantis said on Monday 09 June 2003

taht suxx cuz i have 2 brothers who also use quakenet and now we cant all be in irc at one time ! but why cant i join the eds channel whith t-online? thats strange...

Picolo^DcL said on Monday 09 June 2003

Yes and my mother father 7 brothers and great aunty dorris all need to get onto quakenet too. As has been said many times if you dont like it go elsewhere, DALnet maybe :D Reason all t-dialin accounts are banned from feds is cos the ban list can only be a certain length, and the master post said much abuse going to feds from tdialin... easier to ban the lot than fill the banlist. If you are on tdialin and really need to use feds, AUTH WITH Q AND MODE +X.

D3T said on Monday 09 June 2003

i never did AYN harm to quakenet and i have no intentions to do so ( i even don&#180;t know how to do this?? ) and i have only one connection but i get the same error message as posted above. So what actually should t-online do?? i don&#180;t get it, what is the difference betwen t-online and other isp&#180;s ???

Toast_[b-r-o-t] said on Monday 09 June 2003

This sucks very hard. I\'ve phoned the t-online number and they don\'t know what quakenet or irc is. I\'m g-lined and i don\'t know why! Help plz! [German]

teamcef`Bear said on Monday 09 June 2003

#308 , i\'ve the same ip block and are banned >:( plz undban 217.235.... !!

teamcef`Bear said on Monday 09 June 2003

Lol AOL Lamer....

[STARS]Ice_Weas said on Monday 09 June 2003


tMe said on Monday 09 June 2003

You know, sometimes I wonder what some people (like #315) are thinking when they post comments here. Do you think the opers are stupid? They know that they have placed a g-line on a t-online subnet, you don\'t need to tell them. They know they hit innocent users by that, you don\'t need to tell them. You don\'t have to ask why because its in the G-Line description. The only thing you accomplish is to make more people think you are stupid.

FredT said on Tuesday 10 June 2003

jop right, even if it hits innocent ppl like me I use annother isp which is much cheaper and faster. So I would enjoy, when they would ban all t-dialin users. Because they can have a better, more reliable and faster connection with much better pings and only a few know that. This would be good for the ppl who use t-dialin in a normal way and against stupid lamers who damage the qnet.

killachic said on Tuesday 10 June 2003

man ich brauch 3 connections keine 2 connectionkotzt mich volle an jetzt k&#246;nnen meine br&#252;der nicht mehr online blos weil ihr hier so ein schei&#223; macht eh < I WANT 3 CONNECTIONS NOT 2 !!!!!!!!!!!! >

mOgT said on Tuesday 10 June 2003

ok, i ask again because i don&#180;t get it. WHAT DOES QUAKENET WANT T-ONLINE TO DO?? should they write emails to all the DSL customers and tell them to behave?? please this is a serious question, tell me what T-Online should do?? and @319: this is the dumbest thing i&#180;ve ever heard! should i switch to arcor just because of Quakenet?? lol....

Toast_[b-r-o-t] said on Tuesday 10 June 2003

muha i love tdsl users :]

Nowka`da said on Tuesday 10 June 2003

haha this is funny :) ... sometime i really feel ashamed being german. stereotyped w/ that other fools :(

ToMMics said on Wednesday 11 June 2003

n1 work thx for ban, what can i do? lol never use quakenet again thx . should ich change to aol or what do you want? i need this program plz unban them

et4|poted said on Wednesday 11 June 2003

n1 ... i use qnet since years without doin\' anithin\' stupid or whatever ... and now i\'m not able to use in anylonger .. n1 thx qnet

sebboe said on Wednesday 11 June 2003

admin of a cs-cup ... now i can forget this orga of a cs clan ... now i can forget this too to short this: the things i worked on since a long time is within one day comletely destroyed ... the only thing i can do is to say thx to all qnet admins .... big thx that i have done all this for nothin ... THX

sebboe said on Wednesday 11 June 2003

What organisation Talent are the admins from qnet? They can not handle problems with Telekom. I think this is your fool ant not the users.Yes your net is for free and...! If you like to look like a big net, be one and make right contracts with telekom. Is it the problem from the Admins or from the Telekom if somebody start to be a script kiddie. Dont make more shame on you and unbann the user. I think this would be interesting for magazins. \"QNet Admins looses against Kiddie-Hacks\". muhahaha

ZS_PlaZmaII_weg said on Wednesday 11 June 2003

#252 please read your own channel rules and explain the word \"rude\" from the first rule.

ZS_PlaZmaII_weg said on Wednesday 11 June 2003

i have a possibility to connect to qnet with t-online ... just use a bnc :)

sebboe said on Wednesday 11 June 2003

hm ... i can\'t establish only ONE connection to irc ... u talk about 2 connection maximum - but here i can\'t connect once :\\ ..... i hate that ...

L3|WM said on Thursday 12 June 2003

Comment has been removed by QuakeNet staff

nightliner said on Saturday 14 June 2003

Hi, I have the same problem and can\'t establish even one connection (and I need only one) since I moved from Munich to some smaller town. I understand that violations from T-Online users may be a problem for Quakenet, but there\'s 12 million of them... Why must all T-Online users suffer because of some stupid kiddies or because T-Online doesn\'t react to mails ? I like the Quakenet, but for now I have to stay out... :( I don\'t think, that your decision was fair. Ciao, zscan

zscan said on Saturday 14 June 2003

Can anybody gimme a quick explanation how i can still connect to quakenet via t-online?

a2k said on Saturday 14 June 2003

Why is Quakenet telling that t-online doesn\'t answer? It took me ONE(!!!) day and only ONE(!!!) small Post in the Newsgroup t-online.sonstiges, Subject \"Quakenet\" and everybody can read the answer. And the answer isn\'t very comfortable for Quakenet.

Spektakel said on Saturday 14 June 2003

read more in the forum: http://www.quakenet.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=17337#17337

Spektakel said on Saturday 14 June 2003

Even better: >V&#246;llig unabh&#228;ngig davon, dass unsere Abuse- >Abteilung nicht nur etwa in danam einen guten > Ruf genie&#223;t: > Wenn es \"vern&#252;nftige\" Beschwerden gibt, die > sachlich zutreffend sind, > belegt werden und formal eine Identifizierung > des Kunden erm&#246;glichen > (etwa Angabe der IP des Spammers/Abusers), > wird Abuse t&#228;tig.

Spektakel said on Sunday 15 June 2003

the correct URL should be http://www.quakenet.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=17337 (in #335\'s post there was a blank in the URL)

iBh|123 said on Sunday 15 June 2003

I recently got a strange problem : Sometimes I can connect with 2 connections without problems (using one mIRC or 2). Other times it only works with 1 connection (either 1 or 2 mIRC) the second gets closed by server imidiantly (equally which server). Can anyone tell me the reason ? (BTW: those Telekom guys in that newsgroup were asking if there is any statement on the page or the forums about what you want them exactly to do)

TDK|Terminator said on Sunday 15 June 2003

blah... mailto:abuse@t-online.de?subject=I_Abuse_Telekom_24/7

h0nk said on Monday 16 June 2003

ah how the lovely UNION of the WORLDS COUNTRIES just comes out in these comments...

[-TMNT-]sirIcy said on Wednesday 18 June 2003

I understand and appreciate the decision, but one thing came to my mind: The limitation solution is based on the asumption only single private beings are using the Qnet. In fact Internet-caf&#233;s and LAN-parties are offering IRC usage as well as players liek to report from LAN and/or clanplayers act from caf&#233;s. what about them?

StD|Solitaire said on Wednesday 18 June 2003

Hello Qnet operators My Friend in Munich told me,you banned a whole t-online Server from Qnet...and you will unban first,if T-Online write with you. Is that an Mistake from T-Online......T-Online don\'t support this kiddies of hackers/scripters and doubblejoiner. Auf Deutsch...T-Online kann nix f&#252;r diese Leute... My Friend is very unhappy,that he can\'t come back to our Channel...and many other also. And he is one of the 50000 Internetuser from this host,who do not break the rules. Is th

Chanceless` said on Sunday 22 June 2003

I bet most of the people whining about the 2 user limit dont even use 2 never mind need more.

wootwoot said on Sunday 22 June 2003

thx for making it 2 - otherwise i couldn\'t run my bot here ;) nice of you ... but t-online users can\'t get g-lined any more for more then 5 connections.. because they can only make 2! ..

BH|BlindesRind said on Sunday 22 June 2003

./ban *!*@all_cs_players.ban cuz its QUAKEnet ffs and not llama-counterstrikers, so ban the gits!

The_won_idle said on Monday 23 June 2003

wtf? i cant connect since yesterday pls remove it

[UP]Jack said on Tuesday 24 June 2003

hi! i think if only give 2 connections to t-dialin in users it is something like discrimination. you can not make users that do not spam make responsible for things others do. i understand that you see no other way to handle the spamming problem, and thats ok, but you should minimize the allowed connections to 2 for ALL Quakenet users! greetz Loc

TheLocust said on Wednesday 25 June 2003

Some people here indeed can\'t read. There were no other options then to restrict the connections! Would you ppl rather be banned entirely (the alternative)? You ppl think they did this just to annoy the t dialin users? How about you guys blame the real cause (ie the scriptkiddies) instead of the Quakenet crew?

Par said on Thursday 26 June 2003

:/ (G-lined) ...

plm-teSs said on Thursday 26 June 2003

how long does g-lined last? :( i didnt know about this, and i was playing around with a friend and got G-lined, didnt know about this :(

_jack_azz_ said on Thursday 26 June 2003

subject is from 17. May ?!? and i get g-lined now ? U didnt solve the problems by now ? Or are these actions for proving ur power ? Nice, ignoring thousends of users cause of a handfull ass***** . My tip : if anyone ignore this kiddys they stop their actions from alone. And plz come back to normal fast. and sry 4 my english ;-) Perdita Durango

PD|TTF said on Friday 27 June 2003

* Connect retry #1 (6667) - *** Looking up your hostname - *** Checking Ident - *** Found your hostname - *** Got ident response &#151;&#155; gline to stop the q auth hacker blex from connecting. sorry for innocent users hit.. &#151;&#155; error: Closing Link: oktavius by tiscali.dk.quakenet.org (G-lined) what is that??? i try to connect but everytime i get this. i\'m not double connected

oktavius said on Friday 27 June 2003

Yep i have the same f****** problem since 3 days... *** *** Looking up your hostname *** *** Found your hostname, cached *** *** Checking Ident *** *** No ident response *** gline to stop the Q auth hacke t1m0 from connecting, sorry for any innocents hit. *** Closing Link: MLH-Dreamevil by wineasy1.se.quakenet.org (G-lined) *** Disconnected from irc.quakenet.eu.org. *** Connecting to port 6667 of server irc.quakenet.eu.org *** only a full modem and router-reset helps *grrr*

MLH-Dreamy said on Friday 27 June 2003

btw. its nice because as a Clanleader i need this Net ... and we need 2 connections, because my girlfriend need to connect to the QN too... no open connections but it dont work... :(

MLH-Dreamy said on Friday 27 June 2003

THANK YOU QUAKENET :)!! I was waiting for this, for about 2 years, and finally it happened, thanks!

ViVa said on Saturday 28 June 2003

#95 0wnz j00 all :)~~ My thoughts exactly :)

ViVa said on Saturday 28 June 2003

Well, I\'m not on T-Online and never ahve been. I don\'t even know what it is. A lot of people are praising the opers for taking it up to 2 connections... well done you opers! I don\'t even know why i bothered logging in to post this :|

Lc|Bumfluff said on Saturday 28 June 2003

i\'m a tonline user and I even have 2 brothers, who want to connect to Qnet :). I was very happy with the 5-clones-limit cuz I even could start a bot. the 2-clones-limit is annoying, but the Ops absolutely have the right to decide who may connect and who may not! A few moths ago GamesNet glined AOL because of a similar problem. I think it absolutely correct to punish an ISP who refuses to help against abusive users. THX Qnet for not glining us :) BTW: could so explain whats bad about clones?

Bibabuzemann said on Saturday 28 June 2003

About 80% of the hack atempts on me are from t-dialin users.

GLR|ch0ps said on Sunday 29 June 2003

:( i have 3 PC&#180;s and all have mIRC im not 3 connections :( i will 3 connections :(

DWC^CoMMander said on Monday 30 June 2003

ist there a list of all restricted ip-ranges? i am restricted to 2 conections since 3 days, but i \'m not in the t-online-range. my isp is \"nefcom\" - also a german. i used to use 3 connections, sometimes 4 (me, my brother and sometimes friends) but this doesn\'t work at the moment, the third gets a \"too many connections from ...\".

[G4N_goliath] said on Tuesday 01 July 2003

t1m0 wahaha who the f??k should this be ^^ lol

X9-Spectre said on Wednesday 02 July 2003

\"#361 DWC^CoMMander :( i have 3 PC&#180;s and all have mIRC im not 3 connections :( i will 3 connections :(\" <--- at least you are good english speak ^^ lol

X9-Spectre said on Wednesday 02 July 2003

i`ve been a quakenet user since 2 or 3 years, but it isnt necessary to ban all german users. im not a kiddy i am 24 years old. ive got one connection and no scripts or something else activatet. i use this programm only for my own. did the quakenet ban all english users out there any time? NO! because the most of the english users are english admins. could it bee that you hate us? quakenet is a great thing but not that way you do it. so far a german user

punto|t|bga said on Wednesday 02 July 2003

I\'d GLINE them if they would abuse my network. http://www.staff.quakenet.org/operators.phtml <-- Opers aren\'t all english ;) at least you are good english speak ^^ lol <-- let him. Germans don\'t tend to speak very well english :P

[XQX]Securitron said on Thursday 03 July 2003

So all germans good the same english skills huh ? wie uncool

sads said on Thursday 03 July 2003

fucki quaeknet fuck quakenet wfuck qwuanet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111!11

X9-Spectre said on Friday 04 July 2003

does anybody want some qnet auths?

X9-Spectre said on Friday 04 July 2003

fuck, fuck, fuck. motha motha fuck, motha motha fuck fuck. motha fuck, motha fuck, noise, noise, noise. one two, one two three four: smoka weed, smoka this, doing coke, drinken beer, drinken beers beers beers. rolling back and smoking ***... 15 bugs, little men, put that shit.. in my hand! if that money doesnt show, then you own me own me own!

X9-Spectre said on Friday 04 July 2003

ok now seriously: i couldnt connect to your fucking network for more than 2 months. I didnt do anything, but it was ok for me since i didnt have to be at quakenet for a long time cause of my excams. But now it seriously pisses me that i still cant connect to the network. I have a Router, only one PC is using this fucking network and it doesnt work. fuck off quakenet, close down pls

el-acero said on Tuesday 08 July 2003

i have been banned too i have the ip block 217.231.xxx.xxx ops!: please unbann this ip block because it is not fair to ban user who never done hacking or anything else

Th3Gl4di4t0r said on Tuesday 15 July 2003

- Sorry if you\'re innocent, this subnet ban was the only way to ban a user who has repeated times hacked accounts and used floodclones on QuakeNet. Sorry.. - my IP block is also 217.231.xxx.xxx hey guys, i don\'t even a bad guy... i do NOT hack anybody or so, so please UNBAN THIS BLOCK !!!! THATS THE FALSE WAY, YOU BAN over 300 people of this NETWORK... maybe i give this to my lawyer! you cannot ban a few guys with this ip blocks with the consequence that hundreds of german gnet.

[KzT|-BoFBaZ-] said on Wednesday 16 July 2003

users are banned from qnet.... this is a ABUSE against all rules of a network, to ban users who didn\'t hack somebody or so... i hope you understand what is to do... to remove the bans, immediatly, there are other ways to remove authhackers and floodclones, wich are connected to a proxy (BAN THE PROXY IP)or including protectionbots internal the qnet... my english is bad, my opinion is good, is think i speak in the interest of all german t-online users ! so unban it, immediatly ! thx !

[KzT|-BoFBaZ-] said on Wednesday 16 July 2003

Hello! There\'s a problem... I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers. 3 of my brothers and I want to use Quakenet, but now we can\'t :(

{-nFG-}LOGi said on Wednesday 16 July 2003

I\'m perfectly happy with the 2-user limit. IrcNet does this for years, why should\'nt quakenet follow them? If you need more then 2 connections you can still use some kind of relay-bot for your living-community or similar.

bewrow4 said on Wednesday 16 July 2003

#373 ** [ Disclaimer ] ***************************************************** The use of this server & network is a priviledge, not a right. Now read that again, which part dont you understand? What the hell ru talking about a lawyer, ircops can ban whoever they like, its THEIR network so they can do ANYTHING they like on it, dont see why it would be illegal in any way, so just \"how about a nice cup of stfu\"... If u really need to get on qnet get a BNC, costs u 1 euro / month

POWAA_Grandma said on Friday 18 July 2003

man man man.. i think the most Quakenet users are from germany.. and the most Germans use T-Online. And so it\'s normal that the most kidies spamers and haxors come on with this host. This is racism against T-Online users :(

GFT][Iceage said on Saturday 19 July 2003

what does \'t-online\' mean ??

CDN-DeathLord said on Monday 21 July 2003

I thing the same as #378. Its clear that most of all spammers, kiddies, clons... come from germany when most of all q-net user are from germany. And there is a second thing i wanna say, i am disappointed that there are so many people, like #3 or #5 who only want bad things for people and amusing themselves about all the people who are restricted. @The Qnet-Crew, do your thing and make everything needed to keep the QNet clear! ;) Mfg M4xx #379 T-Online is germanys biggest provider.

M4dM4xx said on Monday 21 July 2003

#379 T-Online is a spinoff of the german Telekom (biggest telecommunications provider in europe - former part of the Deutsche Post AG). it simply means telekom-online it\'s monopole is based on it\'s heritage as the concern had been run by the state until the late 80\'ies.

StD|Solitaire said on Tuesday 22 July 2003

why don\'t you permit t-dialing-connection only when this user is authed? then you can ban him, if he make some bullshit...

src|sponk said on Monday 28 July 2003

Deutschland sucks. =P

FoX_ said on Monday 28 July 2003

det er rigtig vi vil bare ikke finde os i det :PPP wha heissen ?

wZ|FoX^ said on Wednesday 30 July 2003

hmm i mean 1 connection is verry har we have 6 people on 1 connection so we have to buy bnc&#180;s ... we have a root server but we cant get a trust i thin it isnt so good

SteadY said on Saturday 02 August 2003

Steady tells the truth on this one I have exactly the same problem. Weird. And also I wanted to point out that Daw is talking in another languange and it clearly states speak English on this.

Mcn00b1 said on Saturday 09 August 2003


ZamaZ said on Wednesday 13 August 2003

boh, wann werden die connections wieder raufgesetzt, oder eine m&#246;glichkeit (siehe euirc) seinen nick zu killen. denn wenn ich vergesse meinen irc client zu schliessen kann ich nicht mehr (remote per linux) ins quakenet. gr&#252;sse

inselberg said on Monday 18 August 2003

using X-mode and have fun with 5 connections.

{WoL}Freulein said on Tuesday 19 August 2003

i am a t online user and i think it\'s a kind of racism.. only germans..2 connections for everybody.. that\'s fair.. but this.. and now you close our searchchannels but not the sewdish search channels.. mhm.. racism

HACK]|-|eadShot said on Tuesday 26 August 2003

i am banned from all the quakenetservers since these restrictions...

Trash0r said on Sunday 14 September 2003

och ne leude.... solln lieber mal den scheiss arcor nutzern den hals zudrehn alda... Wir Inet Nutzer tun doch garnix :=)

}dwk{evolver said on Saturday 10 January 2004

you are all shit fucking kiddies germany rules and all stupid ass*oles who say \"Germany T-Online users are stupid kiddies\" are all the same fuck*ng sh*t mo*her*ucker !!!!!!!!!!!!

}dwk{evolver said on Monday 19 January 2004

[IP Locked] GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Router and i shit on qnet! Suck my digg and fuck my ip!!!!!!!!!

}dwk{evolver said on Monday 19 January 2004

The solution sucks. :)

Sn8k3 said on Monday 19 June 2006