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Latest News

port80.se delink

port80.se.quakenet.org delinking. It is with great sadness that we must farewell port80.se from QuakeNet after nearly 20 years of service. Unfortunately the hardware problems they were experiencing could not be resolved, and so the decision to delink the server was ...

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Merry Xmas!

QuakeNet staff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for your continuing support!

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New server link

New Server stockholm.se.quakenet.org As of this week we are welcoming a new server to the game, its stockholm.se.quakenet.org kindly hosted by Sunet. While we are getting a new server, we are losing an old one. Since last week portlane.se.quakenet.org has ...

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Suspension of Commercial trust requests

Posted by Ferg on Friday 16 January 2004

As of today, and until further notice, all commercial trust requests will be suspended.

The reason for this is the high amount of abuse we have received from trusted hosts recently. Because of this, we need to change some things regarding our trusts system and our trust policy. We do not know when the commercial trusts will be available again, but a good guess is 6-8 weeks.

The trust requests currently in the queue will be processed, but no more requests will be accepted.

NAT/LAN-trusts will still be available for requesting via trustrequest.quakenet.org.

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Too bad it has to go this way, but if there\'s indeed such a large amount of abuse, I think it\'s a good decission.

dopeh said on Friday 16 January 2004

I think, its a good method to abolish the trust abuses. Go on this way and qnet will grow more and more. Its a good decision.

doom_bringer said on Friday 16 January 2004

Hmm. With all the \"omg I know Linux lets get a shell box\" shell companies springing up left, right and centre, I supposed this is a good decision to make. Bring on the new trust management system though :D

laser said on Friday 16 January 2004

#4: Be assured we are working on it :)

jack said on Friday 16 January 2004

:x i hope my request goes through ok.

paulor said on Friday 16 January 2004

:D i won\'t need a trust. :D

saeed said on Friday 16 January 2004

It\'s a good decission, if there isn\'t anything else to do. Keep up the good work QuakeNet!

r3fl3x said on Friday 16 January 2004

If its being abused then its good decision, but for people like myself, just started paying for a static IP so i could get a trust :s, i just wanted to give away 50 or so BNC\'s lol ohh well...

sys73m said on Friday 16 January 2004

Just curious but any ideas on how the new trust system will work ? //Soz for not posting above ^^

sys73m said on Friday 16 January 2004

i won\'t need a trust :)) but it would be fine to increase t-dialin hosts clone maximum by 1 :o

hitman4ever said on Friday 16 January 2004

And if I want to add ips or change some things with my trust etc am I still able to get help with that?

|ef1|andyman said on Friday 16 January 2004

#11: Maybe you meant decrease? :) #12: Of course they will help you with that.

r3fl3x said on Friday 16 January 2004

What king of abuse are we talking about?

napalm- said on Saturday 17 January 2004

Oh my god ... My company has request 3 times trust for commercial bouncers .. And always denied... Guys.. its sucks very hard when you disable the f***ing trust request.. And i know... The trust request will be enabled 12-14 weeks . Like Q

nilz-pg said on Saturday 17 January 2004

#15 keep cool. btw, is it just for the commercial trusts or are all trusts unavailable atm ? to ircops: it would be nice, to know, what kinda abuse you are talking about. greez

{ogc}william}i{ said on Saturday 17 January 2004

#16 i\'d guess spam/clones. #15 i think they have had a good reason to deny your request! everyone wants to set up a bnc or server company - i hope this will decrease the amount of new founded companies a little bit. good work qnet-staff!

bingoo said on Saturday 17 January 2004

Its all good and well stoping trust but what about my company we had trust but server broke so we where moved to a new ip tryed to get it changed over to new ip and only the old ip is deleated and new is still not trusted. We try and speak to in feds but they say just reapply but as its not online we cannot.

pen1|die said on Saturday 17 January 2004

Queue is full, please wait until it is not YES YES Why Not ;[ 1 year ? I´m Trying But Start Working q-net........

|ghost said on Saturday 17 January 2004

#18: Bad timing I\'m afraid. The line has to be drawn somewhere though. #19: Erm, it\'s not been full for a year. We are working on clearing the queue, but we get a large number of requests.

magpie said on Saturday 17 January 2004

will renewals of existing non abusive commercial trusts still be processed?

plugwash said on Sunday 18 January 2004

I always try to get Q, he said a long..... of 50 user ....blablabla. I have over 5 weeks over 50 User´s in my chan, just netsplits bring it under 50. When can i request Q ? I write it here because the Forum is down, sry for my bad english

}{tz}{striker said on Sunday 18 January 2004

Well, don\'t write it here. This news post has nothing to do with requesting Q. But to answer your question, you need a 50 users _AVERAGE_ over 2 weeks to get Q. Don\'t tell us you meet the above requirements. If R says you don\'t then you simply don\'t and have to try again later. And R is _NEVER_ wrong.

abdul said on Sunday 18 January 2004

Hmm.. i wonder if trust(requests) of clanbouncers (not rented shell, own server) will stay, or/and on a shell but with private IP... So the shellproviders that have big trusts and lots of clients will be crying now i guess.. :\\

fst said on Sunday 18 January 2004

Comment has been removed by QuakeNet staff

pen1|die said on Sunday 18 January 2004

i\'ve got a question: we just rented a server, to give our webdesigners and coders a bnc and to host our own bot. And we wanted to give my clan and a clan of a friend of me bnc\'s and bot\'s... Can we request trust or not

invidius said on Wednesday 21 January 2004

dammit, wanted to get a trust for my static ip to serve like 35 bnc\'s for my clanmates and friends :o/ hope i will get one anyway

fof|priester said on Thursday 22 January 2004

#27 I\'m too :-/

bncc|marko said on Thursday 22 January 2004

made a non-commercial request 1 or 2 days before this news. still no answer from qnet though :(

krycek said on Friday 23 January 2004


d-r-k said on Saturday 24 January 2004

If i wanted a trust for my company to host private bnc\'s is that classed as commercial?

hardw1re said on Sunday 25 January 2004

i know all you ircops and admins are busy but it would help people here if you could define for us *exactly* what counts as commercial/non-commerical trust espically in relation to small bnc\'s for clans etc. i mean im paying about a fiver more for my static ip, i know its not your fault but id like to put it to use, other then for the bnc i dont need it, thx, sYs

sys73m said on Monday 26 January 2004

Gah typical i get a dislined on my trust cus of you dident provide a home channel or url in description, pretty hard when # and - . are illegale characteres, and even in my request i had \"Home channel is \" :( Oh well waited one year to be able to request trust and then get dislined for that, guess it can wait 8 mre weeks, just have to suspend the posibility of new users.

randomgit said on Monday 26 January 2004

yeah it\'s funny... i wanna get a trust for some bnc\'s for my clan. First i\'d chosen \"other/special\" and an email recieved me, that we get denied.. kk next request i\'d chosen \"non commercial\" still no answer.. this suxx :

l}coyote{f said on Wednesday 28 January 2004

people, correct me if im wrong admins, but Special/Other is for LAN partys, and networks with multiple users but 1 IP, e.g. a school NB: what is average processing time for requests atm? and is there a large backlog or are you able to keep up with the requests ? just curious, sYs_eRr0r

sys73m said on Friday 30 January 2004

im not so good at english but im just happy if my clan and i can get trust 4 a bnc server later. :p

blojan said on Friday 30 January 2004

we are now waiting for 4 weeks for processing of a request for a noncommercial trust. cannot be so hard to process the lsit of requests, can it ?

fetz said on Saturday 31 January 2004

How can i get trust for my lan party ? I only need trust in one week.

{sb}smaakage said on Sunday 01 February 2004

if you hadnt noticed, the world is currently going into chaos, espically cause of all this \'terrorist stuff\' the internet is getting a battle ground too they cant just give anyone a trust. there is offical stuff behind the scenes, eg contacting the isp probably to check who you say you are etc. and so forth.

hardw1re said on Sunday 01 February 2004

Me To ----> How can i get trust for my lan party ? I only need trust in one week.

rexfoxdk said on Sunday 01 February 2004

:((( we neeeeed a clanserver trust PLZ!! i hope you fix probs with the system soon *good luck from here* :>

talisman said on Tuesday 10 February 2004

Hey ya, i try to get a working trustrequest page too, but we should be patient enough to give those coders time to bring a well working system, instead of yelling and having it closed a few days later. It\'s not microsoft where we expect security holes - it\'s qnet and it\'s working ;)

{gxa}-jakeonlin said on Monday 16 February 2004

please give the trust request for commercial Shell thx

noir~zioa said on Tuesday 17 February 2004

are there any further updates on applications Ferg on when service may be reinstated

nova_cs said on Wednesday 18 February 2004

1) What exactly are commercial, and what are non-commercial BNC requests? (specifically, under which category does a clanserver fall?) 2) Any new ETA of the commercial request system? 3) Will the queue of trustrequest.quakenet.org ever be free, cuz it\'s been full for weeks?

styck said on Sunday 22 February 2004

Erm I kinda need trust for my company i want to start. If you can get back to me at protech@clancm.co.uk and let me know if there is any possible way of getting trust then thanks if not just post so here. Thank You.

pr0tech said on Wednesday 25 February 2004

Hi i really need to get a trust so i can start with my company , itsa a bit crap if you do bnc\'s and u cant sell them cos quakenet have suspended trusts :/ please can you let me know when i can apply for a trust azgain this is a tad important

havoc-tg said on Friday 27 February 2004

I personally dont understand why so many people are complaining regarding the trust system. I believe that the general public need to understand how hard it is to run a Network as big as QuakeNET. Yes, I have a trust, But also I need to follow the rules the feds set the users. IRCops work around the clock along with the helpers to help the network to run as smoothly as possible. If this means to disable trust requests for a period of time thats what it is, Dont complain, wait the amount of weeks

xconn said on Friday 27 February 2004

We (FluxxNet) have a huge IP-move coming soon and we\'ll have huge problems if our current trust\'s IP addresses can\'t be converted to their new range. I sent an email to info@quakenet.org and I trust they\'ll be coulant, although they\'re very busy :) Regards, Sorce

sorcererdude said on Sunday 29 February 2004

Well, I got a server for 49Euro in order to sell BNC´s before the trust had been closed. Therefore I lost a lot of money.

colanfirestorm said on Friday 19 March 2004

i guess #15 was right. we\'ve been waiting for more than 8 weeks now and still no news. how long is it going to take to manage a new trust system with clear rules??

napalm- said on Tuesday 23 March 2004

Hey, i have a buisness which started way before trust\'s where stopped and i could get hold of a trust, to keep up with popular depand we have had to buy several ip\'s, i wondered if you know when trust\'s are back so i can carry on with my buisness, becuase we are very tight for money at the moment, if anyone has anyway they could get a trust for us or any information about a trust please email me at shurokno2@hotmail.com thankyou.

rageykins said on Thursday 25 March 2004

i need commercial trust :( When it will again give comercial trust?! mfg

sod|system_9 said on Saturday 03 April 2004

why ban idle bouncers? that \"dont be rude\" is a hard rule to follow on quakenet. ;) i wish my people wouldnt stick to qnet, so i wouldnt have to neither. youre getting more unpopular by every fifth news entry, qnet-staff. :-)

n000g said on Friday 09 April 2004

Any idea when trusts will be back, its been well over 8 weeks now and I know im not the only one struggling.

{sw}neo said on Saturday 10 April 2004

is there a new guess when the new trust system is online?

colanfirestorm said on Sunday 11 April 2004

i and a few other people make a lan part next week. we would get into quakenet at the lan. the trust request system is often not avaible :( who can help me with my problem??? (sorry for my bad english)

krieger2 said on Monday 12 April 2004

Well, this is funny. I\'ve tried to get a trust for 20 bnc\'s just for my clan-mates. This was the time were you could send an email to qnet to recieve trust. Then they changed the system, trust was denied or not answered. And from this time I allways saw the funny blue screen that trust-request is offline. The only thing they had changed was, that the blue screen is now red. But who cares.

ds-plexton said on Wednesday 21 April 2004

I guess its clear now that we aint getting any descent working TRUST system for the next couple of months. No IRC op or moderator has responded here for a long time now :S

jean~mertz said on Wednesday 12 May 2004

ahum. You said \"wait about 6-8weeks\" but now, (6mounth later :P) I would like to know when the commercial trustrequests will be back. Thank you

bts|omega said on Thursday 03 June 2004

I hope i get trust! i need it to my bot channel and then i can spons more privat bots... Please give me trust

luuuuuuul said on Monday 26 July 2004

A Question: I am representing a big gaming community, and we are trying to get a trust since some time. We need like a 10-Connection trust, needed to support our users. Since we aren\'t commercial in any way, i can still request a trust, right? Thanks in advance.

x-}{-twista-tt- said on Monday 26 July 2004

#62: Same here and I couldn\'t get the trust (nor talk to an admin to explain we don\'t make any benefit at all from our QNet connections).

medic said on Monday 09 August 2004

why must a trust requested every year ? isnt that senceless? there must be a other way to disable old unused trusts! 30 quake3 players are bnc-less for days, and the host got g-lined every 30min.... IMHO a Oper should be allowed to reable the trust, if the clan already got one for 3 years. :)

fon said on Thursday 12 August 2004

I believe that shell providers shouldnt take the back end of this, they provide a bnc service, they dont specify that u MUST use it on quakenet, it was off there own back that they got a trust in the first place.

blazen said on Sunday 15 August 2004

wow ... 6-8 Weeks ... we have august now! i\'m trying to get a 25-Connect-Trust for the official fanpage of a big MMORPG. I\'m trying for 3 months now :( Is it true, that . - # are invalid??

ceronim said on Wednesday 18 August 2004

how can i get trust ??? i need about 50 BNCs for our multigaming Clan . we ve also got some roots where we can install BNCs ..But we never get trust ... how can we get trust ????

flot4 said on Saturday 21 August 2004

hello, the trust fill in form aren\'t working for a few weeks now is this going to be solved?

d4de said on Saturday 28 August 2004

will never come back i guess

Dizzle said on Friday 22 July 2005

this is so bad!!! 6-8 weeks pffft i bin waiting 84 weeks now is it ever coming back?

TheDonkey said on Monday 25 July 2005

Quote Quakenet: ------------------------------------- 2004-01-16 19:21 | jack [IP logged] #4: Be assured we are working on it :) ------------------------------------- That was half a year ago! When is the new system going to be online? I think when u promise something u have to act like it. U could also work on your attitude when people are asking serious questions in your help channel instead of banning them. But hey, that\'s just me.

Cammie- said on Friday 29 July 2005

Is it 6-8 weeks * 100 :P?

ww3 said on Saturday 04 March 2006