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Latest News

port80.se delink

port80.se.quakenet.org delinking. It is with great sadness that we must farewell port80.se from QuakeNet after nearly 20 years of service. Unfortunately the hardware problems they were experiencing could not be resolved, and so the decision to delink the server was ...

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Merry Xmas!

QuakeNet staff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for your continuing support!

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New server link

New Server stockholm.se.quakenet.org As of this week we are welcoming a new server to the game, its stockholm.se.quakenet.org kindly hosted by Sunet. While we are getting a new server, we are losing an old one. Since last week portlane.se.quakenet.org has ...

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Seasons Greetings

Posted by magpie on Saturday 25 December 2004

QuakeNet staff would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Thanks for your continuing support over the recent months, and we hope to bring some interesting developments in the following year.

Don't drink too much, and keep chatting!

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Same to you!

r3Fl3X said on Sunday 02 January 2005

Same you to. Glad to see most things up and running again, such as S request.

calum said on Sunday 02 January 2005

merry xmas and a happy newyear

[DRA]PsYchO said on Sunday 02 January 2005

greetings back 2 u ALL

remedy-at said on Sunday 02 January 2005

Good to see it\'s up again indeed ;) Have a great 2005 all!

soczol said on Sunday 02 January 2005

Here\'s to 2005 :)

amrc said on Monday 03 January 2005

well, what does \'Flood Clones\' means? My mate got G-Lined, he dont know why he god G-Lined..?

dickheadTPD said on Tuesday 04 January 2005

Same to all you QNET Staff, and all other users :-) Good luck, and thanks for fixing the WWW login system so fast ;-)

DarkDeviL said on Wednesday 05 January 2005

#9: Your friend have had some flood clones online, which could be dangerous for quakenet. Either he have been in a channel together with some of them, where the qnet staff used the Operservice feature, CLEARCHAN to get a rid of all that clones. Which maybe could have hurt your friend in a mistake. Tell your friend to email info@quakenet.org. Include such information as IP address, eventually a output from the IRC client. And so on. And they will perhaps see what they can do :)

DarkDeviL said on Wednesday 05 January 2005

I have a good idea for 2005. Their should be another bot like L or Q, and this would help people who have have a lot of people in their channel but not enough for Q. The idea is simple: you make a bot like called A or something and u need 30 people in your channel for a few days or a few hours to get it and it would have a few more commands than L. I think this is a great idea and i hope the quakenet staff think about it :)

twistehs said on Saturday 08 January 2005

seasons greetings from me to :). There isn\'t place in Finland where aren\'t some teenagers drunkeeeee! :D

fgeek said on Sunday 09 January 2005


Les-Aus- said on Tuesday 11 January 2005


TURNIPSI said on Thursday 13 January 2005

thx and the same too you :)

elsn said on Thursday 13 January 2005

it would be cool to remove the ban to the server/ip range of that stupid lame chente/putamo... because lots of spanish dsl\'s got g-lined all time and there is no way to join qnet... and we cannot join #feds or whathever because we cant join irc...

gOrrito said on Thursday 13 January 2005

Welcome 2005 :)

dunkie said on Friday 14 January 2005

Finnish please ? :P

prz said on Friday 14 January 2005

Looking forward to a 2005 with a forum @ this website :p

[AotM]Bass said on Saturday 22 January 2005

as #12 already said, a new bot with more commands than L but less than Q would be a good idea for channels that don\'t have enough people for Q. Something like a topic-save function in the new bot (or even L) would be a good idea, same for a protectops flag and bitch mode.

spukkz said on Monday 24 January 2005

#20: The forum will sure be on again very very soon, i guess :-) #21: Indeed. It would be nice if Q got the features SETTOPIC, and CHANFLAGS (+fbp) too. And eventually the and then, I would request same chanflags as Q, unlike +g, shortly said, +g ? what does it do that other flags cant already? :p Well, QNET still has a future to look for. They even can read our comments about how it would be cool ;) and maybe make it like our suggestions. :)

DarkDeviL said on Saturday 29 January 2005

Oups, \"It would be nice of L\".... - even.. Seems like I didnt see that when checking for write errors :p Even though, it would also be nice, with a EDIT function, if someone did a write error, like now I did, I\'d else double checked it for errors, didnt saw the Q thing before it was on :| a EDIT Function, (only working if comment isnt denied), would be cool tho :)

DarkDeviL said on Saturday 29 January 2005

no comment

nikenzzo said on Saturday 29 January 2005

The same to you and to MadHacker. Greatz >;=)

EST-Bourbon said on Tuesday 01 February 2005


gabiH said on Friday 04 February 2005


xab said on Sunday 06 February 2005

Comment has been removed by QuakeNet staff

Ash-S-Prophety said on Thursday 10 February 2005

It\'s kind of late to say, but happy new year :D

evildonkey said on Thursday 10 February 2005

Happy New Year!

fgeeeek said on Monday 14 March 2005