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Latest News

port80.se delink

port80.se.quakenet.org delinking. It is with great sadness that we must farewell port80.se from QuakeNet after nearly 20 years of service. Unfortunately the hardware problems they were experiencing could not be resolved, and so the decision to delink the server was ...

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Merry Xmas!

QuakeNet staff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for your continuing support!

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New server link

New Server stockholm.se.quakenet.org As of this week we are welcoming a new server to the game, its stockholm.se.quakenet.org kindly hosted by Sunet. While we are getting a new server, we are losing an old one. Since last week portlane.se.quakenet.org has ...

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Battlefield 2 Dev Chat - Take 2! [updated, again]

Posted by meeb on Friday 26 August 2005

In testament to QuakeNet's dedication to it's gaming users we have organised yet another Dev Chat on the topic of BattleField 2 to be held on the 20th of September from 20:00 to 21:15 (CEST).

We will be hosting the session with 2 of Dice's staff this time, James Salt and Patrick O'Shaugnessy, the aim being to answer a few more detailed questions. To aid this we will be taking 10-20 questions in advance of the Dev Chat which will be of a more technical/in-depth background. These questions should be submitted as comments on this news item. Other questions can be asked on the night.

The devchat has been finalised, and will take place in Dice's official BattleField2 channel here on QuakeNet, #battlefield2 - see you there!

[update] Log of the dev-chat is available at http://www.quakenet.org/dev- chat2.Dice.txt

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Keep the questions sane people and we\'ll let you know if we choose to put your question forward. Don\'t be upset if your question doesn\'t get chosen.

brks said on Friday 26 August 2005


seek0r said on Friday 26 August 2005

\"When will the next patch (1.03) be finished for release?\"

Bt- said on Sunday 28 August 2005

Will there be fixes to the collision system in the engine? What I mean are those annoying deaths when for example a supply crate slides downhill and you\'re right below it or you\'re behind a tank and it moves a thousandth of an inch backward at a speed of few inches per hour and you die. There have also been instances when a vehicle sort of clips inside a fence(or any other thin non-destructible obstacle) and is destroyed.

Ascylon said on Monday 29 August 2005

Hello. Kinda related to #5 actually, I was wondering.. The game is brilliant and so realistic in many ways.. but theres some not so realistic stuff too.. If your in a huge tank and moving at full speed, into a thin fence or gate.. You get hurt, Instead of being able to smash right through, Would be so much more realistic if that was possible, Even into walls and stuff. Also I noticed, you cant get in any buildings where theres doors. Put some interactiveness into them, so we can go inside :D

Leee said on Monday 29 August 2005

Will there be a fix to stop people\'s legs sticking through walls or sandbags when they are hiding while capping a flag? Many a time I have been knifed through the wall because of this....and many a time knife people like that.

ProfLiebstrom said on Monday 29 August 2005

Will there be something done to rid the game of the so called bunnyhopping.As people being able to go prone,jump,prone,jump hasn\'t the slightest bit of realism in it.Also the whole tk/punish system really needs a overhaul as too many times people get punished/kicked from servers because of other peoples stupidity ie walking out in front of armour/transport etc which no doubt results in a punish.

d22ontour said on Monday 29 August 2005

Why did you put a random() function in the should_I_hit_Or_Not() function? It\'s actually possible to shoot someone in the head from 1m and the bullet does no damage. Second bullet does however. Third aswell.. Not fourth. Why? Good aiming should be rewarded, not mocked.

softis said on Monday 29 August 2005

Are you actively looking on the internet to find bugreports or do bugreports only by incident reach the developers?

Spleasure said on Tuesday 30 August 2005

Are you planning on releasing a linux client for the game? For the gamers amongst us who use linux there are alternatives like cedega ofcourse but a native linux client always gives the best performance. Or will you just ignore the linux community like so many other developers? :

spukkz said on Wednesday 31 August 2005

#11 Couldnt agree more, cedega is great, but if the people behind the game could make an linux client as well, it would be perfect...

ziclow2 said on Thursday 01 September 2005

all Thank\'s

nueL said on Saturday 03 September 2005

I would be more than happy to see a setting to alter the transparency of the \'squad-map\' too. Now it\'s quite difficult to drive a jeep at full speed and assign new orders at the same time. (Call for UAV etc.) And I\'d rather not give a sniper the extra second needed by stopping for a moment to assign orders. Check the following URLs to see my point. http://tinyurl.com/dpg3y vs http://tinyurl.com/7qhlj You are nearly blinded as a sq-leader with the map open. Could you fix this, pleas

LjL said on Sunday 04 September 2005

When, mark my word, When will BFTV be done?

Raaby said on Monday 05 September 2005

great thing... :)

c1b said on Friday 09 September 2005

I\'ve seen quite a few stats sites closed because of the load they imposed on the stats servers. So another question I have is that will there be seperate servers or some other kind of arrangement for an individual to query his/her or anyone else\'s stats instead of having to go ingame and check bfhq? If it\'s being planned, is there a schedule of some sort? Also is it possible that the in-game nickname can be changed in the future or are you planning on leaving it the way it is at the momen

}IA-Artist{ said on Saturday 10 September 2005

Will you make that snipers can earn points like when squad mempers is capturing control point, sniper can be 200 meters away from capturer and still get capture assist.

madmax-fin said on Friday 16 September 2005

Will EA/DICE continue to produce updates which does not concern the clan scene? With this I mean constantly updating and fixing stats/ranks/unlocks while ignoring such things as good demo-support (PoV, spectator, BFTV), the Squad-Zerging (1 guy rushes in, 5 guys wait to spawn on him), hitboxissues etc.

sauna said on Friday 16 September 2005

Question: Was it your intention that you\'re able to constantly switch (join/leave/create) squads so that people can \"zerg\" points? Right now, 1 enemy is always the same as 6 enemies since everyone uses this to take flags and just steamroll any defenses. This means that individual or teambased skill diminishes (while not being totally unimportant) for the benefit of the overwhelming numbers that spawn on 1 guy, the only defense is to do the same thing to defend.\"

mson said on Friday 16 September 2005

and Word! #9,#15, #19

mson said on Friday 16 September 2005

Please ask usefull questions, NOT questions like \"What is your favorite map\" or \"Will you make the sniper better\". Can\'t figure out any good question at the moment but I fully agree with #9, #15, and #19.

chimchim said on Friday 16 September 2005

\"Will it be possible to change the account nickname in the new patch?\"

TSO said on Monday 19 September 2005

Are you gonna do something with the grenade launcher. It\'s obvious that it is a little overpowered, at least i think. Also, i think the artillery is a little overpowered. Maybe slow down the \"reload\" time or something. Btw, thanks for a very nice game! :) -Duggis

duggis said on Monday 19 September 2005

Cant you make a area around planes/helicopters where your not able to teamkill ? cause is a real big problems with players that stands infront of a plane/helicopter just to sabotage.

Ekorreburgare said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Will you fix the bug(?) which allows people to park vehicles and stand on player spawns, which prevents the players from spawning on those spawnpoints?

voodoochopstiks said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Maybe a very strange question: will dice fix the point from that you need to have a DVD in your case to play, what if the DVD crashes, then you do not have such a great game anymore wich would be shit.

igdarky said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Why did EA not see the problems coming with the stat paddling/knife servers/ridiculous ticket amount servers etc? (RANKED) What did your beta-testers do? No favorite option in the ingame browser, stat paddling, overpowered BH with the capability to cap flags. And the bad lock system of the AA, try it, 2 AA\'s vs 1 jet to see who wins. Try it with a Linebacker in between, you wont win. Never. Why does all this now get fixed? (some of it) And not in the testing fase? It are pretty obvious bugs.

[IP]Spar said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Question: will u balance off the jump so ppl cant bunny jump? make it part of the runn stamina or something cause i would like to see a soldier in full battle gear and jump around like a bunny and still be able to hit some one. make the aim go so wildly off or something just make it useless to jump around and shoot at the same time. Is it that hard? it would improve the game soooooo much pls listen to us serious players that dont jump around like bunnies on speed. Love the game by the way :)

R6Sidewinder said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

I was on an invited tour to EA Games HQ in London last week, on the tour we noticed the development of BF2 on the XBOX 360. Developers told me it is still extremely buggy and glitchy, when do you estimate it\'s completion, to the standard, if not above of the current PC release?

vis2 said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

As in Battlefield Vietnam, will you be adding a feature of in-vehicle music to Battlefield 2? BFV was obviously vietnam time music, will there be a specific time if you do choose to employ such a feature?

vis2 said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

In the time battlefield 2 is set, there were laser guides attached to buildings (by foot troops) - of which communicated to planes of the targets position - could / would this be employable within Battlefield 2?

vis2 said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

If someone for an example jumps infront of a plane taking off on a runway - the pilot get punished. Does this make sense? Its not the pilots fault that the person decided to run infront of the plane, which he cant stop when going 400 mph down the runway.. There is parts of the TK punishment sys. that is not logical and easy to abuse, will there be made changes in the way this system works? i.e. for an example tell TK and sueside appart?

dumb-texas said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

How come non english alphabetics aren\'t allowed in BF2? It was answered \"That everyone could understand what everyone speaks? Can they understand us if we speak without ÄÖÅÜ etc? It didn\'t seem to matter in BF42/Vietnam or any other games? They are important, and it makes communication harder. Please, this is discussed in the national communities a lot. Or what about banning numbers to avoid \"l33t talk\" then? :)

Rikupsoni said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

As bf2 aims for realism iw always wounderd why you dident include leaning. whats your comment on this..

Black7 said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Do you think that Battlefield will beat Call of Duty 2 with its graphic, the handling etc. Cause Call of Duty earned already 85 best game of the year awards. How do you wanna beat this? Greets sanso

CloN-Sanso said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

1) Any ideas to get rid off/punish base-campers? Since its already integrated that people cant go outside of a map (become dead in 10sec) it must be possible to make such area on the main base as well, am I right? 2) Will the stats be resetted? If people would buy the game like today,they never have a fair chance to become in top rankings,that might can cause a problem for new possible players and finally decide not to buy the game. I hope my 2 questions can be answered tonight, Regards

hansje said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Will you bring new Vehicles in \"Battlefield\"? If yes, in which Patch maybe? P.S. Sorry for my english but i cant speak/write very good english.

Tanker22 said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

1. Will the patch optimize the game? 2. Will the patch make the Multiplayer menu better and faster? 3. What about more cars or tanks or aircrafts? 4. Why i die when i will be on roof of car or tank? In Vietnam was it cool and i dont die. Thanks.

nokia555 said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Can I have BF2 installed on two computers with the serial key I got with the game, but only one at the time can be connected to Internet? I believe it\'s hard to see who\'s saying what. I think you should do some more than just make the dot blinking. Like if I see a soldier in front of me and he\'s saying \"follow me\", I think \"follow me\" should be displayed above his head too. Some times I don\'t know who\'s the guy I\'m flying a chopper or driving a tank with, so make the name visible s

Meroig0 said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

why is the game so big? isn\'t it a known fact less yet organised code is easier to maintain and has less bugs? (same with maths)

fdskjs said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Here\'s a question: \"What do you think or piracy/warez?\"

Psionicist said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

sometimes claymores makes a bug, explodes a lot of meters, and another time explode but don\'t kill the enemy?!

maloko said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

...visible. (My other comment, #40, got chopped off even if it said that I had used 499 of 500 characters =P)

Meroig0 said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Does Dice need any movie maker ? .. who can make official trailers for games/etc ? .. i want to join some company .. but i donno how to .. i can ofcourse show some work 1st .. sorry but this a \"misc question\".

xsystus said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Do you have any plans in next patch (or later) to introduce a proper widescreen mode with correct FOV? I like many other have a widescreen TFT and expect all decent modern games to support such !

HueyB said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

What about the teamkilling? Yea ok , u might changed things but what about making the mine & claymore not explode if teammates come in range ?

stupidkill said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

1. Often, when using the lasermissile as a gunner in the bombplanes the missiles unlock the target at the launch and flies random to the right or the left. It can alsp skip the locked on taget and instead go for another vehicle or even a friendly vehicle. Will these issues be fixed in 1.03? 2. The autocannons on the A-helicpters semms to do No damage from times to times without lagg is inflicted, Thay simply dont do any damage, will this be fixed in 1.03?

EmBra said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

What about the so called \'spawn raping\' or \'spawn camping\', this means, waiting at spawn but not taking over the flag, so the apc (or another vehicle) can easily kill people who spawn there.What about fixing this?

GM-Levia said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

First of all i totally disagree with #37. I thinks it would be idiotic if people would die if they stay in base long, what if you\'re defending? Second: Are you doing something for people who dont have DVD-drive, like me? I need to use somekind of mini-image so i can play.

heller said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Will the BF2 editor be updated anytime soon, and perhaps make it a bit less laggy? I am finding its hard to make maps when I get like 5 fps during painting, despite me having a somewhat high-end machine.

Machel said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Is it true Zucot hacks? Also, any possibility of having accented English voices for the Chinese and MEC teams?

CarpetRug said on Tuesday 20 September 2005

Not many fruitful and interesting questions made it, it seems :/. Questions like \"why is BF2 boring\", \"why is BF2 unboring\", \"how is the weather?\" seemed more important to ask. Answering the collision system-question _4_ times was a bit redundant too. A shame people that arrange these things don\'t screen questions better so it\'s on track of the issue which was BF2 and \"more detailed questions\" as the news says.

sauna said on Wednesday 21 September 2005

was this dev-chat a joke? or why did so many none bf2 questions get throught the QUAKENET staff to the devs? stuff like sauna said came throught when intressting stuff like #9, #15, #19 #20 didnt.......zzz no more pointless dev-chats please.

Mson said on Thursday 22 September 2005