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Latest News

ESA Corona Relief

ESA Corona Relief ESA Corona Relief is a weekend online marathon that will feature speedrunners and score-attackers from all around the world. ESA Together will be ran in aid of the Save the Children Coronavirus Emergency Appeal. ESACR will run ...

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Corona Relief Done Quick

Corona Relief Done Quick GDQ will be holding an online marathon; Corona Relief Done Quick. One hundred percent of all CRDQ donations will go directly to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization with a mission to improve the health and ...

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ESA Together

ESA Together ESA Together is a week-long online marathon that will feature speedrunners and score-attackers from all around the world. We invite everybody, be it ESA regulars or first-timers, to throw their hats into the ring and submit their best ...

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Battlefield 2142 Devchat

Posted by meeb on Monday 11 September 2006

We're going to be holding another open chat with the developers of Battlefield 2142, DiCE, reasonably soon following on from the success of previous devchats held with them over their last release in the series, Battlefield 2. You can expect this to happen some time early in October and be held in their channel on QuakeNet, #battlefield2142 - so reserve some space in your diary and think of some questions for the developers!

More details will be announced shortly. See you there.

EDIT: More details! The devchat will be held on Thursday the 5th of October at 19:00 CEST (that's 18:00 BST). Please post some questions the relvent thread to this devchat at http://forums.quakenet.org/index.php?t=msg&th;=476 - these will be asked to the DiCE developers during the devchat!

ANOTHER EDIT: Sorry folks! Due to a networking problem with DiCE they have requested to postpone the devchat until Monday the 9th of October at 19:00 CEST (that's 18:00 BST) - same channel :)

FINAL EDIT: As the devchat is now long since over, we are publishing the log for people who were not around or just want to look over the log: http://www.quakenet.org/BF2142/chat_bf2142.txt

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Sweet. :) Already waiting. :)

Munk3N said on Tuesday 12 September 2006

Fantastic -- looking forward to it again already. I should think we\'ll be taking questions early again and giving them time to answer them _BEFORE_ the actual devchat, but I\'m sure more will be told about that in due course.

BrkS said on Thursday 14 September 2006

Very nice, devchats are always interesting and the game looks awesome :)

most-idiot said on Saturday 16 September 2006

well done, by the way the game is very cool so... why not :)

Nakaori said on Friday 22 September 2006

Hy all :)

Tataee said on Thursday 30 November 2006