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Latest News

Awesome Games Done Quick 2020

Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Lets start this year like we always do, by watching speedrunners from all around the globe get together and try to finish (/destroy) our favorite games. Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ for short) is one ...

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The holidays are upon us!

First Sunday of Advent; Thanksgiving has passed and it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations, eggnog and blast the sweet tunes of Mariah Carey. Like last year, we've fired up FatherChristmas in #qnet.xmas and will be giving out temporary ...

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BlizzCon 2019

BlizzCon returns to the Anaheim Convention Center once again! Welcome to the most epic family reunion on the planet. BlizzCon is a place where friendships are forged, heroes come to life, and the most passionate community in the world takes ...

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TOR Users on QuakeNet

Posted by meeb on Wednesday 30 January 2008

After a prolonged period of disallowing TOR users on QuakeNet due to abuse, we have decided to update our policy and allow TOR users onto the network. Any user connecting to QuakeNet from a TOR exit node will now automatically have their hostmask set to something similar to the following:


Any channel operators experiencing abuse from users connecting from a TOR exit node (evading bans and so on) can ban the entire TOR network by setting (for example) a ban mask similar to:

/MODE #channel +b !@*.tor.quakenet.org

We hope you enjoy the increased anonymity access to QuakeNet from the TOR network provides. This also solves any issues of users who run TOR exit nodes themselves being previously automatically banned from the network.

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ok, well done :)

Nakaori said on Tuesday 05 February 2008

">good job

Henryy said on Wednesday 27 February 2008

Looks like QN is opening itself more and more to different types of users. Hope there will come a day when IRC is more attractive than any IM or other shit out there. ;-)

TD-TRON said on Sunday 23 March 2008

This seems like nice feature, but when I try to connect thru TOR, I get different kinds of messages like "(G-lined (AUTO: You are infected with a trojan, please run anti-virus software. (ID: 875744fb)))", "takeover." and "AUTO: Drone client (ID: c858d1b0)." I managed to successfully connect to quakenet one time thru TOR but It lasted for a little time and I got G-lined again with the message about anti-virus. But still I can connect directly without proxies...

triggerhurt said on Monday 24 March 2008

Unfortunately a lot of people that do have trojans try evading their glines with tor, that's why a lot of tor nodes are glined too :(

slug said on Monday 31 March 2008

I love this setup. It's very unique to IRC, and I believe it is a great option to just adding a G-line to all known tor hosts.

prez said on Wednesday 17 December 2008

Good.. for informations. :-)

StaffDufan said on Saturday 06 June 2009

Every single tor node I connect to causes g-line for open proxy. I've only managed to do it once.

mjthompson said on Saturday 14 April 2012