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Latest News

port80.se delink

port80.se.quakenet.org delinking. It is with great sadness that we must farewell port80.se from QuakeNet after nearly 20 years of service. Unfortunately the hardware problems they were experiencing could not be resolved, and so the decision to delink the server was ...

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Merry Xmas!

QuakeNet staff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for your continuing support!

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New server link

New Server stockholm.se.quakenet.org As of this week we are welcoming a new server to the game, its stockholm.se.quakenet.org kindly hosted by Sunet. While we are getting a new server, we are losing an old one. Since last week portlane.se.quakenet.org has ...

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IRCd Upgrade!

Posted by meeb on Wednesday 30 January 2008

It is with great pleasure and much fanfare that we can now announce that the recent maintenance to the entire QuakeNet network was completed successfully. The QuakeNet network was recently upgraded to the latest version of our IRCd software, codenamed 'snircd', which is still based on IRCu from the lovely people on the Undernet IRC network. Snircd is a significant upgrade to the network and replaces our previous version, codenamed 'asuka'. The upgrade provides a large number of new features accessible to you, our dedicated userbase, to play with as well a multitude of other behind the scenes enhancements. The highlights are detailed below, which include new channel modes and some new commands:

Channel mode changes:

Channel mode +m (updated):

When the channel is moderated (channel mode +m) regular users (users without a voice or ops) cannot change their nicknames.

Channel mode +r (updated):
When +r is set on a channel (only authenticated users can join) any regular users (users without a voice or ops) in the channel who are not authenticated are unable to send anything to the channel and additionally are unable to change nicknames.

Channel mode +M (new):
The NEW channel mode +M allows unauthenticated users to join a channel, but does not allow them to send (speak) to the channel or change nicknames until they authenticate.

Channel mode +T (new):
The NEW channel mode +T disallows any multi-target messages that are sent with PRIVMSG (normal messages) or NOTICE. This blocks (for example) anything sent by /AMSG with certain clients from showing in channels with +T set.

Command changes:

/AUTH command (new):

All QuakeNet servers now support an easy to remember AUTH command. This command can be used instead of the old method to authenticate to our main network service, Q. For example:

/MSG Q@Cserve.quakenet.org auth [username] [password]
can now be:

/AUTH [username] [password]
This update also reduces confusion in remembering what you have to authenticate to and increases security.

/SILENCE command (updated):
The /SILENCE command now supports multiple hostmasks in a single command, for example:

/SILENCE +!@.host.com,-nick!@,+!ident@*
/SILENCE now also supports exceptions by prefixing the hostmask with a “~” character, for example:

/SILENCE +~nick!@
will allow you to see messages and invites from that user even if their host matches another ‘silenced’ hostmask. /SILENCE now supports CIDR masks to silence a large block of IP addresses for example:

Please note that only CIDR masks that are /16 and greater (up to /32) are allowed for security reasons. /SILENCE now supports authnames using the +x hostname format to silence users by their Q account name, for example:

/SILENCE +!@authname.users.quakenet.org

/WHO command (updated):
The /WHO command now has two additional flags to compliment our other upgrades, these are the ‘a’ flag to match authnames (account names), which for example can be used as:

/WHO [authname] a
which will return a normal WHO reply for any user with that authname. The ‘a’ flag can also be used on conjunction with the other /WHO flags such as:

/WHO [authname] a%h
and so on. The other additional flag added is the ‘d’ flag which lists users hidden by the delayed join (channel modes +D and +d) and can be used as:

/WHO [#channel] d

/LIST command (updated):
The /LIST command now supports pattern matching for channel names, for example:

/LIST #channel
matches any channel with the string ‘channel’ in the name. Whereas:

/LIST !#channel
matches any channel without the string ‘channel’ in the name.

Please use “/LIST help” to see a full list of options for the /LIST command.

Other changes:

Ident rules relaxed:

The minimum requirement for idents have been relaxed to the following rules:


  • Only one '-', '_', or '.' is allowed (or two, if not consecutive), but not as the first char

  • No other special characters are allowed

  • Name must contain at least one letter

And that’s all folks!

We hope you enjoy the new features. Until the next mass-update, remember to drink your milk and to be kind to molluscs.

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Very nice! Great updates

SAMMCKAY said on Wednesday 30 January 2008

Great news, +T the best feature IMHO :)

JohnNy_cz said on Wednesday 30 January 2008

Nice changes. +MD - probably the way against these proxy flood clones? Joining and staying invisible (+D), and then tehy cannot talk because of +M? :-) +T blocks a lot of amsgs! Great changes. Great that most of the net is updated. :-)

DarkDeviL said on Wednesday 30 January 2008

Good stuff, props to the dev team for all the hard work.

Desolate said on Wednesday 30 January 2008

well done

perpleXa said on Wednesday 30 January 2008

Nice changes. I already like them :)

MacMarsman said on Wednesday 30 January 2008


butcha said on Thursday 31 January 2008

Good updates, good work, thanks to the dev team!

antoine said on Thursday 31 January 2008

still no ipv6 support...

faba said on Thursday 31 January 2008


Nakaori said on Friday 01 February 2008

+T the best ... we wait a long time for this :D

Kangeroo said on Friday 01 February 2008

This has been a long time comming and the .dev team have worked their socks off to make this possible for all the users here on QuakeNet. We hope you enjoy the changes, I know I do!

BrkS said on Sunday 03 February 2008

wow, thanks Quakenet dev team :-)

SEC-LIN3 said on Monday 04 February 2008

Damn that sounds nice! Nice work :)

PinFi said on Tuesday 05 February 2008

Nice updates, but do remind me when services get completely redone. ;)

bctrainers said on Tuesday 05 February 2008

What about SSL Support?

Jusic said on Wednesday 06 February 2008

Whatfor would you want SSL-support? To get another peak of load to the server's cpus with not much more security. (SSL being some levels too high on the ISO/OSI networking layer to bring real security.) But it would bring more splits (as the server to server links would need to be ssl-secured aswell - rising load of the servers again).

netzi said on Wednesday 06 February 2008

good changes but i was disappointed to see ipv6 support still missing :(

edv said on Thursday 07 February 2008

Nice modes, thanks.

Kupuntu said on Friday 08 February 2008

Thanks a lot for the +m change, we had several users who liked to spam with nickchanges while the channel was moderated. Keep on the good work! :)

Nayru said on Friday 08 February 2008

Nice try, but 4 years to late.

FastB said on Sunday 10 February 2008

Too late for what? :P

meeb said on Wednesday 13 February 2008

nice job/work ;)

likaZ said on Wednesday 13 February 2008

Nice job guys! And thanks for the /auth :)

eusunt said on Thursday 14 February 2008

GJ !

mdss said on Monday 18 February 2008

Cant get the "/AUTH [username] [password]" command to work. I keep getting this: "* $dll: no such routine 'walde' (line 4682, aliases.nns)" Any advice? But in general good work on the channel modes changes! :)

walde said on Monday 03 March 2008

#27: Sounds like a misconfigured client (the symbol auth seems to be occupied). Try: /quote auth , this might work.

winni said on Wednesday 05 March 2008

Very nice, hope you'll finish the new Q9 bot soon too!

Sotamuumi said on Monday 10 March 2008

Thank you so much for the +T feature. I was So sick of those damn amsgs. Great work guys!

w00w said on Thursday 13 March 2008

Nice changes (especially +T), but they would be even better if there was proper documentation about the new features. For example "/MSG Q HELP CHALLENGEAUTH" points to "the website" for more details. (Where exactly?) Also, the new post mentions "/LIST help", but that just lists all channels with "help" in their name.

Wormbo said on Saturday 22 March 2008

Pretty n1ce improvements. Great work guys -- especially the +m an +T thing. But what about a crypto module? The german gov. is getting as stupid as the one in the states and tries to enforce as much surveillance as possible. Kinda encryption (the same as bouncer-provider offer - unfortunately in a too complex way) would probably be an unbeatable proIRC criteria over any stupid AOL-owned IM solution. Again - you did great work but there's much more to do... ;-)

TD-TRON said on Sunday 23 March 2008

Really nice actually. Now its like dead/silence in quakenet. Probably by the changes? I do not hope that i will lost my channels. :( Great jobs Q ;)

n1truz said on Monday 24 March 2008

nice :) this will save alot of questions in #help aswell gj qnet developers :>

Skay said on Sunday 30 March 2008

CAN YOU GUYS TELL ME: why I was BANNED in nearly ALL channels i was in after this GREAT update?

Stony said on Friday 16 May 2008