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Latest News

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Payday Crime war giveaway!

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Insurgency: Sandstorm Key Giveaway

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New Webchat Client

Posted by meeb on Sunday 15 February 2009

We're please to announce that our brand new webchat client is now out of testing and live for public use. The webchat client is the best way to connect to QuakeNet from a web browser, and offers many many excellent features such as full integration with QuakeNet and our "Q" channel service bot.

The new web client is entirely the work of our dedicated development team and you can expect more features soon. The client can also be embedded in your own sites, at no hassle or cost to you, and you can customise its appearance and default settings.

Please give it a play at http://webchat.quakenet.org/! You are welcome to comment on the web client in #dev on QuakeNet to provide feedback.

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Good job guys, keep the work up :)

Sorcerer said on Sunday 15 February 2009

Working great :)

Vliedel said on Sunday 15 February 2009

Greatest feature ever! Now one can invite friends for a short chit-chat without complicated instructions how to install $(windows)client.

winni said on Sunday 15 February 2009

Yes, great work! Thanks! Hope you'll release it to the public some day.

morphium said on Monday 16 February 2009

Nice done, really looks like a mIRC client :D

PinFi said on Wednesday 18 February 2009

Is there any way to chose encoding="windows-1251"?

Haibane said on Wednesday 18 February 2009

nice one! now i can connect from another house. great job! continue like that Quakenet staff !

Fucile said on Wednesday 25 February 2009

Nice! Could you support http://webchat.quakenet.org/#channel which could be captured by javascript and auto-prefilled to the "Channels" entry?

xkr47 said on Wednesday 25 February 2009

click the menu icon then click "add webchat to your site", or just: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=foo,fish

slug said on Wednesday 25 February 2009

Great, thank you! We would only need to be able to change the encoding. Will you make that possible?

RangerCZ said on Saturday 28 February 2009

its kinda annoying that the font is diffrent in the main window and the userlist

z333n said on Saturday 14 March 2009

If not the best, then one of the best web clients I've seen so far. Good job. :)

genesis said on Sunday 15 March 2009

looks and works almost good, keep up the hard work sl00g

chaplja said on Thursday 14 May 2009

Great job slug! But I just noticed a bug. If someone is writing more than one row, the autoscrolling doesn't work. Depends on the resolution. But anyway, it's nearly the best webchat i've ever seen!

raven said on Monday 01 June 2009

welll its nice Quakenet get more more stuff ;) good to hear it

Shero said on Wednesday 03 June 2009


ym said on Sunday 07 June 2009

Down for maintenance, back soon! It's said that for quite a while now, was wondering when you planned on having it back online?

ziaodix said on Tuesday 21 July 2009

Has the webchat patch for snircd released yet or is it still in a state nobody should see?

zeeZ said on Wednesday 19 August 2009

Excellent work!

zeko said on Monday 24 August 2009