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Latest News

ESA Summer Online 2020

ESA Summer Online ESA Summer Online 2020 will be running in the place of ESA Summer, with ESA Summer postponed to October. ESA is a week-long event, with the primary goal of raising money for a charity. ESA Summer Online ...

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ESA Corona Relief

ESA Corona Relief ESA Corona Relief is a weekend online marathon that will feature speedrunners and score-attackers from all around the world. ESA Together will be ran in aid of the Save the Children Coronavirus Emergency Appeal. ESACR will run ...

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Corona Relief Done Quick

Corona Relief Done Quick GDQ will be holding an online marathon; Corona Relief Done Quick. One hundred percent of all CRDQ donations will go directly to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization with a mission to improve the health and ...

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Shell providers - note change to rules

Posted by Vekotin on Monday 16 July 2001

A new addition to the QuakeNet Server rules defines a requirement which concerns shell providers which have clients QuakeNet. This rule does not affect any other user groups, so don't worry.

As the rules have dictated for a long time now, running more than five clients of any kind per ip requires an agreement with QuakeNet, via an administrator/operator on IRC, or through e-mail. In the future, such agreements will NOT be granted to shell providers of any kind, who do not run identd(Ident daemon). The ident reply must be unique to all users, and may not be user modifiable. This requirement is designed to help us, and the shell providers, when reacting to abuse cases.

We'd appreciate if the word could be passed to all shell providers that you know of, that have users on QuakeNet. However, do NOT contact us on how to activate identd - if you're running a shell company, you should know how to do this.

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