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port80.se delink

port80.se.quakenet.org delinking. It is with great sadness that we must farewell port80.se from QuakeNet after nearly 20 years of service. Unfortunately the hardware problems they were experiencing could not be resolved, and so the decision to delink the server was ...

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Merry Xmas!

QuakeNet staff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for your continuing support!

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New server link

New Server stockholm.se.quakenet.org As of this week we are welcoming a new server to the game, its stockholm.se.quakenet.org kindly hosted by Sunet. While we are getting a new server, we are losing an old one. Since last week portlane.se.quakenet.org has ...

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Quiz about Sean Connery

Posted by anton on Sunday 15 November 2020

Quiz with theme: Sean Connery

In memory of Sean Connery we decided to make this quiz about him.

Here you can see the questions we asked and the answers (the answers are at the bottom of this post, in case you want to take a shot).

Questions (answers at the bottom)

  1. Sean Connery was born in the city of _?
    A) Edinburgh
    B) Glasgow
    C) Birmingham
    D) Aberdeen
  2. What was Sean Connery's birth name?
    A) Thomas Sean Connery
    B) Shawn Thomas MacConnery
    C) Sean Thomas Connery
    D) Thomas Shawn MacConnery
  3. How many times has he been married?
    A) Never
    B) Once
    C) Twice
    D) Three times
  4. "Never Say Never Again" was his __ and last James Bond movie?
    A) 10th
    B) 6th
    C) 7th
    D) 8th
  5. Connery entered the Mr. Universe contest, finishing third in the tall man's division, what year?
    A) 1970
    B) 1945
    C) 1964
    D) 1953
  6. What 1987 Brian De Palma gangster movie won Sean Connery the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor?
    A) The Name Of The Rose
    B) Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
    C) Highlander
    D) The Untouchables
  7. How much was Sean Connery paid the first time he portrayed Bond?
    A) £20,000
    B) £40,000
    C) £50,000
    D) £100,000
  8. What was Sean's character's name in the "Entrapment" movie?
    A) John Patrick Mason
    B) Robert MacDougall
    C) William Forrester
    D) Paul Armstrong
  9. Which of the following James Bond movies did Sean Connery not star in?
    A) Thunderball
    B) For Your Eyes Only
    C) Dr. No
    D) Diamonds Are Forever
  10. This caribbean island was the home for Sean for the last decades?
    A) St Barthélemy
    B) Aruba
    C) Bahamas
    D) Barbados
  11. [Name the Movie] A mild-mannered chemist and an ex-con must lead the counterstrike when a rogue group of military men, led by a renegade general, threaten a nerve gas attack from Alcatraz against San Francisco.
  12. What movie was the last one Sean Connery starred in?
    A) Entrapment
    B) The Rock
    C) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    D) Finding Forrester
  13. What year was that movie released?
  14. When Sean Connery was 16 he joined the Royal Navy and got two tattoos. One said "Scotland Forever" and the other one said "___".
    A) Mum and Dad
    B) Royal Navy
    C) Friends Forever
    D) Live And Let Die
  15. Sean Connery was cast as the first cinematic James Bond in __ in 1962?
    A) From Russia With Love
    B) Diamonds Are Forever
    C) Goldfinger
    D) Dr. No
  16. What was Connerys first job as, in Edinburgh?
    A) Paper delivery boy
    B) Waiter
    C) Milkman
    D) Fast food worker
  17. In what sport was Sean Connery offered a contract?
    A) Cricket
    B) Rugby
    C) Polo
    D) Football
  18. How many children does Sean Connery have?
    A) 0
    B) 1
    C) 2
    D) 3
  19. How many years was he active in the movie industry?
  20. Connery made a total of _ appearances as an actor in different Movies?

Congratulations to the winner; [TAA]Cuba (16 correct answers), and the runner-ups jal (12 correct answers) and Supaplex and MrBad (both at 11 correct answers).

Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope to see you for our next quiz in #qnet.quiz

(These lines were left blank intentionally to create some space down to the answers)


  1. A
  2. A
  3. C
  4. C
  5. D
  6. D
  7. A
  8. B
  9. B
  10. C
  11. The Rock
  12. C
  13. 2003
  14. A
  15. D
  16. C
  17. D
  18. B
  19. 58
  20. 72

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