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Latest News

New partner: HostSailor

New partner and server from HostSailor The amazing people at HostSailor.com have joined QuakeNet as partners and sponsored a new server hosted in Bucharest, Romania. You can access the server using the hostname hostsailor.ro.quakenet.org and the server will be part ...

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ESA Summer Online 2020

ESA Summer Online ESA Summer Online 2020 will be running in the place of ESA Summer, with ESA Summer postponed to October. ESA is a week-long event, with the primary goal of raising money for a charity. ESA Summer Online ...

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ESA Corona Relief

ESA Corona Relief ESA Corona Relief is a weekend online marathon that will feature speedrunners and score-attackers from all around the world. ESA Together will be ran in aid of the Save the Children Coronavirus Emergency Appeal. ESACR will run ...

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New Q-faq

Posted by Zip on Saturday 08 January 2000

We have a new Q-faq up. It's in dutch and was translated by Gizmo.

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A happy outcome is worth waiting for.

enweh^hurra said on Monday 15 September 2003


GonAce said on Friday 03 October 2003

first news :l it rox!

S4turn said on Tuesday 02 December 2003

In dutch? Who cares!

wanze said on Wednesday 07 July 2004

it liked to saver as I can change to 1 authed of 1 L my shovel another one authed of 1 friend

Muaddib- said on Sunday 07 August 2005