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Latest News

port80.se delink

port80.se.quakenet.org delinking. It is with great sadness that we must farewell port80.se from QuakeNet after nearly 20 years of service. Unfortunately the hardware problems they were experiencing could not be resolved, and so the decision to delink the server was ...

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Merry Xmas!

QuakeNet staff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for your continuing support!

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New server link

New Server stockholm.se.quakenet.org As of this week we are welcoming a new server to the game, its stockholm.se.quakenet.org kindly hosted by Sunet. While we are getting a new server, we are losing an old one. Since last week portlane.se.quakenet.org has ...

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Important note on clones

Posted by Zip on Friday 21 January 2000

If you plan on running more than 5 clones please contact #feds first. Otherwise you will be glined (banned from the network). Ask for trusted host and tell us the reason why you need it. (for eggdrops, it's a LAN or whatever..you get the picture).

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Thats great if only the people in #feds were somewhat active... *temp angry*

ill3r said on Thursday 06 June 2002

hello i have benn banned... i think its becuse i runned more than 5 clones... i dint now the rule about trusted =) sorry.. plz can u remove the bann?

eZ|ille said on Friday 14 June 2002

Since this news item is 2,5+ years old please read http://www.quakenet.org/rules instead

Zip said on Sunday 22 September 2002

I am banned becuse cloon flood ore something, [k-lined] can i get ubanned plz i am in a realy importent clan now

KeBaB-DeX said on Wednesday 02 April 2003

i got it to have some flood clones in line K. please remove my bann. i need to get a few days online for my clan and my girlfriend. i cant talk to her.

ATC|MerLiNiuM said on Thursday 03 April 2003

#5 you rellay shud have other methods of talkin to you \"girlfriend\" other than irc lol

Dataforce said on Saturday 10 May 2003

Hello, I got banned from QuakeNet. I ran 3 PC\'s with 3 times IRC....My InerNet went dead and came up within a few seconds and they joined the channels automaticly....At that moment QuakeNet saw me as a 6 time login and so I got diconnected. Is there any possible way I could get unbanned ? I\'d really appriciate it Tnx in Advance, Jerry

[EOD]Jeronimo said on Wednesday 21 May 2003

i got g-lined and k-lined because i had 5 pc\'s running 5 irc\'s could i plz be un g-lined and k-lined and have authorization for more then 10 or so mirc\'s ? plz thx mail me at matthias_vermeiren@hotmail.com

Wacko| said on Wednesday 04 June 2003

I reasently got broadband and +50 people is on the same IP... U can call it a BIG LAN.. I am G-lined so I can´t get help from #feds plz remove my G-line..4EVER. P.S I got help from a guy but he didn´t wanna help me at all. All he said was that \"it is impossible\"

Golga said on Thursday 05 June 2003

I am banned because i had a LAN with 9 people and the all had mirc on with C-S ( counter-strike) and i didn\'t know that that you can be banned for that. Please help me because i want on quakenet PLEASE!

Nevskiii said on Monday 09 June 2003

i got g-line!!! im sorry i have a bot !! in forgat to say to #feds. plz take away my ban!!!

JohntE-Away said on Wednesday 09 July 2003

i ran more than 5 clones and didnt read this when i ran the 6th i got banned i am still new to irc and didnt know 6 clones would get me banned could you unban this fool as i know i wont do it again thanx

GoH-Cerburis said on Wednesday 30 July 2003

The same thing happened to me as to eZ|ille. I have sent u an e-mail about that. I would be realy nice i u removed mine to. I didnt know about that rule. But now I do :)

werner said on Sunday 17 August 2003

How come that im G-Lined, i have never done anything agenst the rules... Plz contakt me by mail: lepsycho@e-mail.dk // My user @ Quakenet: LePsycho

LePsycho said on Sunday 07 September 2003

#Speed-gaming is clone channel !! check us

suit22 said on Sunday 21 September 2003

I got banned from quakenet becouse i runned sixth clone. Im sorry and this wont happen again. Please, take away the ban.

Getto3 said on Saturday 27 September 2003

sorry its my own foul bout i got banned cause i had 5 on IRC at same time the reason is LAN .. we are sitting 5 ppl. here .. hope you can unban me soon ... I havent seen the rules for contact feds... Tr1c4a

vP^Tr1c4acs said on Thursday 16 October 2003

Sorry didnt know there was a limit of clones and got glined because of it, can i be unbaned please, cheers

simonalpha said on Monday 12 January 2004

i didnt know about and ive been banned can you remove the ban? please!!! ive just start this mIRC thing.... but there is one thing what i dont understand ive got only 4clones but still..PLEASE?

beyer90 said on Monday 19 January 2004

i get a ban :( because i have a bot for radio and a user used it too much and i was not there and i got gline. can you remove the ban because my webradio needs me

obercheckerzman said on Monday 09 February 2004

I din\'t know anything about getting banned if i have more than 5 clones, so please unban me from getting g.lined. please!

skittl3ss said on Monday 16 February 2004

i have been banned bacuse i was invited to a channel and there it was, flood bots, and then i was g lined.... can you plZZZZZ unban me :( ...

vitrolic9 said on Wednesday 03 March 2004

lol this news is over 4 years old and you guys\'re using it for complaining about glines LOL

ningo said on Tuesday 11 May 2004

Hi, i have 2clones and i\'m glined when i auth with \"bot2win\" .. can help me plz?

warriorhouse said on Friday 28 May 2004

Hi, I dont know why I have been banned from Quakenet.. please can you help me or can you unban me?

anthrazitcypres said on Tuesday 08 June 2004

hahaha! :d

wanze said on Wednesday 07 July 2004

errr hi :D guess i got banned aswell, how do u get unbanned BTW ???

mc-timmy-m said on Tuesday 10 August 2004

hello, i\'m french and I\'m new to irc, i\'ve created auth to friends don\'t understand irc and i have a bot to my clan chanel and a quizz i\'ve got a lan conection with 3 pc and 3 Mirc separated auth a lot of friends come to hy house and so we are a lot more than 6 with irc launched, don\'t even know that we could\'nt run more than 5 auth, pleaz remove my ban due to Flood clones.. i need my chan to organise playing Counter Strike and to talk to friends thanks a lot.

moi22chrono said on Saturday 14 August 2004

my friend did something stupid and now I am banned from quakenet, can somebody take this ban off?

hilli2 said on Thursday 19 August 2004

I was G-lined because I had 4 clients open ( I could have 5 ?!) but then I got banned from the network, how long time does it takes, so I can connect again?! - It´s very important! :(

tarioka said on Thursday 02 September 2004

Hi, I dont know why I have been banned/Glined from Quakenet.. please can you help me or can you unban me?

mallistix said on Wednesday 15 September 2004

I was testing something out and now i\'am banned/glined is there a way to undo this?

blondje said on Thursday 16 September 2004

Sorry, I had a LAN and we were 6 people logged in, and didn\'t know about this rule, so now i glined. Can I have the ban removed somehow? Please help me

and0s said on Friday 17 September 2004

Had a lan/gib and we forgot the rules and started up 6-7 mircs at the same time. can i get som help with this?

pappasit said on Sunday 19 September 2004

please, can you remove my ban. i had 6 computers on quakenet at the same time. plz, can you remove my ban? mail me: Myynmoponi@luukku.com

tasku said on Tuesday 21 September 2004

I\'m at a LAN now, and have been g-lined. Can my (our) ban be removed? We really want to use quakenet during the LAN...

veloek said on Friday 15 October 2004

I didn\'t know the rule, and had 5 \'users\' on.. :( Can I get unbanned?

itsme-hck said on Sunday 24 October 2004

Why a arm banned, a had no more then 4 clones? My bnc server (only to me) and 2 bots ? :S

sorenk said on Saturday 06 November 2004

I have been banned. in my house is lan network and because of that i have been banned. Can I get unbanned? I didn\'t know the rule =(.

Swats said on Sunday 23 January 2005

Oh no! I\'ve heard that you can get L-bot just doing few clones. I really didn\'t know about the G-Line thing? I just thought that it\'s easier to do few clones and have the L-bot for my clanchannel than getting idlers. So i did few clones for my channel to get the L-Bot for the clan... Then it disconnected and appeared to be G-Lined.. It means banned? Oh no.. Is there some timelimit to get it away or is it perm. ban? Please help me!

JaaQo said on Tuesday 15 February 2005

I get banned/g-lined and i didnt run any fuc**** clone, i think i make a clone like 2 weeks ago, im consatly getting g-lined for no reason, get banned and unbanned in 2 weeks periods, its really pisiing me off -.-

LilPepsi said on Saturday 05 March 2005

I get banned/g-lined and had only 5 computers on my network. They all connected to Quakenet, and now it says that im glined.... Can u unban me? :/

Fronthosting said on Monday 14 March 2005

hello i have benn banned... i think its becuse i runned more than 5 clones... i dint now the rule about trusted =) sorry.. plz can u remove the bann?

hot88 said on Saturday 19 March 2005

Hey guys !! i got banned because of flood clones but i only run 1 irc and didnt do anything !! unban me plz !!! :(

d00f said on Wednesday 23 March 2005

hi i have big LAN at home over than 5 PCs :) somtimes quakenet kicks me with msg: \"Too many clones from your host.\" and a cant join again :(

Fletch-ru said on Tuesday 29 March 2005

hiya i got banned because of flood clones but i was only running 1 irc and i dont think i did anything wrong. unban me plz :(

TWISTAA said on Friday 01 April 2005

was g-lined =/ had 3 klients online but somehow i was g-lined.. pls remove the ban. Thanks

swehank said on Monday 04 April 2005

Why the fuck are you all posting questions onto a 5 year old news item about clones? Commmit suicide instead and save us some air.

Deckard said on Wednesday 06 April 2005

Hey i have benn banned... its becuse i runned more than 5 clones // i dint now the rule plz can you remove the bann :)

hejfarfar said on Saturday 23 April 2005

hi i have been banned i think maybe becasue i have runed more then 5 clones i diden`t know the rule now i do. Can you please undann me Thank You in advance

Warnl said on Monday 02 May 2005

Help i only thought i had 3 open but i got -g-lined :( can u please unban me? this will not happen again :(

skyice--ns said on Thursday 26 May 2005

or is there anyother place i can ask to be unbanned?

skyice--ns said on Thursday 26 May 2005

i was testing a bot cs bot and dident know i couldent clone can i plz be unbanned

DenFedeGed said on Thursday 09 June 2005

i was in my pc and i open mIRC i had 1 BNC and 2 mIRC my brother on his computer opened mIRC aswell i was not to sure and diden\'t know what to do i was told that i could come here and ask to unban can u please unban me i wasen\'t sure and now i am Thank You in advance

Hoolishit said on Monday 20 June 2005

i\'m sorry to say that i am G-Lined again my brother said to me that from now on i am gonna keep getting u g-lined i don\'t know what to do :( Please can anyone help me isen\'t there a way i can do something about this his gonna keep doing it to me :\'( Please Help Me my email is BULLIES_3@hotmail.com please contact me there Thank You :\'(

Hoolishit said on Friday 24 June 2005

eek.. new to all this, was setting up a clan channel and wanted a bot of some kind that needed 5 people in the channel, completely and stupidly unaware of this rule i put 5 or 6 of my own in :( A complete accident, any chance of unbanning me ? Thanks (just incase)

poooooty said on Friday 22 July 2005

Just tried to get L bot and joined with too many times, then i got g-linked, can you take my g-link ban off please as i had no idea about this rule and i never meant to break it.

add-here said on Saturday 23 July 2005

sorry forgot to leave an e-mail address, stefenfowler@hotmail.co.uk

add-here said on Saturday 23 July 2005

Tried to make psyBNC on my server and got g-lined because of 4 connections...I wanna know how to get rid of it. hwang@tsi.tychy.pl

HwangJB said on Friday 12 August 2005

umm i have been banned from quake net g-lined and am not totaly sure what i have done it comes up with a msn saying (spamming virus urls in various channels.) and ( error: Closing Link: Didgeh by port80c.se.quakenet.org (G-lined))

didgey said on Sunday 18 September 2005

ohh so can you un bann me :( pls

didgey said on Sunday 18 September 2005

please un ban me have running psybnc on it or clan bouncers...any help or unban ? ty

po0kie said on Wednesday 28 September 2005

I\'m g-lined on quakenet I\'m using net cafe with one IP and 14 PC\'s can you remove the ban.

N4uMC0 said on Friday 21 October 2005

Hey i have benn banned... its becuse i runned more than 5 clones // i dint now the rule plz can you remove the bann :) / CPBIR-Pownas E-mail Jonas_Arvidson@hotmail.com

CPBIR-Pownas said on Monday 14 November 2005

got g-lined didn\'t know why i got a bnc i think it was that

T3nZin said on Saturday 19 November 2005

Why have I been banned? I mean, I got no reason of my ban, only the \"flood clones\" info, I\'d be happy if sb contacted my over email, ty in advance.

koora said on Sunday 04 December 2005

Hi,I\'m g-lined on quakenet I\'m using with one IP and 3 PC\'s can you remove the ban.thx!!!

KraveNs said on Friday 30 December 2005

A friend said me that he could use several mirc at the same time, i\'ve launch the same irc a second time but it was already launched then it says to me :too many clones from your host. Indeed i\'ve launch 5irc and it was restrict? I\'m sorry for this, please unban me i\'m owner from a chan over 40 friends on it and i can\'t talk to them from now :( Sorry for my english contact me Kro_ryn@hotmail.com please i need quakenet ^^

Krokro said on Saturday 21 January 2006

i am banned cause of flodding :( can i plz get unbanned i didn\'t know it

vip0ri0 said on Sunday 22 January 2006

please contact me vyper@telenet.be i need qnet :(

vip0ri0 said on Sunday 22 January 2006

[quote=krokro]A friend said me that he could use several mirc at the same time, i\'ve launch the same irc a second time but it was already launched then it says to me :too many clones from your host. Indeed i\'ve launch 5irc and it was restrict? I\'m sorry for this, please unban me i\'m owner from a chan over 40 friends on it and i can\'t talk to them from now :( Sorry for my english contact me Kro_ryn@hotmail.com please i need quakenet ^^[/quote] Hey? Did you forget me? :p I\'m still G-lined

Krokro said on Friday 27 January 2006

i got this problem: (16:39:15) —› raw 465: Severe abuse from this host/ISP - ISP not co-operating/responding to abuse emails. I dont know what I did, I only use 1 irc client (nnscript is running on that). Don\'t got any other pc\'s using irc... plz unban me, i really don\'t know what i did wrong.

L4mp said on Wednesday 15 February 2006

you can contact me on mvanlinthout@gmail.com. tnx in advance :)

L4mp said on Wednesday 15 February 2006

Hello, I got banned from QuakeNet cause of flodding but i need quakenet network for my clan. its very important. please unban me i really need this network :\'( and im sorry for the flood. thx in advance :-) .

hani- said on Wednesday 22 February 2006

I am banned because i had a LAN with 6 people and the all had mirc on with counter-strike and i didn\'t know that that you can be banned for that. Please help me because i want on quakenet PLEASE!

vi0Xx said on Friday 17 March 2006

I don\'t have any viruses, I didn\'t open any links on irc. I don\'t use clones. I\'ve done nothing bad so why I\'m G-lined? ID: 91ef0010

Bmmb said on Saturday 18 March 2006

hey, i got a problem yesterday i got a mirc virus at aproxametly 13:00 hours and got a ban from quakenet for 12 hours. In this time i virus scanned my computer deleted the virus, uninstalled mirc and then reinstalled it. then i gave it intill this morning to log in to my clan channel on quakenet. But i couldnt i got::: Flood clones.. - Closing Link: GoMistic by port80b.se.quakenet.org (G-lined) i just wanna know why i got banned? its really important to me if you could unban me please as

Misticafk said on Sunday 19 March 2006

Hi i have been glined i had 5 clones open im sorry and can the ban please be removed

gbh-brigo said on Monday 17 April 2006

heyyyy i\'m g-lined since 3days. 2 of my brothers and i are in lan at home and using mIRC on quakenet. Can\'t we use mirc without be banned? These is not clones its other computers... remove me us from the banlist please

Krokro said on Friday 21 April 2006

i\'m g-lined since 1 day why? i follow the rules of quakenet... remove my ban(Idle bots.) please... quakenet is very important for me and my clan Remove ... thks ;)

war1s0n said on Thursday 27 April 2006

i\'ve been banned because clones, but i didn\'t know about this new rule...and say to you to unban me please!

actule said on Thursday 11 May 2006

I accidently run mirc and pc twice and my wife uses the same auth details I do on her laptop, Now I\'m G-lined anychance this can be resolved. Appricited.

Kamen said on Saturday 27 May 2006

Hello i have been banned... i think its becuse i runned more than 5 clones... i didnt now the rule plz can u remove the bann? King Regarads.E-mail:figaroo_69@yahoo.com please contact me.Tnx

figaroo said on Monday 26 June 2006

HI, i get this message: * Connecting to irc.quakenet.eu.org (6668) - -irc.quakenet.eu.org- *** Looking up your hostname - -irc.quakenet.eu.org- *** Found your hostname, cached - -irc.quakenet.eu.org- *** Checking Ident - -irc.quakenet.eu.org- *** No ident response - You are infected with a trojan. Please clean your PC. (ID: 91ef0010). - Closing Link: Faunior by sw.de.quakenet.org (G-lined) I didnt broke any rule i connect from 1 pc (twice yesterday)today i cant enter... wtf ? M

Faunior said on Wednesday 28 June 2006

hello, plz unban me... i have a too many clones. i dont had idea that i\'ll be have a ban.sry and unbann me fast as possible pls ;(

kr0pek said on Sunday 09 July 2006

It\'s really cool that ppl still posts here, even though its over 6 years old. ;o

Munk3N said on Tuesday 18 July 2006

I am banned because i had a lan with 4 people and the all had mirc, enemy territory and teamspeak on. I neeeeed qnet. pls. unban mee. :(

Kulll3 said on Wednesday 19 July 2006

T got G-lined today cause i used some BNCs and i didnt know that its forbidden and i can promise you that! So i wunder if its possible that u guys can unbann me from quakenet? I make sure that it will not happen again.

SaKral said on Thursday 27 July 2006

I have been banned. in my house is lan network and because of that i have been banned. Can I get unbanned? I didn\'t know the rule =(.

Stuntzzz said on Friday 08 September 2006

plz remove the ban. i dont know why i get that ban, maybe flood or cloning but i dont do that never again.. i really need quakenet :,(

SoulTigeR said on Saturday 23 September 2006

Hey, i got G-lined today and i dont know why ? Maybe i advertised but i didnt know that you got G-lined for that? Anyways i hope u guys can fix so i can use Quakenet again.

SaKral said on Sunday 08 October 2006

Hi, I just got G-lined. Didn\'t what it meant before I searched for: quakenet + g-lined at google. I am not an experienced mIRC user so I had no clue that that rule existed. Sorry for that. But please unban me, I just started up a new channel and got \"L\". Then I wanted more people to join so i started the program 6 times so I got more \"people\" coming in. But then POFF... disconnected :(.. Please please please.. first time I am here, so maybe this isnt the way to post this things?

RoyalFlush- said on Friday 24 November 2006

Hi there. I\'ve just got G-lined. Actually im not quite sure why? I\'m running 2 IRC clients on my computer, and my brother is runnning 1 on his computer. My internet connection got disconnect 2 or 3 times i a row, and my IRC clients reconnect on disconnect. So maybe my accounts didnt \"Ping timeout\" until after I reconnected. So it seems like i was on with 6 accounts at the time. Hope you understand. And will unban me.

webdude said on Monday 12 February 2007

I\'ve just got a new internet provider that uses LAN setup and qnet keeps g-lined me. I would like a trusted host thanks

Pelle[Stein] said on Tuesday 27 February 2007

Hi there, could someone tell me why i\'m g-lined ? I was just on irc and was relaxing on it, and at that moment i got g-lined, but i have only 1 mirc running on the whole network, i hope u can unban me, cuz i dont no what i did wrong with connecting 1 account.

blad3rr said on Sunday 04 March 2007

It call\'s Idle bots are not permitted on this network.. but i only connected with 1 ! HOW ? :(

blad3rr said on Sunday 04 March 2007

hi, sry i didn*t know this rule, so i got banned. Please can you unban me ? I don*t do this again, now i know why... i want more use in my channel, because i need a \"L\" in my channel. I need quakenet, because i play ESL, and there you need it so much. THX mAN

Moe-aT said on Thursday 17 May 2007

Hello Quakenet\'s staff. I didn\'t know about that rule and I did connect more than 5 times. May you guys unban me? I would be very happy if you\'ll. Thank you.

AfteRi said on Saturday 19 May 2007

Hello, i did get g-lined becouse of this, didnt know the 5 clones limit, can i get unbanned?

tommyy- said on Saturday 01 December 2007

Hi, i didn't know this aswell. I got G-lined. It says 'Too many clones from your host.' Im using 3 bots and 1 for myself. Can you unban me please? I would love to tell them on #feds but i can't join ;)

Spkka said on Tuesday 25 December 2007

Hey we are at LAN with 5 persons. We were not running more that 5 clones on the network and got banned after more that 24 hours. Please unban this IP. =)

MikkelNJ said on Saturday 26 January 2008

Hi. Connecting through mibbit (www.mibbit.com) whilst at work as IRC traffic can't get thru proxy. Got g-lined (too many clones). Can mibbit be ok'd or not? If not, are there any alternatives I could use?

epoch said on Tuesday 19 February 2008

i had more than 5 clones i didnt know. plz unban me

Mastix said on Tuesday 26 February 2008

Hello, i didnt know about 5 connects rule and when my friends connect on my LAN party i get banned. Can i be unbanned ? Thank you.

Conanek said on Monday 14 April 2008

Hi Quakenet. I didn't know about that rule and I did connect more than 5 times. Can you guys please unban me?

GyroTarzan said on Saturday 28 June 2008

I didnt know about the max # of clones either and got g-lined, can i get unbanned plz. Thank you

Abra said on Wednesday 16 July 2008

i didnt know about this rule, and i had 5 clones open for i could get q in my own chat. i wanted to learn how to use auto op/voice scripts, so please unban me. ill get 5 real people in my chat for i can try out scripts

th3almighty0ne said on Monday 29 September 2008

Hi, to those posting "can you unban me?", first off the gline will expire in a around half an hour after being set, secondly we will not unban you, you'll need for it to expire normally.

salt said on Sunday 09 November 2008

hallo ..1 frend say me connect 5 bot ..and connect and gli give me ban !!! now know rulles !!unbanme please

nGd said on Friday 01 May 2009

Hello, I recently got G-Lined and Im pretty sure it is from be getting kicked for using a command that would Mass Slap everyone, and I got kicked a couple of times by it, but I going to quit using it but I really need to be a active irc member in my syndicates IRC channel, otherwise I will be considered inactive and kicked. I would go in to #feds, but im g-lined so I cant really access IRC on quakenet. Sorry and Thanks in advance

Killeralec99 said on Saturday 20 February 2010

I wanted to create a channel in MIRC and call back Q. Used 5 bots, for which he was banned: "[11:36] *** Connecting to (6667) - Local host: home1 ( - PING? PONG! - Too many clones from your host. - Closing Link: Mscline by port80c.se.quakenet.org (G-lined) " please unban me, will not happen again. Thanks in advance.

Mscline said on Monday 29 March 2010

I had 3 clones and i didnt know the rules. Please unban me.

Touho said on Thursday 22 April 2010

We got LANs and suddenly something happened and I have message like "too many clones from your host". Can you unban me?

Peipponen said on Sunday 06 June 2010

I got G-Lined for typing /nick user. Please unban me.

Beolex said on Friday 09 July 2010

I and my clan do boot camp , and do LAN, when we connected to the qnet i got a message like (G-lined (Too many clones from your host)). Can unban me ? We need to practice ...

PROTEIN said on Friday 30 July 2010

may you unban me please I didn't know that...

ZeRoHuK said on Sunday 15 August 2010

lol, i don't know this... What i must to do to unban me? :/

Inny18 said on Saturday 04 September 2010

hi i didnt know about the clone thing and was connected to epic.radio and when i tried to connect to #p2 it g-linked me any chance of a removal please

Lister said on Tuesday 09 October 2012