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Latest News

ESA Summer Online 2020

ESA Summer Online ESA Summer Online 2020 will be running in the place of ESA Summer, with ESA Summer postponed to October. ESA is a week-long event, with the primary goal of raising money for a charity. ESA Summer Online ...

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ESA Corona Relief

ESA Corona Relief ESA Corona Relief is a weekend online marathon that will feature speedrunners and score-attackers from all around the world. ESA Together will be ran in aid of the Save the Children Coronavirus Emergency Appeal. ESACR will run ...

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Corona Relief Done Quick

Corona Relief Done Quick GDQ will be holding an online marathon; Corona Relief Done Quick. One hundred percent of all CRDQ donations will go directly to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization with a mission to improve the health and ...

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QuakeNet t-shirts -

Posted by cro on Sunday 17 February 2002

We've been thinking about it for a long time, but now we want to know what you think. If QuakeNet sold t-shirts with a nice QuakeNet graphic and perhaps a funny slogan, would you buy one? (Or two or three of course :) ). How much you say? We're hoping to sell them for around £15 (that's 25euros) plus postage and packaging and application sales tax/VAT, with all profits being used to improve QuakeNet's services.

Cast your vote! We have a nice anonymous poll where you can let us know. Go tell us yes or no...

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