The competition is a World Cup fantasy prediction game.

The dedicated chat room for the World Cup competition is #WorldCup. The chat room can be accessed from any web browser using this link.

A dedicated network service named W will run in the chat room for the fantasy competition. Any user can participate in the competition by following these set of instructions:

  1. Use this link to to open the /r/WorldCup chat room in your browser.


  1. Pick a nickname and type it in the ‘Nickname’ text box.


  1. If you don’t have a Q account (also known as an “auth”) or you don’t know what that means, click on ‘Join Chat’. If you have a Q account, login to it by clicking on ‘Login to Q’ and enter your username and password, follow instructions and then click on ‘Join Chat’.

a. Once connected to the QuakeNet network you need to create a Q account.




This is done by typing the command:

/msg Q HELLO You will receive a warning if the username you’re trying to register is not a valid username or if it’s already registered. If any of these cases occur, pick a new nickname by typing /nick and follow this step again.


b. Check your email for a confirmation link to activate your Q account and get your Q account password.


c. Login to the account you created by typing the following command line in the web chat client: /AUTH


• You need to login to your Q account each time you connect to the chat room. You will also need to login to your Q account if you closed the web chat client or if you were disconnected from the QuakeNet IRC network.

  1. Once you’re in the chat room, you can check the list of available games to predict by typing the following command:

/msg W listgames

The chat room bot (W) will send you a private message with the available games to predict, as can be seen here:


New games are added a day or two in advance, so make sure you follow the chat room for updates. 5. You can predict one or more games results by the following command:

/msg W guess <#game id>

For an example see the image above.

NOTE: You will receive a reply from the bot with confirmation of your prediction.

  1. You only get points for correct prediction, so try and predict as many games possible, each correct prediction is worth 5 points and you can see your current ranking by typing “/msg W score”.

  2. The winner of the competition is the user with the most points and will be announced after the World Cup final.

  3. In case two or more users are ranked 1st with the same amount of points - sudden death rules apply, one or more random football matches will be selected and the users tied for 1st place will be asked to predict the result for those games until we have a winner.

  4. The prize is: a World Cup jersey from WorldSoccerTalk.