If you've been here before you'll see that I removed all the other crap and started over. This after someone pointed out to me that it was so fucking boring that he fell asleep reading it and that wasnt quite the intention of this column :)

So, let's try again shall we -- and no more personal stuff. You guys clearly arent interested so I wont bother. Something interesting...

...never mind that. Here's the actual letter that woke me up:

"In fact all the entries suggest to me that you're bored (bored people are generally boring), possibly depressed, and limited to sarcastic humour."

And then he's off to fight poverty in Ghana. Good luck dude :)

Let's never walk that road again, or not until I really get depressed and shit. I think the problem was spending like 5 hours writing my introduction and then polishing it for a few days (sheesh, maybe I AM depressed and 'allround boring') so this one is not. I really thought people were interested in me and my life...enough rants now.

For cultural exchange with the other side I want everyone to read SexyLosers which is the best www based cartoon yet (you MUST read it from the beginning, anything else is blashphemy). That's it. Sorry for my long excuse. Next one will be shorter :)

Someone once said that you should always end with a quote, or if someone else has already said it better you should quote them.

shit i was just beating off to some lesbian porn on my comp, i thought my mom was gone, but i had the volume a little too loud and didnt hear her come in, and the phoen rang, an di went to get it with my dick in my hadn and she saw me and was like "ahhh" and i was like OH FUCK , dude this sucks, she just like ran to her room and now i dont know what the fuck to do. -- some guy at isonews.com forum