As a young child I often had a complete trust in other people. One person once told me that all people are "good people but just a few go wrong". This trust was something that lead me into many difficulties, and into many holes. There was one thing I never doubted. I never doubted a persons humanity. Personally I don't understand how 90% of the society we live in can just walk past a person who is lieing in the middle of the pavement half dead. Of approximately 1 000 people who saw that man lieing there today myself, and my colleague where the only people who stopped. True, I am paid to stop and look after people like this, but Jesus told the tale of the good samaritan, and I wonder if he realised how true it would be in modern day britain. Another point to make is the closure of the engineering industry in my area. Over the last 5 months, over 150 000 people have lost their jobs. Over these 5 months many of them have lost hope, lost belief and lost direction, so much so that sometimes, they even take their own lives. Now that's serious. A few months ago if you'd spoken to me then, you'd have got a different sort of story.. the type that "doesn't give a monkey's" but now, I think I understand the pain they suffer. Still these communities rally around at the Queen's Jubillee and sing 'land of hope and glory'. Land Of Hope and Glory, now that's a joke. My desparation in humanity is overwhelming. I don't think I can live and be happy in a society where every day I see or hear new murders new rapes and new crimes commited. I don't think I can live in the society where stuff like September the 11th Happens. My despair in humanity comes from the knowledge that I can not buy happiness, and I probably won't every achieve the state of happiness either. "Oh Jesu, Make it Stop".