It's a big world out there. Almost too big.

I try to pretend it isnt there whenever possible; starvation, war, murder, injustice, rape, torture and death, but it always comes sneaking up on me again. In conversations, on tv, in magazines, all around us, everywhere, and they keep telling me that I shouldnt turn away from the horrors of my world. "Stand up, make your voice heard, tell them no!" Empty words. The days when one man could make a difference flew by a long time ago. Dont lay blame on me for the sins of others.

Guns weild the power of today. States backed by armies funded by their citizens to protect them from the horrors of their world. "We are surrounded by evil, people with sick minds and twisted souls ever restless seeking only to hurt you and everyone you ever knew or cared about." Does it feel familiar? This is why we have an army, why our young ones go away and learn to kill, our only barrier between the good and bad around us. Silly propaganda to keep you from delving further into the doings and duties of the army.

Trigger-happy people eager to play with their new toys have never stood for any advancement or revolution for the greater good of mankind, only the opposite. Fundings and time spent training, developing and producing weapons only for the sake of killing. Rid us of this heritage from when our ancestors first picked up a hard object and used it to bash in the head of the guy next to him. I dont belive in sheer force of guns, tanks, ships and men trained to kill for keeping order. Nothing has changed; men with ambitions, who are armed, ready to kill and be killed have never accomplished anything but bringing misery and pain upon humanity. And the lie lives on as strong as ever, that we need them to shelter us from the world which we are blind to.

Take a look around. Watch the news. Add one and one. Are guns a part of the trouble out there? Would it be a better world without them? Should we leave the decisions to be made by our mouths or fists?

Disband our armies, reform the UN to include global peace keeping forces and shrink the growing line between our rich western countries with the money saved. But this will never happen, the propaganda machines will hit us all square in the chest with how vulnerable we would be and scare us straight. And humanity calls itself intelligent. Bah.

"The evil that men do lives after them." -- Julius Caesar