Over the last few hours I have been killing volunteers, each time for 10p. There have been well over 50 users participating in this along with serveral helpers. The profits from this will be donated to the big charity here in the UK, Comic Relief (Red Nose Day).

Thanks to all the users who where killed (if anyone was loggin with +s, then I'll list all the users who where killed here, but I forgot to write them all down). The volunteer helpers where meeb, Kryt, Stg, chronoss and radiance. For each helper I donated 20p, rather than 10p ;)

I can officially state that my donation (on behalf of myself and the users that where killed), is £5.70

Update: Thanks to QuakeNet Operator Nomad, the donation is now £5.90 ;) pils refused to be killed even tho I said I would donate £1.00 for him :)

Thanks to everyone who took part.