I live in sweden, love my country and love hockey. I love too see us win and really hates when we loose.

Two days ago sweden and finland played eachother in the world championchip.

Great fun, awesome matches and a really nice excuse to squeeze a couple of beers.

1-5 (fins in the lead) I was really nervous. Almost giving up the hope.

Check IRC - and what do I see?


[finnishuserX] HAH SWEDE SUCK


[finnishuserZ] gay sweden people _

However. We won in the end. 6-5 after a fantastic match. I was soo happy. But then I check back on IRC again. What do I see?

I see swedish people joining finnish irc channels and really behave like idiots. _

[swedishuserX] fucking fins we fuck you in the ass AND KILL YOU

[swedishuserY] hahaha LAME N0000bs fuckerszzzzz!!111 I AM GONNA FUCK YER MOTHER

[swedishuserZ] all fins are gays. learn to play hockey WE WON WE WON HAHA _

Is this the modern way to show that you are happy? I might be old fashion but I talk to my friends about the great match, the moves and how the next match will go. I dont fuck their mothers or make deaththreats.

To be honest I feel really bad when I see users behave like that. But. We have to remember those are all small children and this is common in all countries.

To all you out there who love the game and actually understand it - try to bare with these children. Eventually they will learn how to behave.

Now lets enjoy the rest of the championchip.