Aight. Well. What can I say. My column has been shit, up until now, obviously. Not because I wrote crap, but because there hasn't been anything to describe as crap :) I was taken into hospital soon after starting my column, which coincided with my retreat from my parents to a shared 'young professionals' house in Oxford, UK. I had to have major surjury to fix the problem. Anyhow, about 3 weeks after the whole, nasty hospital experience, I am back as a QuakeNet operator. Well, part-time. I'm off work, but find the bed extremely comfortable during my convalesence :p Lots of changes to QuakeNet since I've been away, including the re-instating of S, numerous changes to Q, and reports of Saddam Hussein ordering Pizzas in Dulwich. No, I don't believe everything I read. Anyway, that's my current update... my column wasn't/isn't supposed to be a life-story, but I just felt I ought to explain why there were no updates so soon after my first post, promising, well, frequent updates :) moo to you all