So, here we are, 2 grands prix since Ferrari launched their new, nobly named 2003-GA car. McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen still leads the world championship despite being down 1 win to 3 to Michael Schumacher.

Is it the new rules that have produced this scenario? I think not. This years Ferrari is simply not the step forward the last one was over the opposition. And Rubens Barrichello is still the inferior driver he was last season.

This is why Kimi Raikkonen, the NEW 'Flying Finn' [tribute to Mika Hakkinen] is STILL leading the F1 World Championship. This is despite being in an inferior car, and despite being 5 world championships down on Schumacher, who claims to be as good as he ever was.

I really look forward to some classic Raikkonen / Schumacher battles this season; that confrontation represents to me the most entertatining. Forget Montoya - too CARTified, forget Coulthard, too, err... I pause here while writing this; Coulthard ought to be good - he's good, but he's like Barrichello. Wins the odd race, but appears to always play second-fiddle to his more talented team mate.

Coulthard's had his chance, so many times, and McLaren still have him. WHY!!! Kimi, despite being out-qualified most times this season (a favourite quote of ITV) has outperformed Coulthard, as his championship total reinforces. Good luck Ferrari when the new McLaren is introduced :D