I spent the weekend at Leeds Rock Festival. It was great.


Drinking 'til about 5, watch "OK Go" who were good. This is not the sound of the train. Go across to the main stage, Good Charlotte are mediocre. Get quite close to System of a Down, but the act is interrupted by the barricade collapsing, people get hurt :/.

Hang back to watch Metallica, only know a couple of the songs they played... they've been around too long


Bowling for Soup are funny on the main stage, then over to the second stage for Alien Ant Farm, nearly a one hit wonder. GAY BAR! GAY BAR! Yes, Electric 6, fun, but too popular (as it was on the second stage, not enough room). Now across to the main stage again for the Darkness, who were very glam rock. Hang back from Linkin Park, not a big fan.


Drink while Junior Senior play on the main stage. What are they here for? Then the Libertines show up. Hang around watching the Doves and Beck, both high quality performances, and get in close for the last act of the festival, Blur.


Make my way home on the decrepit train system