Well we've been thinking about this for a long time...

The problem is it would take us a long time to clean up our code for release, assign copyright and replace sections of it due to licensing problems, not to mention the extra ongoing maintenance.

Now this could prove to be useful for us, but being realistic we wouldn't get any contributions back at all; in the past 5 years we've only had one patch from outside .dev for our public projects.

On the other hand we've had people:

  • hacking our repositories
  • plagiarising leaked code (in some files a complete copy/paste with names changed), removing the clever hard-to-understand stuff that makes it cool, not to mention our names and copyright, then releasing it (if we ever release Newserv, you'll see what we mean...)
  • setting up QuakeNet clones, attempting to steal our users and/or their account information

So you can see why we're reluctant to put the effort in, can you convince us at to why we should bother?