Our web IRC client is now ready for general use, there are still a few issues to work out but it's quite usable.

It has been tested in IE6, IE7, Opera 9.6, Safari, Chrome and Firefox 3.

Unlike other pure web IRC clients your IP/hostname is shown on IRC rather than that of the servers, so you won't find yourself mystically banned from a lot of channels. It's at http://webchat.quakenet.org/, you can add a channels parameter, such as http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=quakenet,fishbot.

You can also iframe it if you wish:

It's currently mostly complete, here's some of the more hidden functionality:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for those irssi fanactics (alt+1..9 and alt+a)
  • Proper command history (up+down keys)
  • Embedded wizard (see the motd)
  • Multi-hilighting support.
  • Hyperlinks everywhere (try clicking on a nickname in the chat, or an account in a whois).
  • Nick list menus
  • Beeping!
  • Q integration

There's still quite a lot to add: tab completion, sounds, proper hilighting, various options to control timestamps/notice behaviour and integration with Q are a few things I can think of right now, any other suggestions/comments are welcome.

Update: Proper hilighting and nicklist menus are done!
Another update: Sound, message windows, proper scrolling, general options, Q integration (+x too), proper privacy policy/about box, feedback form, @+ in nicks, and lots and lots of backend changes done.