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Main rules.

Follow these rules or don't connect to QuakeNet

In the following list are listed the main rules that apply to every QuakeNet user. If anyone is caught breaking these rules, he/she can expect a punishment. Punishments range from a nice warning to the combination of a wide G-line, suspension of the user's Q account, suspension of the user's channel and a report to the ISP - depending on the seriousness of the rule break.


Creating excessive clones from your connection, or by using proxies, is forbidden.

If you need to run more than 5 clients on your connection you need to acquire a trust, or your clients will get G-lined. Note that the customers of a few ISPs are only allowed to run 2 simultaneous connections.


Flooding QuakeNet servers or other users is forbidden. Flooding is defined as sending large amounts of text, excessive CTCP requests, joining and parting channels rapidly and other attempts to flood some user out of the network or to disrupt normal channel activity.


Hacking the network or other users is forbidden. This includes things like DoS attacks and password bruteforcing.


Using bots or clones with no real functionality to artificially boost channel averages is forbidden.

Illegal material

Distributing or requesting illegal material in our network is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to; Illegal copies of software, distribution of illegal MP3 files, movies (VCD/DivX), ie; any copyrighted material where the copyright is not owned by the user.

Malicious bots

Connecting any type of bots to QuakeNet that break any of these rules is forbidden. This includes Floodbots (flood/spam channels/users), Clonebots (armies of bots with the same address, presumably used maliciously), Warbots (used to takeover channels), Idlerbots (boosting channel averages with no useful functions) etc.

Multiplayer cheats

Distributing or requesting cheats to multiplayer games is forbidden.


Distributing or requesting any sexual/pornographic material is forbidden, be it commercial or non-commercial.

Racism & Nazism

Distributing racist or nazism material is forbidden.

Spamming & Advertising

Massive spamming and/or advertising (ie. promoting your website, product, channel, whatever) in channels or queries is forbidden.

Spreading of malicious code

Coding and spreading of trojans/viruses/worms is forbidden.


Taking over a channel is forbidden. However, we don't consider it a takeover if:

A) the channel can be recovered with Q, OR

B) the channel's owner voluntarily gives ownership to someone who then takes the channel over, OR

C) the channel's owner himself/herself takes the channel over, OR

D) the channel is a freeop channel (everyone gets ops) or acts otherwise stupidly.


An IRC Operator may take the necessary actions against any user if he or she sees it fit.

Use your common sense and don't do to others what you wouldn't want to be done to you, and you should be just fine.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/103

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