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I have S in my channel, how do I control it?

If you hold the owner (+n) flag on a channel with Q, and you have S, then you may control the settings of S in your channel by visiting the S Options Page

This will allow you to change the basic settings of S in your channel, and also remove S if you no longer want it. Please note that some channels are prevented from changing the settings.

Modes option

This is the default mode which S starts in for each channel. It is the setting that is suited to most channels.


This mode makes S more harsher towards spam. Use this mode if you don't like any sort of spam in your channel.


This mode makes S tolerate more spam before it begins punishing users.

Ignore options
These options allows you to choose who S should ignore in your channel. By default, it will ignore ops when added to the channel.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/88

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