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Frost Fatales 2020 will run from the 23rd of February to the 1st of March Frost Fatales is an online, GDQ-affiliated, speedrunning marathon showcasing a variety of speedruns by women. Not only does Frost Fatales hope to promote women in ...

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European Speedrunner Assembly Winter 2020

The European Speedrunner Assembly (winter edition) will run from the 16th of February to the 22nd of February. ESA is a series of charity fundraising marathons revolving around speedrunning! For one whole week 600 gamers gather together to present world-class ...

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Awesome Games Done Quick 2020

Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Lets start this year like we always do, by watching speedrunners from all around the globe get together and try to finish (/destroy) our favorite games. Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ for short) is one ...

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Server upgrade

Posted by Nascimento on Thursday 20 February 2014

We will be upgrading a few of our servers as part of a scheduled maintenance so we can continue and provide you top quality services.

As part of the scheduled maintance a few servers will be disconnected so they can be upgraded:

port80b.se.quakenet.org is no longer accepting new connections and will be disconnected tomorrow, Friday, February 21st at 14:00 CET and is expected to be disconnected for a period of three days until monday.

On Sunday, February 23rd, port80b.se.quakenet.org will be disconnected for maintenance and upgrade. On Tuesday, February 25th, port80c.se.quakenet.org will be disconnected for maintenance and upgrade.

Please make sure you are not using one of the servers mentioned in this post or that is scheduled for maintenance, instead pick a different server from our server list until we finish our upgrade plan.

The servers will be back when the maintenance is complete.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you,

QuakeNet staff.

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