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What are #feds common responses?

Below are some of the common responses to situations faced by operators in #feds and the procedure we are likely to follow and what this means to you. We must stress that the response you see below ARE NOT what an operator WILL do but is only a guide to what might happen. Each case is judged on its individual circumstances and will be dealt with accordingly – the operator's say on what happen is final.

  • Channel takeover where the service bot Q has been effectively rendered useless in the channel.

Standard response: Operator will search for relevant evidence to support your claim and if sufficient evidence has been gathered the channel service Q will be deleted, all channel modes cleared (bans, invite only, keys etc) and the channel chanfixed (most regular ops automatically oped).

What this means to you: Your channel service Q will cease to exist in that channel. You must re-request a new one using /msg R REQUESTBOT #channel. R will automatically assign Q to your channel. Be grateful we cleaned up your mess. Chanfix is automatic and will op the highest ranking user on that channel (in terms of points accumulated for being op'ed on the channel), the operator dealing with you has no control over who is op'ed and will not manually op users except in special circumstances which we need not go into.

  • A channel has been taken over but you still have control over Q in the channel.

Standard response: Operator will do nothing.

What this means to you: You must use Q to recover the channel – get a user with +n/+m on the channel to use /msg Q RECOVER #channel

  • Your auth has been compromised and there is an unauthorized user on the account.

Standard response: Operator will look at relevant information he/she has available and if verified, suspend the account, disconnecting both users. This stops abuse from the account and deals with all parties concerned.

What this means to you: You will NOT be able to have your Q account back! You must make a new auth and get another owner/master to replace the flags. If you were the only owner you must wait 80 days for the account to expire (be automatically deleted) and then get a master to do /msg Q REQUESTOWNER #channel. This is the fairest approach to dealing with compromised auths and it is very rare that we would deviate from this procedure.

  • You wish to make a modification to an existing trust.

Standard response: If you wish to modify your existing trusted host group, then you will be asked to confirm the following:

1) Either the trustgroup name or an IP from it

2) The number of current used connections in the group.

Failure to do this properly will result in you being removed from the channel. Attempting to modify trusts you do not own will get you suspended from the network – do not do it, we do know who owns them! After we have confirmed owner status on the trust we will then ask what work needs doing and make an appropriate decision based on factors from the information we have available to us on whether to make the adjustment or not. Our decision is final on all points.

What this means to you: Once you join #feds you must state clearly and concisely what needs doing and the information we need to do it. Here is a template for such a situation that you may find very useful:

Hello. I would like to modify my trust please. Trust id #xxx, ticket ID xxx, current amount of connected users xxx / xxx, email address on the trust is xxx@xxx.com and an IP on the trust is xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. Thank you.

So how would this work in a real situation? You would firstly join #feds and after having replaced the xxx's with suitable information as shown below you will get some of the following standard responses:

Hello. I would like to modify my trust please. Trust id #12345, ticket ID 98765, current amount of connected users 19 / 25, email address on the trust is user@domain.com and an IP on the trust is Thank you.

Hi user, I can confirm that information is correct – what work would you like doing on the trust?

Can you please change ip to The server at My Hosting Company has gone down and a new IP has been issued to my account on a permanent basis.

OK. That has been done for you, anything else?

Could you also please raise my connection limit from 25 to 40 and increase the expiry time on the trust.

Your trust is still trusted for 250 days (variable) and you have unused slots in your trust – please use these slots before requesting an increase of connections.

OK, thank you for your time. Good bye.

No problem, good bye.

-resolve user

* Parts: user.

Note the civilized tone adopted by both the user and operator, using please and thank you where necessary and also that the whole matter was resolved in fewer than 9 lines of text. The user clearly and concisely stated their problem, making it easier for the operator to follow what needed to be done and why it was being done. The issue as a result was dealt with in a much quicker and efficient manner. Upon the issue being resolved the operator will resolve your ticket for #feds. Should you need further assistance you must go back to #help for a new ticket.

NOTE: This is a GOOD format for ANY kind of question and you should aim to stick to this type of structure once in #feds remembering the key points:

  1. Remain polite.

  2. Get to the point.

  3. Our say is final on the issue.

With these FAQ's in mind you are well equipped to ask questions in #feds. It is also worth noting we are much more likely to help someone trying to act or acting in this manner than someone who is not – take the advice and leave the attitude at the door.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/18

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