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Why am I being disconnected for exceeding my connection limit?

If you are encountering problems connecting to QuakeNet while using a bouncer please contact your administrator and ask them to diagnose the problem.

The following messages are used for disconnecting users when they are exceeding their connection limits:

Too many connections from your host.

Unless you have a trust you are allowed to have 5 clients connected from the same IP address, except for the following hosts which are limited to 3 connections per IP due to repeated abuse: .wanadoo.nl, .ono.com, .bezeqint.net, .proxad.net, .rima-tde.net, .t-dialin.net and .wanadoo.fr

If you have a static IP address you can request a trust in order to raise this limit. Please have a look at the Trusts FAQ.

Too many connections from your trust.

Each trust has a connection limit associated with it. This limit is shared among all IP addresses that are added to that trust. You cannot connect more clients than this limit.

If you want to have this limit increased please ask in #help.

IDENTD required from your host.

All connections from trusted hosts are required to have a working IDENT response. An exception to this rule are temporary trusts (e.g. for LAN parties).

Please make sure that your IDENT daemon is working and check your firewall settings to make sure that the QuakeNet servers can connect to it.

Too many connections from your username.

Each of your users is required to have a unique IDENT response. You are getting this message because more than one connection from your trust have the same IDENT response.

Please ensure that your IDENT daemon is properly set up to give each of your users their own unique IDENT response.

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