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What is a trust?

You are not allowed to have more than 5 IRC clients running from the same IP when you connect to QuakeNet. This is to help prevent many types of abuse. A trust is a setting on QuakeNet that allows you to have more than 5 connections without being automatically banned.

When QuakeNet gives a trust to a shell provider, community or a BNC provider, we are trusting them with a specified number of connections from a specific IP address.

As part of this arrangement, we expect a level of responsibility from all involved parties. QuakeNet will contact the trust administrators if repeated abuse occurs and we expect them to be able to handle it appropriately. Should abuse continue, QuakeNet will take measures such as removing the trust and possibly banning any involved IP addresses.

We expect providers to be able to manage their own services; for instance to take measures to limit user connections to QuakeNet to remove the chances of accidentally going over your trust limit resulting in a G-Line of involved users or even the entire service.

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