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How do I get a trust?

You will need ALL of the following information:

  1. Q Account name. We require this information so that we can contact you about abuse of the trust. Please ensure your email details are kept up to date on Q.

  2. Your clan or community channel and related website if you have one. This is the home channel for contact reasons and verifies ownership of the IP/range to be trusted.

  3. Trust type. Currently we only accept non-commercial trusts, so if you're looking to run some bots, community bouncers or host a LAN party then please continue.

  4. The amount of connections you require. Please be honest here, these connections will be monitored. Only request as many as you need; you will be able to change this later on if you need via #help. We require that you have a working identd.

  5. The IP to be trusted. This must be a static (i.e. unchanging) IP. We do not give trusts to non-static addresses. If you do not have a guaranteed static IP (and most ADSL providers do NOT give out static IP addresses) you will not get a trust. It doesn't matter if you've had the same IP for months - if there is any possibility it will change, you will not get a trust. The only exception to this rule is for short-term use, such as a LAN party, in which case we will give a one-time temporary trust to a non-static IP. At most this will be for the weekend, and will never be more than 5 days.

  6. A reason for the trust. You must explain the reason why you need more than 5 connections to QuakeNet.

Once you have all 6 of these details please join #help and mention that you require a trust and provide all 6 details above.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/12

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