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How do I remove Q from a channel?


  • You must be authed with Q.
  • You must be the owner of the channel (set as owner in Q) to be able to remove Q from your channel.

Be sure both of the requirements are fulfilled and do the following:

Find all users added in Q with the CHANLEV command:

/msg Q CHANLEV #channel

There you will find all usernames added in the channel. For each username in the list, use the REMOVEUSER command:

/msg Q REMOVEUSER #channel nick

or /msg Q REMOVEUSER #channel #username

You may also remove multiple users at a time:

/msg Q REMOVEUSER #channel nick1, nick2, nick3, nick4

Important: Do NOT remove your own username until ALL other users are removed, or you won't be able to remove the remaining ones.

To remove yourself, you must use the CHANLEV command and not the REMOVEUSER command, for example:

/msg Q CHANLEV #channel YOURNICKNAME -amno (list all the flags you have here, usually these would be +amno for an owner)

When all users and channel flags are removed Q will leave the channel, Q will confirm this with the following message:

-Q- The channel has been deleted since the last known user was removed.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/25

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