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Why don't you make Q accounts more secure?

The only security holes that currently affect Q accounts exist because of actions performed by our users.

It is analogous to a bank account and a PIN number. You, as a user of the bank, are expected to keep your PIN safe at all times. If someone else manages to access your PIN, it is not the banks responsibility to repair any damage caused. They simply assume that if they have the valid PIN, they own that account.

The previously described methods all involve the user performing some actions to allow the malicious user access to their Q account.

Upon gaining access to the account, it is often impossible for us to tell who the account really belongs to, since the only secure identifier is the password, which has been compromised.

A degree of vigilance and common sense is all that is required to keep your account safe.

REMEMBER to ALWAYS keep your Q password safe. That way you won't lose control of your account.

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