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Managing your Q account.

After you've created your new account, Q will send a link to a website where you can get your password sent to the email address that you supplied in the HELLO command. If you're using a Hotmail based e-mail, check your "Junk mail" folder for Q's mail.

As soon as you receive this e-mail, you should change the password on the account straight away to something that you will remember, and is 6-10 characters long (longer passwords are allowed, but only the first 10 characters are matched). Remember, passwords are case-sensitive, try using a combination of uppercase(ABC), lowercase(abc), numbers(435) and special characters(#%!). Q will warn you if you set too weak a password.

/MSG Q@CServe.quakenet.org NEWPASS

If your password is currently set to 123abC, and you wish to change it to 321xYz, you would use:

/MSG Q@CServe.quakenet.org NEWPASS 123abC 321xYz 321xYz

Upon authing, Q will warn you if you have a weak password.

Once you have completed the above procedure, delete the email that Q sent you.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/79

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