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How to choose a secure password?

There are two important steps to ensure password safety on Quakenet. First of all, Q and only Q will ever need your password. If any other nickname sends you a request for password, it is fake. Secondly, the commands that requires password interaction will require you to use the full service name /msg Q@Cserve.quakenet.org not simply /msg Q as the normal commands do. Follow these two guidelines and your authname should not be at risk.

As for your password, making a strong password is important. The most common / simple passwords can easily be guessed by users with malicious intentions, and therefore a few guidelines on how to make a secure password could be useful.

  • Length - The longer the password is, the harder it is to "guess". Ideally a password should be 8 characters or longer.

  • Complexity - This means mixing uppercase, lowercase and numbers in your password. The more you mix, the more unlikely guessing it becomes.

  • Sequences and repetitions - aSdF1234 might look good on paper, but it's very common and highly insecure. Randomizing the characters in the password is the most efficient way to make it unique.

  • Personal information - Using a password that relates to you as a person, your authname or any other information about you that can be easily found is a bad idea. Ideally, avoid vocabulary words completely.

Q will warn you if your password is too weak upon authing and/or upon changing a previous password to a weak one.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/121

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