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Things not to do.

NEVER copy and paste Q commands.
If you want to change your password, or your e-mail, or auth to Q, then TYPE THE COMMAND MANUALLY IN STATUS WINDOW. That way, you can be sure you are definitely messaging Q and no one else.

NEVER accept a free bouncer from anyone that you do not trust.
Free bouncers are the most common cause of compromised accounts. The admins of these bouncers simply log everything that you do, including the AUTH command that you send to Q. Upon collecting your Q account details, the bouncer will disappear, and so will your account access.

NEVER use the AUTH command on another network.
Another common problem is users connecting to foreign servers with fake Q bots. They blindly send their AUTH command to this fake Q, and the account is compromised while they were wondering why it does not respond.

NEVER connect to a server you do not trust.
Watch out for /server -m commands that cause your mIRC client to connect to another network. If you have your AUTH in mIRC Perform, it may be sent without your knowledge. Often, the user will offer you such things as an interview, a free bouncer, +n on a channel, free software. They will then ask you to connect to their private network so that you can collect your 'prize'.

NEVER give anyone the +n flag on your channel unless you are sure you can trust them.
This is simple. Do not give the OWNER flag to anyone unless you REALLY want to. They can remove your owner flag, and your channel is lost. An operator will NOT restore it for you.

NEVER give anyone any information if they claim to be working on behalf of QuakeNet.
We will NEVER ask you for any secure personal information at all. Do NOT send your Q details to anyone other than The Q Bot on QuakeNet. If a staff member contacts you, they will always tell you how to ensure that they are staff either by WHOIS or via Q's WHOIS commands. If the user fails to prove they are staff, simply ignore them and do not perform any commands they may give you.

NEVER run anonymous executable files.
Users will sometimes paste URLs into channels offering amazing pieces of software to reduce your ping in online games, cheats, pornography. Often, these programs will infect your computer with a virus, allowing remote access to your computer and its files.

This help article's short URL is http://quakenet.org/help/83

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