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Adds a user (or users) to the CHANLEV list.


/msg Q ADDUSER <#channel> [+<flags>] <nick1|#auth1> [<nick2|#auth2> [...]]


  • <#channel> - The channel to add the users to.
  • +<flags> - The flags you want to add the users with. Must start with the plus sign (+). Default: +aot.
  • <nick|#auth> - The nick or authname (prefixed with hashtag (#)) of the user(s) to be added.


You can use any of the flags which can be found in the CHANLEV command except the master (+m) and the owner (+n) flags, as long as the combination is valid (e.g. adding +do (no-op and op) can't be done).

Additional info:

You can use this command to add numerous users to the CHANLEV list at once, up to 18 users per command.

To view or edit user flags use the CHANLEV command.

Flag abuse (ie using Q for freeop/voice or banning an excessive amount of users) could result in your Q being suspended and/or your channel closed.


To use the ADDUSER command you must have at least the master flag (+m) in the CHANLEV list on the channel.


This command will add the default flags (+aot) to the user John:

`/msg Q ADDUSER #channel John`

This command will add the default flags (+aot) to the authname JohnAuth:

`/msg Q ADDUSER #channel #JohnAuth`

This command will add the auto-voice (+gv) flags for users Alice, Bob, Eve and the authname Charlie:

`/msg Q ADDUSER #channel +gv Alice Bob #Charlie Eve`

Wrong usage:

Trying to add a user which is already known in the channel:

`/msg Q ADDUSER #channel John `  
`-Q- John is already known on #channel.`

Trying to add master (+m) or owner (+n):

`/msg Q ADDUSER #channel +m John`   
`-Q- You must specify at least one valid flag to add.`

Trying to remove flags:

`/msg Q ADDUSER #channel -ao John`   
`-Q- Can't find user -ao.`

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