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Show or modify the duration for automatically removing channel bans.


/msg Q BANTIMER <#channel> [<duration>]


  • <#channel> - The channel to view or edit the BANTIMER duration.
  • <duration> - The duration to set the BANTIMER to. Max: 366 days.

Additional info:

To help keep channels clear of the clutter of too many bans, Q can automatically remove channel bans after a specified time. This command is used to alter that time period, disable the feature, or show the current setting.

If duration is 0 then channel bans will not be automatically removed. If duration is not specified, the current setting will be displayed. Suffixes m (minutes), h (hours), d (days), w (weeks), M (months) and y (years) can be used to specify the duration, for example 3d, 1w, 1h30m.

Permanent bans (can be viewed using the BANLIST command) are only removed from the channel ban list due to the BANTIMER setting. However, they will still be enforced if a user matches the mask.


To view the BANTIMER duration you must have at least the op flag (+o) in the CHANLEV list on the channel.
To edit the BANTIMER duration you must have at least the master flag (+m) in the CHANLEV list on the channel.


This will show the current BANTIMER duration on channel #channel:

`/msg Q BANTIMER #channel`

This will set the BANTIMER duration for channel #channel to 3 days and 2 hours:

`/msg Q BANTIMER #channel 3d2h`

This will make bans not to be removed automatically on channel #channel:

`/msg Q BANTIMER #channel 0`

Wrong usage:

Trying to set an invalid time:

`/msg Q BANTIMER #channel 30a`  
`-Q- Duration too long or invalid: 30a`

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