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List all permanent bans on a channel.


/msg Q BANLIST <#channel>


  • <#channel> - The channel to list the permanent bans from.

Additional info:

Channel bans Set by are marked with (channel ban), this will help you differ between a permanent ban (used with PERMBAN or TEMPBAN) and channel bans (used with the /mode +b channel mode).

Note: Users banned due to having set the CHANLEV +b (ban) flag will be banned by Q as a channel ban. In order to remove their bans you should first remove the CHANLEV +b flag and then remove the channel ban.

Removing a ban can be done using the BANDEL command. Removing all the bans can be done using the BANCLEAR command.


To use the BANLIST command to you must have at least the op flag (+o) in the CHANLEV list on the channel.


This will list all bans in the channel #channel:

`/msg Q BANLIST #channel`

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