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Remove a user from a channel.


/msg Q REMOVEUSER <#channel> <nick1|#auth1> [<nick2|#auth2> [...]]


  • <#channel> - The channel to remove users from.
  • <nick|#auth> - The nick or authnamed (prefixed with hashtag (#)) of the user(s) to be removed.

Additional info:

You can use this command to remove numerous users from the CHANLEV list at once, up to 18 users per command.

This command cannot be used to remove owners (+n) from the channel at all, and cannot be used to remove masters (+m) unless the user issuing the command is an owner.


To use the REMOVEUSER command you must have at least the master flag (+m) in the CHANLEV list on the channel.


This command will remove the user John from the channel #channel:

`/msg Q REMOVEUSER #channel John`

This command will remove the users Alice, Bob and the authname JohnAuth on channel #channel:

`/msg Q REMOVEUSER #channel Alice Bob #JohnAuth`

Wrong usage:

Trying to remove the channel owner:

`/msg Q REMOVEUSER #channel ChanOwnerNick`  
`-Q- Not removing channel owner #ChanOwnerAuth from #channel.`

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